How do you plead?

Jane is a beautiful young lady that everyone like but one day the General purposes to her will she say yes or no and what is the out come.


3. dead mans tree

Now all it was is ashes everything gone all my memories my family my home. I was relived to see my dog Diggs run towards me since he helps me with my work he wasn't in the house then I saw someone walk around the building and run away I fallowed him into a narrow valley guess who was standing there George and was kissing a woman I young woman 18 or 19 I ran back to the front if the house whale everyone was freaking out I snuck into the magazine no one destroys everything I have without meeting me I grabbed a small gun and some black powder put it in a bag and fled I ran to the spot where the two people where but the girl hade put a gun to his head I did the same "looks like she's not the only one who wants to kill you," I said she looked at me "on the count if three 1,2,3," she said and we pulled the trigger people started screaming I took the rope I gads in my bag tied a knot and put if around his neck and hung him from a tree. I ran as people come running around to see what hade happened  "AJF," said one of the villagers "what's that stand for,"

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