Dreaming in the Thorns. ➳ N.H.

I felt the walls moving around the music going through my whole body. I felt warm hands wrap around my waist spinning me around to face him. His crystal blue eyes filled with darkness. He took my hand leading me away from the crowd of people dancing pulling me outside to his black camaro not saying a word the whole way there. "Get in car" he said "why?" i questioned "JUST GET IN THE FUCKING CAR!" he screamed the first time in a long time i was scared i have never seen him like this. He saw the fear in my eyes "i'm sorry babe my please get in the car."
*Niall Horan fanfic*
© All rights reserved Fvckmeharrystyles 2013


6. unexpected alley.

*2 months later*

Delilah’s p.o.v.

I woke up to Niall’s heartbeat in my ear and his arms wrapped tightly around me. I cracked my eyes open to see it was 9o’clock so I stayed right where I was and took my finger tracing Niall’s tattoos while I thought about everything that had happened the past couple months. Niall and I had started dating, my drug problem has gotten much better, and most importantly I proved Phoenix wrong, I showed him that Niall is a good guy, and that he wouldn’t turn out like he said!

I slipped out of Niall’s tight grip without waking him and shuffled down the stairs, I searched through the cabinet until I finally found the pancake mix. I was flipping the last pancake when I felt a warm pair of hands wrap around my waist and warm breaths on my neck I turned to face his crystal blue eyes.

“Smells good love!” I giggled and brought everything to the table we sat in silence for a while eating, till I asked.

“What do you want to do today?” he thought about it for a moment.

“How about the beach?” I smiled widely.

“Yes perfect!” I squealed and cleared the table and rushed up the stairs to change into my swim suit and cover up. http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_24/set?id=83677196.

After I finished I found Niall at the front door waiting for me we walked hand and hand out the door and to the beach. We made it there in about 15 minutes, as soon as my feet touched the sand I ripped off my cover up and shoes, and ran straight for the water.

When I reached it I felt Niall come up behind me and grab my waist spinning me around I was in a fits of laughter when he finally set me back down. I placed my arms around his neck and got on my tippy toes and placed a kiss on his lips soon after his tongue brushed against my lips asking for entrance which I granted.

“Ewe get a room!” a little boy shouted which sent us both into fits of laughter. After a couple hours we decided to walk to town to get something to eat, as we were walking I noticed the group of guys from the movies starring straight at us; I ignored it and started talking to Niall again.

We headed down the alley way to get to the pizza parlor when I turned my head to find the group of guys right behind us I tightened my grip on Niall’s hand so he would look back. As soon as he realized what I was staring at his jaw instantly became clenched and his grip became tighter around my hand.

“Walk faster and ignore them!” he stated through gritted teeth.

“Hey Mr. Horan where do you think you’re going we’ve been looking for you everywhere!” The one with emerald green eyes and curly brown hair stated catching up to us and stopping us in our tracks, by surrounding us. Niall pushed me behind him.

“What the fuck do you want Styles!” The curly headed boy gave a deep chuckle.

“You owe us money from your drug addiction and you fucked my girlfriend, so I think it’s best if I pay you back.” Then all of a sudden a boy with a brown shaved head grabbed me strongly around the wrist.

I watched as a boy with tattoos up and down his arms with a black quiff hairstyle and a dark tan boy with light brown hair grabbed Niall’s wrists. Then the curly haired boy started punching Niall in the stomach. A fit of loud cries came from my mouth, I couldn’t keep them down; I just couldn’t stand seeing this happen to Niall.

The curly haired boy came up to me and whispered roughly into my ear, “My name’s Harry, and we’re about to get real close.” I struggled to get free, but ended up hitting my head on the brick wall behind me. I was starting to black out, when I saw Niall break free, and punch the boys in the face. Then I slowly became unconscious, when Niall picked me up gently bridal style. 

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