Dreaming in the Thorns. ➳ N.H.

I felt the walls moving around the music going through my whole body. I felt warm hands wrap around my waist spinning me around to face him. His crystal blue eyes filled with darkness. He took my hand leading me away from the crowd of people dancing pulling me outside to his black camaro not saying a word the whole way there. "Get in car" he said "why?" i questioned "JUST GET IN THE FUCKING CAR!" he screamed the first time in a long time i was scared i have never seen him like this. He saw the fear in my eyes "i'm sorry babe my please get in the car."
*Niall Horan fanfic*
© All rights reserved Fvckmeharrystyles 2013


2. Take a walk with me!

*2 hours later on their way to the party and Delilah’s wearing this http://www.polyvore.com/untitled/set?id=81128956 *

Delilah’s p.o.v.

Phoenix and I arrived at the party; the music was flooding out of Bug’s beach house. I walked in without knocking the smoke entering my lungs, I was going towards the kitchen for a drink walking through the crowds of people doing their own thing some were dancing, another were sitting in a circle  passing around a hookah and others making out.

I entered the kitchen going towards the cooler grabbing a beer taking the lid against the counter slamming my hand on it for it to pop off. I chugged it down leaving the kitchen and flowing to the beat of the music to the dance floor letting the rhythm take over my whole body moving across the dance floor going back in forth dancing with random guys, till I felt hand wrap around my wrist whipping me around to face his crystal blue eyes and stunning smile.

“There you are beautiful!” I blushed.

“Yeah here I am!” I winked.

“Dance with me?” I nodded taking his hand leading us to the middle of the dance floor, taking his hands and placing them on my waist are hips moving in sync with each other moving to the beat. I spun around putting my arms around Niall’s shoulders his face inches from mine getting closer and closer before I knew it his lips were pressed against mine. My mouth opening as his tongue glided against my lips asking for entrance, my hands going through his a hair my knee brushing against his bulge in his pants.

A faint moan coming out of his mouth, I pulled away leaving him stunned, I giggled and winked at him leaving towards the kitchen for another drink. I felt arms wrap around my waist as I stood drinking my beer, I felt his warm breathes against my ear as he started to speak.

“I’ll get you back” he snarled I chuckled turning to face him.

“Do you want to take a walk with me on the beach?” He smiled.

“Of course!” I took his hand leading him out the back door to the beach walking across the waterline hand and hand. I broke the silence. 

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a mermaid?” I questioned letting go of his hand walking backwards in front of him he had a confused look on his face.

“No why would I?” he stated.

“I mean think of their life being free in the ocean, I mean I know there not real but still it’d be amazing just to be free without a care in the world just feel so alive!” Niall was now smiling at me. 

“Your very different you know that?” I blushed.

“Is that a bad thing?” He gave a deep chuckle.

“No I like different!” He leant in grabbing me by my waist crashing his lips into mine, tongue sliding against his lips asking for entrance his tongue meeting mine at my request. I wrapped my legs around his waist, his hands resting on my bum to keep me up he slowly knelt down to his knees so he was now on top of me in the sand his hands gliding up my shirt mine doing the same to him.

As we both pulled our shirts over the top of our heads only breaking the kiss for seconds I jerked of his belt and unbuttoned his pants as he left love bites down my neck, he pulled his pants down leaving him only in his boxers. He pulled away from the kiss and ran to the water screaming.

“I told you did get you back!” he winked. I laughed pulling my pants off and running in to the water jumping into Niall’s arms reconnecting our lips. I pulled away running out of the water the warm breeze hitting my bare skin I hurried up and grabbed Niall’s and my clothes rushing up the beach I looked behind him right behind me before I knew it his arms were around my waist. 

I was laughing so hard tears were about to spring from my eyes. He was on top of me again our four heads touching our eyes starring deep into each other’s I moved my lips closer making our lips touched, our tongues moving like an electric wave. Niall’s hands circled the edge of my panties before pulling them down and entering his member inside of me.

My head fell back as he left love bites on my neck, as quite moans left my lips. We were both heavily breathing as we had finished Niall laying his on my chest before rolling to his side pulling me close to his chest as my eyes became heavy I drifted off to my dreams. 

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