Abigail Evans enjoys very few things; living isn't one of them.

She's been abused for years by her father, as well as being bullied at school by her classmates. Hell, even the teachers bully her. But Abigail isn't going to let them win. So she does the one thing she can think of.

Run away.

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13. Chapter 12

“Aww! They’re so cute; take a picture!”



“I’m working on it.”



“Guys be quiet, we don’t want to wake them up.”



My eyes start to flutter open at the sudden sounds. I feel an arm around my shoulders and my pillow keeps moving. Ugh. I open my eyes fully to see Zayn, Niall, Louis and Harry circled around me and me basically sleeping on Liam.



“Nice going, Niall, you woke her up!” Zayn says,



“Hey it’s not my fault!” Niall pouts. I roll my eyes and attempt to stand up. Key word: attempt. Liam has a death grip on me. Harry tugs on Liam’s hair, causing him to let go of me altogether as well as wake up.



“Why are you guys standing there? Don’t you have to get ready or something?” Liam asks them, yawning half way through.



“Uh yeah, we’re planning on going to the beach today if you two want to go.” Louis offers.



I was about to say “sure!” but then I remembered that the beach requires walking around in what looks like a bra and panties.



“I, uh, I can’t go. I have a friend I, uh, have to meet up with in an hour." I lied. I can’t believe I just lied to them out of all people…



“And why am I not believing this?” Louis asks,



“C’mon, Abigail, we want you to come. Right, boys?”


“Right.” They all say in unison.



“I can’t just cancel plans.” I continue, lying still. I wish they could just let it go already!



“You don’t have plans.” Liam intercepts.



“How would you know?” I ask, I haven’t exactly told him anything about plans.



“Because I looked at the calendar on your phone, it had nothing for today. Everyone puts their plans in their phone.”



Well damn.



“Fine, I’ll go but I get to wear what I want and you have to drive me to my flat to get changed." I say. He grabs his keys and shakes them, showing me that he will drive me. I make a “hmph” sound and walk to the door with my arms crossed. The drive there was basically Liam warning me about the boys at a beach; apparently, they’ll do everything they do in fanfictions. Not like he actually said that though, the way he described it was exactly how it was in fanfictions.



We eventually get to my flat and I tell him I’m going to take ten minutes and run inside to get changed. After about 3 minutes of trying to decide, I go with a black bikini but a white muscle tank that says ‘Sarcasm’ on it and high waisted shorts. There’s no way I’m going to be in a bikini in front of the boys; that’s the main reason of why I lied about having plans. I don’t feel very comfortable in what’s basically a bra and panties.



I grab the rest of the necessities; flip flops, sunglasses, sunscreen, and my favourite Arizona iced tea beach towel that I ordered online because well, they don’t have it in England. What a shame. I’m thinking about getting some off the internet but I don’t know how that will turn out. By the time I finish gathering my stuff, it’s been about twelve minutes. I was pretty close to ten minutes.



I run back out to Liam’s car and jump in; he raises his eyebrow as if to ask me if I’m done. I nod my head and turn on the radio. To my astonishment, Superman by Joe Brooks comes on and I automatically start singing along and shortly enough, Liam sings too. And soon enough, we make perfect harmony.



"If I could be your superman,



I'd fly you to the stars,



And back again.



'Cause every time you touch my hand,



You feel my powers, running through your veins.



Well I can only write this song,



And tell you that I'm not that strong.



'Cause I'm no superman-an-an,



I hope you like me as I am."




As we finish, I notice I’m kind of staring at him. I blush ferociously and look out the window, trying to hide my rosy red cheeks before he notices. We finally get back to the boy’s flats. I see Liam texting one of them saying that we’re waiting outside. As I see the boys bound down the stairs in only their swim shorts and t-shirts, I realise how amazing today is going to be. 


The boys jump into the car which is more like a van seeing as it fits all 6 of us. Liam keeps the radio on, causing the boys to sing along to Blurred Lines but in a normal teenager way so it sounds bad on purpose. They’re fun lads. Oh look at me, already using English slang. You should be proud of me. I’m also losing my Minnesotan accent that I’ve been dying to drop it for years and I’m finally doing just that.



I’ve been constantly stopped by random people, with them asking me if I’m from America. Well, if I have an American accent I’m pretty sure there’s only one place I could have lived. People say I’m lucky that I lived in America; I don’t get it. America sucked for me. Where I lived, there was nothing to do other than go to the Mall of America which got boring after a few years.



“Abigail, are you alright?” Harry questions me, concern written all over his face, I look to see everyone else staring at me. The radio was turned off.



“Wha-yeah, I was just thinking,”



“We got worried, you zoned out for about 5 minutes, we thought you died until we saw you were breathing,” Zayn jumps in. Oops.



I notice Liam pulled over on the side of the road. “Guys I’m fine, really. It’s just that my mind is quite active and I sort of have mental conversations with myself.” I confess as I feel the heat flood to my cheeks.



“I do that too if that makes you feel better." Louis responds, patting me on my shoulder. He’s a weird guy.



“A little bit.” I lie. “C’mon, let’s go. The beach is calling!” With that, Liam turns back on the radio and starts driving again.



