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3. Nicette and Harry (and Louis)

Nicette's POV~

I slowly move my head to my hands and start to rub my sleep deprived eyes. I hear a quiet, almost whispering, voice singing. "Baby you light up my world like no body else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed, but when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell..." It wasn't the same type of voice like it was when it was recorded. More calm, and comforting. "You don't know you're beautiful. If only you saw what I can see." 

I opened my eyes and gazed up to find Harry's staring right back at mine. He sat in a chair right next to my bed. His bed. We both just fell asleep last night in his. He smiled and didn't sing, but spoke the next line. "You'd understand why I want you so desperately." I replied the way he had, I smiled. "Good morning, beautiful."

I sat up in the bed and rested a hand on my pounding head. "Good morning...Ow." 

He stood up and rested out a hand. "Someone had a little to much to drink last night huh?" I nodded and it hurt. I placed my hand upon his and he basically lifted me off the bed. He started to walk, our hands still locked in each others, and me trailing shortly behind him. 

Harry guided me towards the large kitchen with breakfast foods of all sorts laying out on the table. I couldn't help but grow the largest grin on my face. Harry stood next to me and I buried my head into his shoulder and laughed a little. He did too. "What?" he chuckled.

"Why did you make all of this? What's the occasion?" I looked back out at the table and I think I heard my stomach grumble. 

He looked at my with a jokingly confused face. "I have to have an occasion or have to celebrate on something so that I can make a large breakfast meal for the most important girl? That doesn't make any sense."

I walked towards to the table and looked at everything that included, for breads: Bagels of all sorts, crescents, toast with different of spreads, coffee cake, pound bread, and others. There were also many assorted platters of vegetables and fruits. And then there was cereal, waffles, pancakes, sausages, eggs, and bacon. 

I turned back to find Harry behind me almost looking to see if everything was there and in place. "How are we going to eat this all?" He wrapped his arms around my curvy waist and it tickled. He laid his head on my left shoulder. "Well we're going to eat as much as we want to, and then we will send the boys down to finish it off. It Lou, Zayn, and Liam can't do it, I'm sure Niall will." We both gave a laugh knowing it was true.

I felt like I've been their friend and Harry's girlfriend for ages. But the truth is, I've only been really friends with them for a couple months. Harry and I were pretty serious when it comes to our relationship. 

I know all of his fans hated me; being one of their fans and then dating one of them and becoming close with the others as well. 

There was just one thing I was always worried about. If the day came that Harry would brake up with me.

***6 Months Later***

Harry's POV~

I felt terrible for yelling at her earlier. I can't believe I told her that she was annoying and that I'd rather have her not go on the tour with us. I'm such an asshole. And I HATE swearing. But I really am one. She was looking out of the plane window with one hand on the arm rest that was next to mine (I got her to agree that I could sit next to her, (she was really mad)). I placed my hand carefully over hers and she looked down at it like she wanted me to remove it. I know she did but I kept it there. 

"Nicette," I said. Her eyes met mine and her's softened a little. "I...I'm incredibly sorry. You know I didn't mean what I said and I just-" She didn't let me finish. She got up and and walked to another seat in our private plane. 

Nicette's POV~

I felt bad for moving to a different spot on the plane. I knew that he was just trying to apologize, and he was right. I also knew that he didn't mean what he said back at his house. It was just that he always says things he doesn't mean then apologizes. But this time it was way too far. But I forgive him. 

When we had got off the plane they immediately had to go and perform at a concert and I've seen many so I decided to go and look at all the stores. 

Yeah some people recognized me, mostly fans, but I just ignored them. 

In one of the stores there was a TV filming live from 1D's concert. They were coming out with their 2nd album in about a month so they were giving a sneak peak to a couple of songs.

For one song in the beginning I heard a familiar voice.


He said, "So this next song, I haven't told anybody about." By this point I was watching the screen and waiting for him to say something next. All the other boys looked just as confused as me. "I assume all everyone her knows my girlfriend Nicette."

The crowd went wild. I don't know why. It was one of their girlfriends. 

"Well..." He continued. "We got in a fight before we left and got on the plane. During that time we weren't talking. And the whole time I was thinking about how I could make it up to her. Doing something for her or anything for that matter." 

There was a lot of "awww"ing in the crowd. 

"So... I wrote her a song." I looked down from the screen and EVERYONE in the store, which was really filled, was staring at me with wide eyes. 

I didn't say anything. I just went back to the TV screen. "And this..." He paused and he looked like he swallowed hard, "Is called Summer Love. Because she is-Well was, my Summer Love. I don't even know if we're still together or not. But here it is..." 

"Can't believe you're packing your bags,

 trying so hard not to cry,

had the best time, 

and now it's the worst time,

but we have to say goodbye,

don't promise that you're gonna write,

don't promise that you'll call,

just promise that you won't forget we had it all..."

Tears formed in my eyes. It was true.

"Cause you were mine for the Summer, 

and we know it's nearly over,

feels like snow,

in September,

but I always,

Will Remember,

You were my Summer Love."

Harry's POV~

Tonight I performed a song that I wrote on the plane. It hopefully sounded as good as I meant it. I was walking out of the arena with the boys and security when we were told we have an interview about the concert. Of course. But i couldn't go right now. I needed to go and find Nicette. But I couldn't.

