Abigail Evans enjoys very few things; living isn't one of them.

She's been abused for years by her father, as well as being bullied at school by her classmates. Hell, even the teachers bully her. But Abigail isn't going to let them win. So she does the one thing she can think of.

Run away.

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11. Chapter 10

I woke up to see Clark and Maddy there watching TV. I grab my phone and check my texts in case anything else had come up.



To Liam: Can you come to my flat? I need help.


From Liam: sure, whats ur address?



I typed in my address and apartment number. I decided to I needed to clean up so I took a quick shower and changed into white shorts and black tank top. I put my hair into a French braid and put on a few bracelets. I go back to the family room to watch TV with Clark and Maddy while I wait for Liam. They don’t know Liam is coming so it’ll be a total surprise. They don’t even know I know One Direction which is kind of odd since Jane knows.



I heard a knock on the door and asked Maddy to get it, knowing she’ll freak out, I smirk to myself. Clark gives me a weird look. He has no clue what’s going on but he looks at the door to see who it’s going to be.



“Is that Liam Payne?!”



“Holy shit!”



Those were the two responses that I got from the two of them. Maddy was the second one, she’s got a bit of a dirty mouth. She nearly fainted at the sight of him.



“Um, hi.” Liam said quietly looking at me.



“Clark, Maddy; meet Liam.”




After they both got settled down, we sat together on the floor and I began my discussion of how I needed Liam’s help in the first place.



“What am I supposed to do about the video on YouTube? I mean, I have to experience with “being discovered.””  I ask, looking around the room.



“Since I was on the X Factor, I had people to guide me. I can be that for you.” He says reassuring me “But for now, I suggest you just go on with your life and see where that takes you.”



“I think you should write a song!” Clark adds



I thought about it for a second or two. Writing a song. But a song about what? I guess I could write one about my ex-boyfriend. One about my past life with my father would turn out really good.



“I’ll try to.” I assure them



We carry on talking about random things with Maddy constantly flirting with Liam which made me jealous and upset. Liam wasn’t flirting back though so that made me feel a bit better. I don’t know why I’m jealous though, I’m not dating Liam. I’m with Clark. Sort of.  My life is a bit confusing right now. I don’t know what Clark and I are but Liam and I might have something. And now I know Harry Styles who is basically my dream guy. Who do I go for?



It was later in the night; the others had left me alone in my flat. I decided to take Clark’s advice and write a song. I sit at my piano with a notebook and pen, thinking of what to write about. I decided on my past. I start with the chorus since it will be easy and repeated throughout the song. After about thirty minutes of brain storming the words, I got it.


Oh, father, please, father

I'd love to leave you alone

But I can't let you go

Oh, father, please, father

Put the bottle down

For the love of a daughter



I shed a few tears thinking through it but it’s going to be worth it someday. The chorus is down, now I just need the rest of the song. I keep writing the song, taking a few breaks for the toilet and water. When I had the introduction and the first verse, I decided to finish it off for the night. It was getting late and I had work the next day. I was pretty proud of it though.



Four years old with my back to the door

All I could hear was the family war

Your selfish hands always expecting more

Am I your child or just a charity award?


You have a hollowed out heart

But it's heavy in your chest

I try so hard to fight it but it's hopeless

Hopeless, you're hopeless



I had tough dreams last night. I believe it was from my song writing from the night before. It really made me think of my father more which is never a happy experience. Work went by fast though which is a good thing.



I was thinking my night was going to be another night on Netflix until Liam called me asking me if I’d like to go on a walk around the streets with him. I said yes, of course. Who couldn’t?! It’s Liam Payne for goodness sake!



I quickly got dressed in a navy hoodie with white stripes and skinny jeans. I slip on my brown combat boots and put on an anchor necklace and heart earrings. I took a onceover my jewelry, seeing if I wanted to wear something else. I found a cute watch I thought would go nicely with my outfit and also put that on. Not wanting to put in my contact lenses so late at night, I decided to stay in my glasses which look pretty nerdy but I liked them.



I heard the doorbell ring; I had a flashback of yesterday with Maddy and laughed to myself while grabbing my brown, fake leather purse.



“Good evening, Abigail." Liam greets me. I giggle at his politeness and respond the same



“Good evening to you too, Liam."



“Care to walk with me, madam?” He asks, holding out his hand. I put my hand in his and walk alongside him. It was comfortable silence until we reached the streets when I realised just how pretty it was.



“It’s a beautiful night, don’t you think?”



“It’s like you’re reading my mind, I was literally just thinking that.” I say sheepishly.



“Tell me about you." He says, looking right in my eyes. I look down at my feet, trying to think when I notice we’re walking on the same feet at the same time with our hands intertwined. It’s just dark enough to the point where all the shops lights are on but not dark enough to need a flashlight.



“Well, I’m Abigail Evans, I’m seventeen years old and enjoy putting up YouTube videos of me singing, I’m from America; Minnesota to be exact and I’m a fan of One Direction.” I say. “anything else?”



“Who’s your favourite member?”



“Harry. Sorry, Liam, but you can't compete with the curls.” He laughs and we carry on walking. I’m surprised there are no paps since we’re in the center of London and I’m with Liam Payne. He’s always got paparazzi following him.



“So what brought you here to London?”



This was the moment I’ve been dreading. I can’t tell Liam. I’d seem like an attention seeker. But I also don’t want to lie.



“Uh, I had to get away for a while…” I say, nervously. He notices my stiffness. Shit.  Based on the look in his eyes, he’s letting it go. For now.



“You don’t have to tell me if it’s personal."



“Thank you, I don’t think it’s time to tell random people my former life I guess.”



“So how about I get you back to your flat? It’s getting a bit late and the lads and I have a photo shoot tomorrow morning."



“That’s alright."



We soon reached my door to my apartment. I look up at him, just then realising how tall he was compared to my small figure. Not being able to fight the urge, I hugged him. I hugged the Liam Payne! He hugged me back though, he’s an amazing hugger. And they say Niall is a good hugger!



We stand there, hugging each other for what seems like eternity. But soon enough, I pull away saying ‘goodbye’ to him. The night was one of the best I’ve had ever.

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