The Best 6th Grade Year

This is the story of my 6th grade year. It is the summer and I miss all my friends! <3


1. The First Quarter

     I walked in on the first day of school. I was so excited to see all my friends and to meet all my new teachers. As I walked up to the bleachers to sit with all my friends, I heard screaming. It wasn't screams of horror, but screams of excitement. All my friends were so happy that I was back. I ran up and hugged all of my friends (that were girls!).

    About five minutes later, the first bell rang. I got up and grabbed my bag and went up to my locker with all my classmates. Once we got all our books for homeroom, we went into our first class. As soon as we got seated, the bell rang and our teacher, Mrs.H, introduced us to the two new students, Cameron and Hannah.

    Mrs.H began talking about how the school year would be. In the middle of her talking, the announcements came on and the person in the office said haapy birthday to the students whose birthdays were that day, read a Bible verse, and played the National Anthem. Mrs. H said that the announcements would be the same time everyday. The bell rang not too long after. The rest of the month wasn't much different.

    For the rest of the quarter, which lasted for nine weeks, we completed assignments in every class. We took test and quizs, which I passed. The sixth grade class accomplished much in the entire first quarter.

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