Dreaming in the Thorns. ➳ N.H.

I felt the walls moving around the music going through my whole body. I felt warm hands wrap around my waist spinning me around to face him. His crystal blue eyes filled with darkness. He took my hand leading me away from the crowd of people dancing pulling me outside to his black camaro not saying a word the whole way there. "Get in car" he said "why?" i questioned "JUST GET IN THE FUCKING CAR!" he screamed the first time in a long time i was scared i have never seen him like this. He saw the fear in my eyes "i'm sorry babe my please get in the car."
*Niall Horan fanfic*
© All rights reserved Fvckmeharrystyles 2013


20. Sequel.

Hey guys!(: The sequel will be coming very soon my I need your help! What do you think the sequel should be called? Please comment​! 
​Here I'll post the description!

​It had been 6 months since Niall gave me my promise ring and I thought nothing could be better. Liam and I stayed friends, Harry was actually really sweet and on of my best friends now, and Niall and I moved in together. It was all so perfect till​ one night I seen things I never wanted to see. At that moment  I knew I should have just ended my life 6 months ago at the spring. I ran right to my usual spot when I needed to think but...... He was there. He took away the pain in sense. He got me out of there. He made me believe there was still hope that I could be happy.

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