We spent the rest of the car ride singing along to songs on the radio and dancing as well as we can in our seats. Even Liam participated in our shenanigans. He was being careful though, he isn’t that thoughtless.



I must confess that this has been the most fun I’ve had in quite a while. I hope I’m able to do this again with the boys, hang out with them. I would love to get used to this. I would love to get to know the real them instead of what the media makes them out to be. Hopefully someday, I could bring Maddy and Clark along. They’d love it. Especially Clark, he still has that huge crush on Liam.



The only way I could tell that we were at the beach, was Louis jumping out of the car screaming with Harry closely behind doing the same. I laugh at them and grab my bag with everything in it that I’d ever need. I was even lucky enough to grab lemonade while I was getting ready. I go straight to the sand, avoiding the water as well as I can. I lay my ‘Keep Calm and Drink Arizona’ towel on the sand and sit down. I throw my hair up into a ponytail seeing as it’s pretty hot out.



I pull out the book I brought with; Beautiful by Amy Reed. I must say that it’s a pretty good book so far even though it’s a bit messed up. The main character Cassie decided that since she moved, she was going to start over. I sort of thought that she was like me until I actually started reading it. Cassie gets involved with drugs, sex, and just the wrong crowd of people.



It took about 5 minutes for Liam to realise I was sitting on my towel reading. He walked over and sat down next to me in the sand. I put down my book, making sure to bookmark the page I was on.



“What are you doing over here? We’re at the beach, you seemed so excited to come before but I can tell something is wrong.” He says, looking right into my eyes. I can see all the emotion in them; I start to get lost in his eyes until Zayn screams in the distance, knocking me back into reality.



“I’m fine, really. I just have never been a fan of the beach,”



“Why not?”



“I don’t know, I’m just not,” I lie. I know why I hate the beach but Liam isn’t going to know.



“At least come in the water, I know you’re getting hot. You need to cool down a bit."



Going in the water means taking off my shorts and shirt, and that’s definitely not happening.



“I’ll put my feet in the water if that makes you feel better.” I give him a reassuring smile. He smiles back at me and stands up, offering me a hand. I take it and stand up as well. He starts jogging towards the water, with my hand still in his.



I convince myself that it means nothing. He does it with the other boys and I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a crush on them. We reach the water in just a few seconds, seeing as we were nearly running. I already feel insecure just by touching the water. I push the thoughts away before I can even really think about it. I don’t want it getting in the way again. I want to enjoy my time with Liam for as long as I possibly can.



I was so lost in thought, staring towards the skyline that I didn’t notice Liam pushed me in until I hit the water. I wouldn’t have minded as much if I was just in my bikini but no, I was still in high-waisted jean shorts which are already giving me the wet jean feeling.



“I cannot you just did that!” I shout, with anger filling my body.



“What are you going to do about it?” Liam teases. “You don’t want to get wet.”



I stand up and cross my arms over my chest. I’m not mad at him anymore, who can stay mad at Liam?! He looks like a puppy! I run as well as I possibly can in water to Louis. He’s a professional at these kinds of things. I whisper what I need to in his ear and he nods, going along with the plan.



“Hey, Liam, I need a little bit of help. I can’t decide what tattoo to get next and I know you can help!” Louis shouts, running headed for Liam. I run back onto the sand, in the direction of Liam’s bag that he brought alongside with him. Going through the contents, I find two shirts and a pair of shorts. I also find hair gel and sunscreen. Taking those five items, I hide behind a few rocks, making sure Liam can’t see me.



I empty out the hair gel and replace it with the sunscreen. Thankfully, they looked fairly similar. When I’m done squeezing it out, I put the caps back on both and clean up the messes around the bottle itself. Getting rid of evidence is the key. I walk back out, with both bottles and the clothes in hand. I throw the bottle back into Liam’s bag and take the clothing items towards the water.



Looking down to my body, I realise I’m not going to get any more revealing. I’m wearing a black bikini with a white shirt. Nice move, Abigail. I pull off the shirt, feeling self-conscious. I feel like everybody is staring at me. Well, Liam is, I know that. Niall is also looking at me from the corner of my eye. I shimmy out of the shorts and grab Liam’s shirts, running towards the water with my plan still in mind. As I reach the water, which was colder than before, I throw Liam’s shirts as well as I can resulting in them falling into the water but floating at the top.



“Karma’s a bitch, isn’t she?” I yell to Liam once I’m just about fully into the water.



“My shirts!” Liam squeals, only making me laugh harder. “That’s it!” He shouts before running over and throwing me over his shoulder. How the hell can he pick me up?! Before I can react further, he throws me in the water. But before I fall fully, I grab Liam’s shoulder resulting in him falling into the water as well.



“Get in there, Liam!” Harry shouted from somewhere else in the water I’m guessing.



The rest of the day at the beach went on like this. Slowly, I was feeling more confident but I’m not quite there yet. Plus I’m sure it will all go away in a few hours. It’s what always happens.



We left when it started to rain. Liam drove me back to my flat and they went back to theirs. I immediately showered and made myself a cup of tea, deciding I’ll watch another episode of Sherlock even though I’ve finished the series.




Today was yet another, picture-perfect day. 


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