Abigail Evans enjoys very few things; living isn't one of them.

She's been abused for years by her father, as well as being bullied at school by her classmates. Hell, even the teachers bully her. But Abigail isn't going to let them win. So she does the one thing she can think of.

Run away.

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7. Chapter 6

It was just another morning, me walking down to the coffee shop. Except this time, a few hours later. You could say I woke up a bit late. Okay, very late. But anyways, it's weird seeing different people whilst walking to the coffee shop.


The door rings as I walk in, I instantly see more people than I usually do. Sarah, the barista, started making my order as soon as I walked in. I go over to sit at my normal spot but I see that it's taken by a guy and a girl. Both looking like they're my age. 


They're probably dating. 


I decide to go over and make a few friends since I have none at this point of time.


"Hey, can I sit here?" I say, motioning towards the empty chair next to the blonde girl.


"Of course!"


"I'm Abigail, I'm kind of new here. You two looked nice and I needed friends so.."


"I'm Maddy and this is Clark over there! He uses big words, just pretend to understand." She says, shaking my hand. I smile over at Clark. He has dark brown hair, swooped over to the side paired with brown eyes that could make any girl melt. He's wearing a green shirt with a navy blue hoodie over it, paired with a pair of jeans. I know he has a girlfriend but I can't deny that he's majorly attractive. 


Maddy is wearing a peter pan collared shirt and black skinny jeans. A pair of TOMS also. Simple but effective, she has a laid back style I guess. She has blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. The exact colour I've wanted ever since I was ten. They both seem nice and not mass murderers. 


"Nice to meet you." I say to them, taking a sip of my coffee that Sarah brought over while Maddy was talking. 


"Don't listen to Maddy, I don't use big words unless it's needed. It's nice to meet you, Abigail." 


"Cool. So how long have you guys been dating?" I ask. Then they started laughing. Really laughing hard.


"What's so funny?" I ask them.


"We're not dating; he's my step-brother." Maddy explains to me. Suddenly I feel awkward and it's most likely evident as I shift in my seat. Clark seems to take it as a joke since he starts to make kissy noises at Maddy. She grabs his face and basically makes it look like their "making out".


I laugh and take another sip of my coffee, the awkwardness over. They're not judging me, they're joking around. Carefree, almost. They don't care what I think. 


"Do you like One Direction?" I ask them. Their eyes light up and they look at each other. Clark turns around and basically screams 'yes' in my face.


"Who's your favourite?" He asks me.


"Liam or Harry; I can't choose."


"Liam is my favourite. Maddy likes Niall though."


"Ah, I see. I have a question for you, Clark."


"And that would be?"


"Alright, don't get offended I'm just wondering! Are you gay?" He starts laughing once again whilst Maddy is off in her own world. She seems to do that a lot.


"Actually I have a girlfriend named Lizzy; I met her through Maddy. She's also a Directioner." Clark says. At the mention of her name, Maddy's head snapped up.


"She seems nice."


"She is. Do you want to go to an Apple store with us? We like to scream at the kangaroos." Clark asks. I look at him weirdly.


"His name is Francis." Maddy adds.


"Let's go I guess." I say, unsure.


So we go to the Apple store; just as they said. We get there to find some brunette screaming at a kangaroo.


"Damn, Julia already beat us to Francis." Clark says.

"I knew this would happen. He probably didn't do the dishes again."


(AN: I did that for a friend, that isn't part of the story... Just pretend that never happened!) 


"She is. We actually have to go; do you have a cell phone?" Clark asks.


"I do!" I exclaim. I got one for England since my normal one from America doesn't work here. I decided to go all out and get an iPhone 4S since I don't like the iPhone 5.


We exchange numbers and they leave. I pull out my John Green book and get back to reading.


- - - - - - - - - - -


I've never understood why I love music so much. It's always been a second sense to me I guess. I had a dream - or at least I think it was a dream - that my mum was listening to the radio with me cradled in her arms. I don't know if it was a dream or just a memory, I guess I'll never really know.


I'm always listening to some playlist. Not really stuff one would find on the radio, though. More artists like Joe Brooks, Simple Plan, Sleeping With Sirens, Coldplay, The Fray, that sort of thing. I'm not really a fan of music like Jessie J, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, or even Nicki Minaj. I do like One Direction though, not just for their music but for their personalities.


On my iPhone, I have playlists for all my moods. My sad playlist is complete with happier songs to obviously make me not sad anymore. My happy one is also filled with happy songs, there's no point of making me sad.


It's actually really helpful instead of searching through all of my songs.


Clark and Maddy actually did text me earlier today, I was a bit surprised because they seem like the popular type who don't like loners like me.


Unlike my thoughts, Clark assured me that they're anything but popular. They're more on the loner side too. I mean, of course they have other friends.


Julia is the one that steals makeup from the mall, even though her family is really rich or something.


Lizzy, Clark's girlfriend, is into musicals and acting. She's a really good actress; I hope she's famous someday.


Connor is a bit like Clark, except the fact that he's wasted every chance he gets. And when he's not, he seems like he is. The other difference is that Connor is gay, and has a crush on Clark, according to Maddy. Clark doesn't know that he's gay, let alone that Connor has a crush on him.


I feel privileged to know this stuff already.


I start to sing along to Joe Brooks' song called Marching Band. It would make a nice cover for YouTube. I grab my guitar and camera and start setting up for a new video.


(AN: Song on side!)


"Crashing through a deeper ocean

Drowned in waves of pure emotion

Tears they're rolling from each other's eyes.

It's you and me against the world now

Take my hand, let's find a marching band

That beats the rhythm of our hearts,"

I start singing, before moving on to the chorus.

"We're the fire the flames

They can't put out

A faith like oxygen

So breathe it in

Be with me now,

It's us against the world

It's us against the world

Try stopping us now.

I can promise you our life brings

How am I to know if this is our last embrace,"


(AN: I'm not putting all the lyrics here!) 


I finish the song and turn off the camera; it's around ten so I decide to call it a night. I change into a pair of comfortable sweat pants and an old Ed Sheeran concert shirt. Yes, I like Ed Sheeran.


I turn off the light and climb into the world that is my dreams.

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