It's In Her DNA

Kaylee always dreamed of being someone BIG. . .Like A Singer or and actor. But all that flew when her parents died and she stayed an Orphan. . .but when kaylee grew.They let her free,They let her become a young adult.Although she had no life.She still learned from the streets,and she practically learned how she'd learn at school. . .except the slang kind.Now kaylee lives in a dirty,and old Condo where she has no job. . .barely enough water. . .and only her piece of communication. . .Weed.Yep. . .you hear it. . .she smokes weed and she's pretty much trash. . .But all that changes when a little luck intrudes her life.And that luck may bring her to what she dreamed 10 years ago. . .A singer. . .but during that journey. . .unexpected things are to happen. . .who knows what? All we know is. . . . . . .It's in her DNA.


1. The Reason

It's In Her DNA


Most of the people i know bully me. . .think im trash. . .well. . .they're right. . .i am trash.I don't belong in this world because im not part of the Human Being species.


But what the people don't know is that. . . . .i lost the most important people in my whole entire life. . . . . . . . .my parents,my blood,and my leftover life.


I lost my ambitions. . .and i lost most of my soul.


But i turned into an orphan and that fucking Bullshit caused me to "be" the trash.


Now. . . .24/7 It's fucking hell in here,and i have to deal with that shit. . .And it'll probably keep on going.


Oh yeah. . .and it wont take long for me to catch some STD's or something. . .because i also sell my body for duh. . .money


And that money my friends. . .or people for weed.


Im not someone you wanna mess with. . .because im not the good type of girl to deal with bullshit.


Im fucking real and it will stay like that. . . .FOREVER!





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