The Best 6th Grade Year

This is the story of my 6th grade year. It is the summer and I miss all my friends! <3


4. The Last Time to See Everyone: Last Quarter

        The sixth, seventh, and eighth grade had a great middle school year. The whole school year, for all classes, was coming to an end! Wow! It sure did go fast. Other than a few tests/quizs there really wasn't much to do.

        We talked about what we were going to do over summer vacation and spent a lot of time with people who wouldn't be coming back for seventh grade. Hannah H., Coby, Zaria,all of eighth grade, and many more would not be returning.

           You know what they say: "Time flies when your having fun". Well school may not be fun, but all our friends are! As we ended out our year, we tried not to argue as much. The last week of school went by so fast. All we did was really just relax and talk. We did have some work but not as much as we did at the beginning. The entire middle school had their awards ceremony on a Wednesday. That Friday, we ended out our year. The office people played the 'Summer' song from High School Musical 2. That was our school year!

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