Dreaming in the Thorns. ➳ N.H.

I felt the walls moving around the music going through my whole body. I felt warm hands wrap around my waist spinning me around to face him. His crystal blue eyes filled with darkness. He took my hand leading me away from the crowd of people dancing pulling me outside to his black camaro not saying a word the whole way there. "Get in car" he said "why?" i questioned "JUST GET IN THE FUCKING CAR!" he screamed the first time in a long time i was scared i have never seen him like this. He saw the fear in my eyes "i'm sorry babe my please get in the car."
*Niall Horan fanfic*
© All rights reserved Fvckmeharrystyles 2013


3. Cant we both just stop?

Delilah’s p.o.v

I woke up wrapped in Niall’s arms, feeling the sand in-between my feet. Last night was astounding, there was just something about him, he was daring and somebody your parents would forbid you to see, it gives me such an adrenaline rush.

Maybe that’s why I do most of the things I do because I like the feeling of breaking laws. I got dressed in my clothes and felt myself gag and the stinging in my throat I ran as fast as I could to the house and straight to the bathroom. I lifted the toilet seat in time for me to puke, I soon felt someone holding my hair and warm hands rubbing circles in my back I looked up to find Niall looking at me worriedly.

“I’m fine don’t worry it’s just the withdrawals!” he looked at me questionably like he was in deep thought then sighed.

“I think you should stop taking them there putting you at great risk you don’t want to end up like this every day or what if you over dose and no one’s n there to help you.” I glared at him.

“Excuse me Mr. I go harder than you why don’t you stop what you do before you tell me to stop doing what I do!” I raised my voice.

“No I didn’t mean it like that it’s just I’ve seen so many of my friends over dose from drugs I don’t want it to happen to you!” he took his hand placing it on my cheek starring into my eyes.

“I know that I’m still doing drugs but what can I say I’m addicted and together we can get clean!” He said, a tear escaped my eye.

“Promise?” I questioned.

“I promise!” he stated and pressed his lips in to mine gently he pulled away and stated.

“Now let’s go I’ll take back to your flat!” He took his thumb and wiped away the tear. I stood up on my tippy toes to reach his lips.

“Okay.” I don’t know he took over me like that the last time I tried to get clean I cut myself I have scars on my thighs I had so many illusions and depression issues because they were all withdrawals but I will try my hardest to quit if I can even quit. 


A/N: sorry for such a short chapter kind of having writers block but will for sure try to update tonight or tomorrow!

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