Dreaming in the Thorns. ➳ N.H.

I felt the walls moving around the music going through my whole body. I felt warm hands wrap around my waist spinning me around to face him. His crystal blue eyes filled with darkness. He took my hand leading me away from the crowd of people dancing pulling me outside to his black camaro not saying a word the whole way there. "Get in car" he said "why?" i questioned "JUST GET IN THE FUCKING CAR!" he screamed the first time in a long time i was scared i have never seen him like this. He saw the fear in my eyes "i'm sorry babe my please get in the car."
*Niall Horan fanfic*
© All rights reserved Fvckmeharrystyles 2013


9. Such a pity you left her alone.

Chapter 9.

*2 week later.*

Delilah’s p.o.v.

It’s been a  two weeks since Niall left and I still feel the emptiness inside me. Some days I didn’t even want to get out of Liam’s bed I just didn’t feel like facing the world. My cravings for “LSD” were kicking in but I was trying to control my craving but it was getting so over powering. Liam has been here for me the whole time with my mood swings, depression, with Niall and Phoenix being gone.

For the past  two weeks Liam and I have got so close I knew everything about him and he knew everything  about me in fact couple days ago he admitted he had feelings for me which had me over joyed and upset at the same time because I could barely return those feelings. But I knew that when Niall finally slipped my memory I would be able to return them.

“Delilah!” Liam called from the bottom of the stairs.

“Yeah?” I called coming down the stairs jumping off skipping the last three steps.

“Do you want to go to Bugs party tomorrow night?” I gave him a questionable look.

“Come on it will be fun and you can finally socialize with people instead of locking yourself up love!” I sighed.

“I guess I’ll go!”

Liam’s p.o.v.

“I guess I’ll go!” I smiled.

“Great!” I leant in pecking her lips my eyes widened at what I just did.

“I’m so sor-“ before I could finish Delilah smashed her lips into mine.

“Don’t be!” she winked going in the kitchen. I was about to follow her in there when I got a text-

“Hey man, I sent a letter to Niall I know he’s coming back for Delilah and I really need you back in the gang for the night to get her –Harry!” 

My eyes widened at the text I had to know when they planned on doing it.

“Um, I don’t know about that you know I left the gang for good but when did you plan on doing it? –Liam”

Within seconds I got a text back.

“Most likely tomorrow, will be watching all over town and by her flat so I hope to see you there! –Harry” I sighed I have to keep her away from all those spots and keep her safe I am not going to let them take her! I know they would never hurt her unless Harry gets really mad when he does there’s no telling what he could do.

Niall’s p.o.v.

I woke up early this morning to a text from an unknown number.

“Hey Horan, so I hear you left your girl without protection? She’s very beautiful I bet she’d fall for my charm instantly such a pity you won’t be here to stop her from getting with me! Such a shame! –Harry”

That bastard he better not touch my girl I swear I will rip his throat out! I need to leave now I need to get Delilah and bring her back to Ireland with me. I should have done that in the first place I left the love of my life for no reason I needed her I had to have her back. I just hope she’ll take me back I can’t stand it any longer without her I had to have her back. I instantly called Bug to ask if he had seen Delilah around or knew where she should be.

“Yeah mate she hasn’t gone out much since you left it really hurt her but she’s been staying with Liam you can tell she’s starting to fall for him!” I was enraged with anger.

“What do you mean with Liam? Why would she be with him?” Bug sighed on the other end.

“I mean no offense mate you did just leave her you left her broken.” I felt a warm tear slide down my cheek she couldn’t move on that fast could she?

“Do you at least know where she’ll be tomorrow?” I questioned.

“Actually I do her and Liam are coming to my party tomorrow!” Perfect.

“Alright thanks I’ll see you tomorrow!” with that I hung up and packed my bags and threw everything in my car heading straight to get to my love.

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