Abigail Evans enjoys very few things; living isn't one of them.

She's been abused for years by her father, as well as being bullied at school by her classmates. Hell, even the teachers bully her. But Abigail isn't going to let them win. So she does the one thing she can think of.

Run away.

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5. Chapter 5

I was right, it was fun. Well, we’re still shopping but so far it’s been fun.



We’re currently in Top Shop and the boys – Niall and Liam – wanted me to model things off for them. And must I say, this is amazing, absolutely amazing. I’m currently trying on a tight, black dress with a large tiger covering the top part of it. They also put in some triangle tights and wedges. These boys are crazy. I’m just surprised it actually looks really cute!  



I’ve slightly noticed Liam looking at me, turning away and blushing every time I catch him. He recently broke up with Danielle so it couldn’t possibly be a crush, plus, I don’t want to be the girl who’s supposed to make Danielle jealous.



I walk out of the dressing room and do a small twirl, showing off how the dress flows.



“Pretty,” he says, “I like that colour on you.”



“Where did Niall go?”



“McDonald's, he got hungry.” I laugh to myself, thinking about how I was planning to come to this exact shopping center and eat Nandos for lunch, saying how I would run into Niall whilst eating. Oh how I was wrong.



Liam and I did have some good conversations though; I found out that he’s really sweet. He was telling me how upset he was when Danielle broke up with him; he said on Twitter that it was a mutual decision so the fans wouldn’t attack her. I would have done the same thing.



He bought me almost everything, ignoring my protests. I don’t need new things. I don’t need his money. I have my own clothes and the money I took from my father, I don’t need Liam buying everything for me. When it was time to leave, we exchanged good-byes. I didn’t remember that I forgot to get his number by the time I was out of the parking lot. I’m such an idiot.



How can I possibly forget to get Liam Payne’s number?! I mean come on, it’s Liam Payne! Although I did get an autograph. It isn’t enough. I slap myself in the face as I drive back to the hotel.



I just hope I run into him again. Ha! Like that’ll happen, I’m in London. There are thousands of people living here. It’s going to be so easy to find Liam again! Note the sarcasm…



Oh well, it’s only three so I have almost a whole day ahead of me. I stop at the grocery store for Ben and Jerry’s along with some chick flicks and other random candies. Plenty of Skittles though, Skittles are my favourite. I’ll order a pizza when I get back to the hotel. I’m having a movie night with myself.



Or a movie day, whatever you’d call this thing. It’s in the middle of night and day so I’m calling it a movie marathon. It sounds nice.



I’m planning on watching (500) Days Of Summer, The Perks Of Being a Wafflower. I also picked up  Easy A and The Hunger Games just to throw a mix in it all.



Meanwhile, the cashier gives me a weird look as I buy all of this. What the hell, it’s a movie night! He must have not lived right.



“Thank you!” I say to him. However, he doesn’t really respond, he just nods.



Strange thing.



Tonight will be a good night.





“She said I love this song, I’ve heard it before and it stole my heart. I know every word…”



My alarm clock sings to no one in particular. I slam my hand against it.



Nothing happens. I groan and sit up, rubbing my hands against my eyes in an attempt to wake myself up. I go to the kitchen and grab my favourite cereal, Special K.



“Special K, the best way to start a day!” I quote from the one and only, Louis Tomlinson. I giggle to myself remembering him gripping the cereal in his bare hands. That video was from like, 3 years ago. Time flies. I eat my cereal and decide to go out for coffee since it's my addiction.



I change into a simple hoodie and leggings, throwing my hair up into a bun. I lace up my Converse and walk out the door. The streets are quiet, with it being nine, I’m not too surprised.



I’ve been here for just over a month so I’m pretty much past the tourist state. I actually know where I’m going most of the time! Of course there are those streets I haven’t gone down or a few shops but it’s alright, I know most of the town.



I reach the coffee shop I found a few weeks back; it’s pretty small to be honest. Nothing like Starbucks, it’s so much better. The barista memorized my order by the second week.



“Thanks, hun!” I say, grabbing the steaming hot cup.






“Call in now for a chance to meet 1D in London! Call 555-555-5555 now!” The radio announcer says. I pick up my phone and dial the number, not really thinking about what I’m doing.



“Congrats! You have won the chance to meet One Direction in London!” he says in a fake excited voice, “What’s your name?”



“Abigail. Abigail Evans.” I respond into the cell phone. I share the details I need with him and hang up. I’m seeing them on Saturday, it’s already Friday night. It was a last minute thing I guess. I hurry into my closet and pick out a perfect outfit they’ll love.



It’s a pair of camouflage, high-waisted jeans and a grey sweater. I added a few accessories and my shoes. Since I have to leave tomorrow morning, I pre-shower just so I don’t have to tomorrow morning.



