sad poems.

some sad poem things.


2. heartbreak.


 It's done,

I don’t know what to do anymore,

She turned me down,

Broke my heart,

Along with my soul.


They told me to open up,

To tell the truth,

They told me they wouldn’t judge,

They told me they’d stick by,

They lied,

I opened up,

Only to find myself more broken than before,

If that was even possible.


I’m always a fucking second choice,

She never chose me,

No one ever chose me first,

I was only there because there was no one else,

No one chooses the depressed girl.


There’s scars lining my wrist,

The word ‘Perfect’ sketched into my left arm,

With scars on top of that,

I haven’t eaten in a while,

Not that I want to.


I’m so far into "depression" that I don’t even feel it anymore,

All I feel is numbness,

My soul is dead,


And my body is following its footsteps. 

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