Abigail Evans enjoys very few things; living isn't one of them.

She's been abused for years by her father, as well as being bullied at school by her classmates. Hell, even the teachers bully her. But Abigail isn't going to let them win. So she does the one thing she can think of.

Run away.

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1. Chapter 1

May 10


If you’re reading this, I probably decided to post this on some website. Well, I want you to know that my life isn’t as beautiful as it looks like. An abusive father alongside school bullies really does that to you.


I’m what you’d call fat. I can’t do anything about it though, I’ve been anorexic but all I did was gain weight, sadly. It was really depressing at the time since I could always feel the fat pinched between my fingers and my thighs touching.


  On the outside I’m so damn happy, if only I was like that on the inside. On the inside I'm basically dying, it’s not a good feeling but I can’t stop it. I’m dying with every step I take; I tell myself that it will probably get better though. Even though I haven’t taken a blade to my skin, doesn’t mean that I hadn’t thought about doing it. The closest I’ve gotten was shaving my legs and accidently cutting myself a bit.


So I think I should tell you a bit about me. I’m seventeen years old and I live in Minnesota. My name is Abigail, my mother died in a car crash when I was four years old. I don’t remember her much, but I always think about what she’s like. I play the guitar and piano and I love to sing with all my heart.


I upload videos on YouTube weekly and get some good feedback. But there are those comments, hating on me if you’d call it that. I used to do it just to see how good I am, now I do it for fun and the fact that I get lonely on Friday nights. I upload covers of popular or unpopular songs that I like. Stuff like Secrets, We Can’t Stop, Kiss Me Slowly, Release You and more.


I want to be a famous singer someday. It isn’t going to happen, but I can still dream. It’s what I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember. Singing has always been a part of me and I’m not letting it go now; especially when I need an escape more than anything.


 Even though I’m what you’d call “abused”, I have nice things. Like I’ll get a Macbook the day after a bad beating, or an iPhone, maybe even a few hundred dollars to spend on something I want at the mall. I have a decent amount of clothes, all almost identical. My usual outfit consists of: A hoodie, skinny jeans, Converse, and my necklace that I wear every day. It has a red bicycle on it. It’s boring, I know. But it sort of reflects my mood as of right now.


There’s only one thing that I forgot to mention, I’m a huge Directioner. Harry is my favorite, we listen to the same type of music and dress similar. Plus, who couldn’t like the curls?! He’s always got a place in my heart!


Love always,





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