Abigail Evans enjoys very few things; living isn't one of them.

She's been abused for years by her father, as well as being bullied at school by her classmates. Hell, even the teachers bully her. But Abigail isn't going to let them win. So she does the one thing she can think of.

Run away.

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12. Chapter 11

August 22



It’s been a week since I went on that date with Liam. And during that week, quite a lot has been going on. I’ve been texting Liam every day. He hasn't come into Simon’s office so we're basically just depending on the texting.



Clark has basically confirmed to me that we aren’t in a relationship by getting a girlfriend named Kaitlin. I hope she doesn’t break his heart like how Lizzy did. Oh, and speaking of Lizzy, I ran into her at Tesco but she didn’t seem to recognise me. Thank God for that.



Almost every night, Liam comes over to my flat and asks if I want to go on another walk with him. I don’t know why he asks because I always say yes and he knows I’m going to say yes. On those walks we just talk about everything. Out interests, hobbies, childhood and things like that. The only thing I haven’t told him is my father. I did tell him about the bullies at school which is a step but I know I’m going to have to tell him about my father one day or another.



On the topic of my father, I do want to point out that I am slowly moving on from my past. It’s progress I guess, but I just want to forget it completely. My friends can finally call me Abi without me having a flashback and freaking out; I think that’s progress anyways.



I was in that little coffee shop earlier this week. I’m there just about every day really so this isn’t really a change. But I overheard a group of girls a few years younger than I am talking about movies and books. I wish that my friends and I could talk about movies and books without Clark thinking we’re crazy. One of the girls said something about ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ by Stephen Chbosky and I remembered when I read it when I was thirteen years old. Another girl mentioned how it was made into a movie and that’s what surprised me. I didn’t know it was made into a movie until then.



They did mention though that it wasn’t showing in England which sucks. I would’ve been able to see it with my friends back in Minnesota. Now I have to wait until it comes out on DVD and see it then.



But on the bright side, my birthday is a bit more than a month away! It’s September 29th if you didn’t know. I don’t know how I’ll celebrate though. Maybe I’ll do something fun with Clark, Maddy and Connor. Not so sure yet. They haven’t mentioned it. I told them when my birthday was though when they told me theirs so I know they know it. Clark’s is September 5th while Maddy’s is October 21st. I’m pretty good at remembering that kind of stuff.



I do apologise for not writing in a while, I’ve been forgetting to write and when I do remember, I’m always busy. I’m hoping to write more but I’m not too sure how that will turn out to be like.



Love always,






I close the book and just sit there, thinking about what to do next. I wrote everything I could think of in my diary so that’s done with. I stuff it in between the mattress and decide to get dressed as a start. While putting on my sweater, I realise what I want to do. I call Liam, informing him that I’ll be at his flat in ten minutes and start on the walk to Liam’s flat.



Did I lock my door?



The thought enters my mind. I stop pondering for a second before I shrug it off. Even if I didn’t, what could go wrong? Absolutely nothing. I arrive at Liam’s flat right on time. Nice job, Abigail! I ring the doorbell and step back, waiting for Liam to answer.



Except it wasn’t Liam. It was Harry who answered the door. I never met the other boys in person and I didn’t really expect to see them right now. Especially since I’m wearing my ‘Hipsta Please’ shirt. So basically Harry knows that I’m an obsessed fan without me saying anything. Lovely, just lovely! Harry looks at my attire, smirking to himself when he sees the shirt. There goes every chance I had with him.



Maybe he’ll think it’s cute.



I mentally slap myself in the face. There is no way he thinks an obsessed fangirl who bought the same shirt as him cute. I look down at the floor blushing in embarrassment. Well, that is until I felt a finger lift back up my chin, making me look at Harry right in the eyes. Those gorgeous green eyes are looking right into my own and not in a picture like how I’m used to.



“Hi.” I say to him, still fangirling on the inside.



“Hi to you too. What’s your name and how did you get this address?” He asks mocking seriousness which resulted in my giggling like a fool. Before I could say anything though, Liam walked in and stopped in his tracks when he saw Harry and I’s position which only caused me to blush again. Nice job, Abi…



“Harry, what are you doing?”



“Oh, I was just um saying hello to your new friend.” Harry replies winking at Liam despite his confusion.



“C’mon, Abi. Harry’s just being Harry.”  He escorts me out of that room and into one that looks like a living room. He sits down on a couch gesturing me to sit next to him.



We sit there talking for a little bit until Louis comes down; then Zayn, Harry and Niall soon after. I notice how it makes it harder to talk with Liam with all of them down here.



“Hey guys, do you want to watch a movie?” I ask, in a cheery voice. It was too cheery. I sounded like an idiot like how I usually do when I’m nervous.



“Sure.” Zayn says, sitting down next to me. The rest of the boys nod their heads at the idea. We start discussing the movie choices.



“I think we should watch Love Actually!” Harry shouts, making me cover my ears in an attempt to keep the noise out.



“We watch that too often. I think we should watch Mama!”



“Absolutely not!” I jump in “I hate horror movies; nothing scary.”



“How about Safe Haven?”



“I like that idea. Say ‘I’ for Safe Haven!” With that, everyone but Niall said ‘I’. He was pouting while sitting in the chair near the corner of the room.



“What? I wanted to watch a scary movie!”



We all get settled down in our seats. From what I see, Louis and Harry sit down on the floor in front of the couch along with Zayn who had moved from the spot beside me because he wanted Liam and I to have our privacy.



I snuggle into Liam’s chest, resting my head on his shoulder. He kisses the top of my head which makes me fangirl inside my head; I don’t let it show though. That would be weird. Harry seems to notice so he basically stands up during the trailers and yells “Get in there” to Liam. He returns the favour by kicking Harry’s back. The rest of the boys laugh, except for Niall. He looked a bit sad, but I didn't want to call it out in front



I’ve seen the movie before, so it wasn’t really anything new. I don’t really even watch the movie; I just sit there watching the scene. I didn’t really think this could happen. I mean, I’m in Liam’s apartment while watching a movie with One Direction! The same guys I fangirled over and read fanfictions about. I even wrote a few!



Soon enough, I had fallen asleep on Liam’s shoulder with his arm around my waist. And weirdly enough, I dreamed of the boys too.

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