The Best 6th Grade Year

This is the story of my 6th grade year. It is the summer and I miss all my friends! <3


2. The Most Exciting Quarter

       Okay, so it is time to start the second quarter. I am getting tired of doing all this work! I did wish that school could be more fun.

       I was so happy when there was a kid touring the school. I knew that I had met him before. His name was Lison. I just had to find out where I knew him from. I later found out that we went to the same school together for three school years. When he came to my school in the middle of the second quarter, he filled the whole middle school, including teachers, with laughter along with the other six boys.

      Lison coming to the school wasn't the only exciting thing. I heard about Junior Beta ever since fifth grade. I couldn't wait to see if I was accepted into Junior Beta. I got so worried when it was getting close to Christmas Break and I didn't get any notice of being accepted. I was so psyched when I finally got a letter saying I was invited to join Beta! That was why I enjoyed most of the second quarter.

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