After my shower, I sit down and go to Netflix, deciding to watch a movie or two.



Mean Girls time!




I laugh my way through the night whilst watching Mean Girls. Halfway through, I paused and got chips/crisps and some leftover pizza. I rent a few more movies and look at the clock.






I was supposed to go to bed hours ago.



Well shit.



The next morning, I’m happy I pre-showered since I slept in. I throw on the outfit and curl my hair, running out the door. People turned their heads.



You’re turnin’ heads when you walk through the do-o-or.



I sing to myself. Fangirl moment, over.



I arrive at the studio right on time. Good timing, Abigail.



“Hello, are you Abigail Evans?” Someone asks me.



“I am!”



“Follow me in here; the boys are on their way.”



I follow him into what looks like a dressing room for celebrities. I see a food table! I got directly towards it and grab a few cubes of fruit; I sit on the sofa, waiting for the boys.



A few minutes later I see them walk in.



Niall, Liam, Harry, Zayn, and Louis.



Louis goes towards the carrots at the food table, taking huge handfuls.


(AN: Kidding! Carrot joke, pretend that didn't happen!)


Louis goes towards the other sofa, along with Harry. Larry Stylinson.



Niall grabs some chips/crisps, smiling at me as he does.



“What’s your name, love?” Liam asks me, his eyes hinting recognition.






“I knew you looked familiar! I was shopping with you the other day!”



“Yeah, we were. I didn’t think I’d see you again.” I blush, realising what I had just said. Oh dear.



“Liam hasn’t been able to shut up about you.” Niall says, sitting next to me. I look over at Louis and Harry to see them snogging on the sofa…


I look over at Harry and Lou to see them talking to themselves, not acknowledging the fact that I’m here.



“So, what do you guys want to do?” I ask them.



“How about truth or dare?” Zayn suggests, grinning evilly.



We all agree to the game and start discussing who’s going to start.



This will definitely be interesting.



In short, Louis had to shave one of his legs and Zayn had to get a pony tattoo, a temporary one of course! But it’s pink and on his left cheek, it’s hilarious. The rest of the boys had to do weirder things… you don’t want to know.



“Do you guys have any pop?” I ask. The boys look at me confusingly, wondering what I’m talking about.






“Oh right, I forgot you guys call it something different. Back in Minnesota, we call coke, pop.” I explain.



“Well, does anyone else want one?” Harry asks, standing up. Everyone says yes. He comes back a few minutes later with 6 pops… I mean cokes and with some chips/crisps. He passes out the cokes and sits on Louis’ lap. Aw!


“Shall we get back to the game?” I suggest, taking a drink from the ice cold coke.



“Sure. Truth or dare, Abi? If you don’t mind me calling you that.” Liam says.



I suddenly freeze, remembering my father. He called me Abi.














“Layin’ if my bed just chillin in my Snuggie, flip to MTV so they can teach me how to dougie. Cause nobody gon’ tell me I ca-“



I was cut off from my cover of The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars when I heard the front door slam. Uh oh.



“Abi, get down here!” My father yells, slurring on every word. My eyes widen and I set down my guitar, turning off the camera.



I walk down the stairs slowly and see my dad trashing the place, like an earthquake almost. The step creaks slightly and he turns around. Just by looking at him one can tell he is wasted.



“Why did you kill your mother,” he yells, “everything is your fault! You deserve everything that happens to you!” he yells drunkenly, pulling my hair. I fall to the ground as he starts to kick throughout my body. He kicks my face and I let the tears escape my eyes.



The tears suddenly just start pouring out of my eyes as he yells drunken gibberish at me.



He reaches down and grabs my arm, twisting it. I let out a scream when I hear a crack. I think he just broke my arm.



“Get up, slut! I’m not done!”



I stand up slowly, clutching my arm. The tears are still streaming out as he pulls out a knife out of his pocket. He smiles at me, I shudder.



“This might sting.” He says as he slits my wrists. It looks like I cut myself. I can already tell it’s going to leave scars when I see the blood drip on to the floor. But drip isn’t the right word, it’s pouring.



When he’s done, he throws me towards the stairs. I hit my head on the bottom one. I quickly stand up and run to the bathroom as fast as I can, happy that it’s finally over.



“Hello? Abigail?!” Niall says, waving his hands in front of my face with a  look of concern on his sexy face.



Yes, I did just say Niall has a sexy face. I’m a Directioner, how can I not find his face sexy?!






“You just got this faraway look in your eyes,” he said, looking down.



“Sorry, I do that sometimes. It’s no big deal,”



“Okay, so on with the game?” Harry asks.



“Sounds good to me!”





The rest of the day continues like this. I got a picture with them and left a few hours after the epic truth or dare game. I fell asleep as soon as I got home, it’s been a long day.



And of course, I dreamed of the one and only Liam Payne. 

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