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2. Nia and Liam (and Niall)

Nia's POV~

What am I doing? I haven't seen Liam in months. And now I'm paid over $200 dollars for one the worst ticket seats at one of their concerts just because I need to tell him that Im three months pregnant with his baby. Okay, well I made that sound like it was nothing that I'm pregnant. It's amazing but, we're only 19.

***3 Months ago***

"Nia." He whispered in my ear as stroked my Auburn hair. 

I smiled at the sound of his sweet comforting voice. "Yes love." I replied.

"I love you." 

"I love you too."

"More then ever now though." Liam said. His eyes swelled up with tears. I knew what was happening.

I sat up on the laid out blanket that he had set out for us so we can gaze at the stars as we waiting for our last night together to end. 

"You know it's not my choice. I'm part of the band. I have to go." His voice trailed off and seemed to echo through the endless sea of darkness, like my heart right now.

"I know." I started to get choked up. I swallowed hard then continued. "The last four months were...indescribable." He sat up and looked into my brown eyes, like his. "I never believed that you could love someone so much in such a short time and then just be ripped apart. Just like that." I imagined a small snap. 

He didn't say anything for awhile. "All that means is that instead of staring into a now depressing sky at night, we need to make this last night count." I showed a small crack of a smile. 

He stood up and placed both his hands out in front of me to grab them and for him to help me up. I always need help up, nothings wrong with me it's just that my legs just fall asleep easily. "How are we going to do that?" I placed my palms against his and we both ran inside his large and lonely house. He never answered my question.

We lead me into the bedroom and dimmed the lights. Kind of cheesy but it was adorable just because it was Liam. 

My feet lay dangled over the front side of his bed and the rest of my body, sitting on the edge. He walked over to his CD player and put in a CD. He skipped a few songs until he seemed content. I knew why. As some on as they acoustic guitar began, I could help but grow a large smile upon my face.

"Give me love, like her, 

'cause lately I've been waking up alone,

paint splattered teardrops on my shirt,

told you I'd let them go,

and that i'll fight my corner,

maybe tonight I'll call ya,

after my blood,

turns into alcohol,

no I just want to hold you..."

We walked over to me and placed both hands on both my shoulders. I placed mine on his neck. 

"Give a little time to me, 

or burn this out!

We'll play hide and seek,

to turn this around,

All I want, is the taste that your lips allow..."

He pressed his lips softly but firmly against mine. They fit perfectly together. 

His tongue slid inside my mouth and we continued for a while. 

Liam had put the song on loop so it replayed our favorite song, "Give Me Love," by Ed Sheeran. It was perfect for this moment.

And considering now that I'm pregnant I am guessing you know what happened after that...


I stopped trying to walk through the jammed crowd and let many bump into me trying to get ahead of me and get to Liam and the rest of One Direction to have them sign their 2nd album, 'Take Me Home.' 

It took every bit of will that I had, but eventually I threw one leg in front of the other and walked as close to Liam as I could until I had lost all control and couldn't move anymore. 

I stood in front of Liam 5 feet away from him. He didn't notice me until he had finished signing one of the fans' albums. He looked up into the crowd to see who was next. Instead he saw me. 

We both stared for a while until he stood up from his chair and I saw he was shaking pretty badly. So was I. He walked to to the stairs down of the little stage they had to sign albums next to Niall who Liam was also sitting next to. It didn't seem like he cared at all about how the fans felt being shoved to the side but he did it anyway. He pushed through the crowd to get to me. He started to run through. 

He didn't even say hello.

He didn't even stop walking. 

He grabbed me up in a kiss that seemed to last forever. 

Finally we pulled away from each other. 

We saw how there was an empty circle of space surrounding us like there was a forcefield. None of the fans were expecting that. But he didn't care. Neither did I.

Liam's POV~

She was there. Nia. My one and only true love. All I had to do was try to make up all the lost time from three months in one kiss. It worked. At least it did for me. Just being around her made me feel incredibly amazing. 

We both gazed into each other's eyes again. Our song 'They Don't Know About us', the part after Niall and Zayn's solo where everything blew up, blasted in my mind as I kissed her again. Because it does feel so right. And if anybody knew, they would just be jealous of us. 

Niall's POV~ 

Liam had got up from his signing chair and walked right off stage. Or whatever you would like to call the raised place the boys and I were on. 

I followed him with my eyes to where he was going. The other boys barely noticed he got up and didn't seem to mind. Then I saw her.


She was here.


AND LIAM JUST WHAT????????????

I  feel like I am one of our fans right now. 



I loved her too.

She just didn't realize it.

Liam's POV~

There was only one ting to ask her and I think she knew it was coming. 

"What are you doing here? It's more than 2,000 miles away. I can't believe it's been three months. I'm sorry I haven't called or texted. I-"

"Liam." Her voice. So comforting just to hear her say anything. "I need to tell to something. It's really important." She was serious. I wiped the smile off my face and became like her. My face turned solemn.

I carefully slid my hand down from the edge of her shoulders to her waist. Her once, curvy, waist. I looked down. Our bodies were only five inches apart but still her stomach was only about two. 

I slightly and silently gasped. 

My eyes slowly dragged back up to her eyes.

She was crying.

"Did...Did I...." I couldn't get it out. "Nia... Did I do this to you."

She looked down at her stomach and rested a hand on it. That meant yes. 

"How long? I mean... only... once... we... uh... once....and...used....but..." Nothing was coming out as I wanted it too. 

I took the deepest breath I could. I swallowed down all scared, shocked, and everything else I was feeling. Then it was gone. 

I am having a child. With my one and only. Nia. Now, no matter what Nia, It's Gotta Be You.




For: @Nialler's_Twin

                                                   -I hoped you liked it. I apologize if you feel it's too long I just was sooo into the story. I'm also sorry if you wanted more of Niall in the story. I know it isn't a great ending but I didn't know any other way. Anyway I did my best as my first Imagine. And thank you for being the first one to want to be in one of my stories!!! xoxo



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