It's In Her DNA

Kaylee always dreamed of being someone BIG. . .Like A Singer or and actor. But all that flew when her parents died and she stayed an Orphan. . .but when kaylee grew.They let her free,They let her become a young adult.Although she had no life.She still learned from the streets,and she practically learned how she'd learn at school. . .except the slang kind.Now kaylee lives in a dirty,and old Condo where she has no job. . .barely enough water. . .and only her piece of communication. . .Weed.Yep. . .you hear it. . .she smokes weed and she's pretty much trash. . .But all that changes when a little luck intrudes her life.And that luck may bring her to what she dreamed 10 years ago. . .A singer. . .but during that journey. . .unexpected things are to happen. . .who knows what? All we know is. . . . . . .It's in her DNA.


2. Another Sufer Day


Kaylee's P.O.V


I breathed in and out as the smoke filtered my lungs and flew threw my nostrils.


I played with the end of the "joint" and chuckled with my tongue licking my teeth.


It was funny how. . .life cursed me and how it killed me every second....I was laughing at one point. . .but now the salty tears were filling.


I blinked harshly...and tears dropped from my eyes,the person i had become was like. . .it was just something. . .unwanted.


I was killing my own self with that Marijuana. . .but it was addicting. . .i couldn't stop now.


I sighed and wiped the leftover tears that were beginning to mix in with my eyeliner and mascara.


I was a total disaster. . .i knew that. . .if my parents were still with me to this day. . .i wouldn't be like this.


"AYY KALE. . .WHAT THE FUCK BITCH?" Ramen suddenly yelled in his deep voice.I was scared of him. . .he was the scary one.


"THAT WAS MY HIT STUPID"he pulled my arm in harshness.


I began trembling. . but i didnt do any body language. . .i just stared at him.


"WHAT THE FUCK. . .HAND IT OVER LITTLE KUNT!"he continued with his tantrum...probably a withdrawal.


I was too high to respond........until his flying hand landed on my right cheek.


"ah"i fell to the ground.From there i was pouting in fear. . .i knew that his next move wasnt gonna be pretty.


"COME HERE YOU SON OF A BITCH!"he pulled my ankle.


"NOOO!"i managed to scream out. . .but that wasnt helpful....Ramen had already griped my waist and bum.


"stop it. . .ramen. . ."i whispered.Ramen was bipolar. . loved touching me.


Ramen stared at me with pure evil.


"Next time. . .dont take my shit"he ripped the side of my tank-top revealing a black moldy bra.


I kept on pouting. . .i was scared as hell....i knew ramen didnt like it when i took his hits. . .but i needed them and i didn't have money.


Ramen let me go,stood up,walked away,and slammed the door to his room.


My heart raced. . .and i felt the anxiety reach it's levels.


Tears began falling rapidly.


So i hugged myself for 3 minutes and cried.


My life was a total rip off


It was crap. . .it was bullshit. . .i never wanted this. . .but it happened.




I tied my hair in a messy bun,and slid into some mini shorts that were of course ripped and dirty.


Then i walked out the door with my hoodie


"where are you going?"Ramen's deep voice chimed again


He was super annoying.


I pushed my teeth in anger and rolled my eyes.


"A place"i softly said hoping he'd leave me alone.


Ramen smirked and walked up to me.


Suddenly he gripped my waist again holding me against his hard muscled chest.


"where..."he tilted his head.


I sighed and kept silence.


That was long before his lips mashed with mine. . .Ramen was a pervert. . .he liked raping people.


I couldn't push him aside or else he'd hurt me.


So i just let his lips and tongue slide in with me.


Luckily it didn't take long for him to let go. . .as he was seeing that i wasn't cooperating with him...and i was never going to.


"come back"he smacked my bum and walked away.


I fluttered,and turned towards the door. . .i hated him.





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