Nicette's POV~

I ran out the store as fast as I possibly could to the studio. I went to where the studio was supposed to be. I was 10 feet from the door when I saw Harry.

Standing there.

Against the door.

Kissing another girl.

I ran back out of the door with tears streaming down my face. I called a cab and ordered them to take me to the hotel room the boys and I would share for this part of the tour. After about two hours the first one to come home was Louis.

"Hey Nicette!" He exclaimed and plopped down on the couch next to me. He was always so peppy. 

"Hey Lou." He saw that I was crying.

"Babe, what's wrong." He always calls me babe. Nothing new.

"Harry...He was...He was kissing another girl! I can't believe him!" After that I began to start wailing words that made to sense and you couldn't under stand the words.

"Whoa Nicette! What are you talking about?" He seemed just as surprised as me.

"After the concert. I saw the show. It was playing live in one of the stores I had been in at the time. I heard the song he wrote and since it was the end of the show after that song, I immediately ran back to the arena where you guys performed and right outside Harry's door to his dressing room and I saw him just standing there with another girl on his lips!"

He wrapped both of his arms around my body and held me tightly. He rested his head upon mine as I cuddled up next to him. It made me feel a lot better. "I can't believe he did that." He whispered. "I'm so sorry. He doesn't deserve you." I squeezed my eyes closed and held him closer.

He kissed the top of my head and said. "What you deserve is someone who can actually love you with all his heart and not cheat on you." I moved my head from his chest and looked up at him. 

We both gazed into each others eyes realizing what he just said. We both got what he meant. And I don't even think Louis realized what he meant until he said it. 

Our faces became closer and closer together until there was no distance between us. His lips were perched on top of mine locking into place. The kiss lasted longer that what seemed a minute. Then I finally pulled away. I looked at the floor. 

"I'm sorry. I just can't." I felt terrible. I loved the kiss but I love Harry. 

But I also love Louis.

Louis' POV~

We kissed. Me and Nicette. 


But she pulled away. 

She's going to go back to Harry. What I said was right. He doesn't deserve Nicette. 

My phone rang in the moments of silence that we had. It was Liam, he sent me a text. It read: "Lou? Where are you? We're waiting? How long does it take to get your jacket! Hurry up we're almost late!"


"What?" She asked.

"I have to go. I came up here to get a jacket. We're going to an interview." I got up and started to run into  Zayn and my room. Then I stopped. "Can you come?" She was puzzled. "I know that you and Harry are assumed broken up, but still come, you can yell at him all you want about how pissed at him you are!" I laughed but Nicette wasn't. "Just come. You can talk it out. And if you just can't at all, you don't have to talk to him for the rest of the night. I promise."

I finally got her to agree and ran with her down to the main lobby and out to the limo that we came in. Now it is weird that going in limo's are so normal. 

Harry's POV~

When Louis finally came down from the hotel room he wasn't alone. He brought Nicette. He probably knew that I needed to try and apologize more than I had on the plane. When she got in, she sat on the opposite side of the seats and next to Lou. 

I mouthed 'I'm so sorry' to her across the limo. She just gave me a death glare basically the whole ride. Was she really that mad? Yes I know, you can get really mad about what I said but still, she knows I am sorry.

When we got to the studio for the interview, Zayn was the 1st to get out, then Niall, Liam, Lou, then Nicette and me. As soon as I got out I took hold of her arm. Not hard just enough to get her to stop walking. 

"Look, Nicette. I'm sorry for saying that I didn't was you to come on tour with us, I hope you know that I really and truly didn't mean it."

"You think that's what I'm mad about? I got over that. I saw the little song you performed." She started getting a very angry tone of voice. "Yeah, it was live in one of the stores I was at and I went to the arena where you performed and I saw the girl you were kissing." He looked like he had no idea of what I was talking about. I knew what he looked like when he was lying. And even though he hadn't said anything, it wasn't the usual face. 

I turned around to see if anybody was watching and the boys were. Liam's face was bright red. Niall bursted out laughing. "What?" I sounded kind of jerky but I didn't care. Niall couldn't stop laughing until he was out of breath. 

"That wasn't Harry." He got all serious all of a sudden. Liam turned away from us. I gasped. 

I am such an idiot. 

Liam has the same hair style as Harry.

And I was to stupid to look at his clothes. 

"Liam," I started. "If that wasn't Harry, who else would be outside of his dressing room with the same haircut?" Liam had grown his hair out again and it looked the same as it used to.

He slowly turned around. "Um well. That would be me."

"Oh." Well I feel just like shit. I started to turn around and say, "Harry its funny, now I actually have to apol-"

Harry was on one knee. Holding out a black velvety box. With a ring in it. He swelled up with tears. "I was going to save it for your birthday," Which was in two weeks, "But I did it now if anything got worse. And since it was getting better I felt it was the perfect time." He got choked up and it was hard to speak for him. Me too. 

"Nicette, I Would always do it Over Again if we had to...Will you marry me?"




For: @1Dlover9452

                                                   -I hoped you like it. I am sorry it took so long. Please comment what you think! What I need to improve or anything! This one was fun to make as well, and I hope you like reading :P  ... I know the ending is kind of crappy, I just sometimes dont know how to end. I still hope you enjoyed it! 

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