sad poems.

some sad poem things.


3. anxiety.



Feels like a constant battle


With yourself


That everyone is looking at you


Judging everything about you


How you walk


How often you blink


How you look around


How your feet hit the floor


How your mouth moves in the simplest way


How you’re holding your books


How that shirt doesn’t fit you quite right


How your hair looks


Things other people wouldn’t worry about.


When a group of friends laughs


You think they’re laughing at you


It doesn’t matter how far away they are


Or who they are


So you keep your eyes on the ground


And keep walking.


When someone makes a joke about you


You think its serious


That it really matters


And that you’re always like that


That they’re judging you


You repeat the words in your head


That wasn’t supposed to make you like this


But now its something you remind yourself of


Every single day.




It gets to the point


Where you have no friends


Because you stay locked in your bedroom


Where you can’t talk to people


Where no one can judge you


But you’re left alone with your mind


That haunts you


Every second of the day.


You can’t run away


It’s too late


Your body hangs from the ceiling fan


And your note in your pocket



The thoughts have stopped haunting you.

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