Forget the Bad Remember the Good

Five girls, five guys. Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. Maggie, Ruby, Maddie, Marley, and Brook. There lives are anything, but normal. Zayn rescues Maggie and they fall in love without saying two words to each other. They meet along with Maggie's close friends Marley, Ruby, and Maddie. They have to bring along a high school bully, Brook that ruined there lives. Will Brook come between Ruby and Louis? Will Zayn give up on Maggie? Will Maggie fall for another guy and ruin her friendship with a certain famous girl, Arianna Grande? Will Maddie get hurt by Harry? How will Niall react when he finds out the girl of his dreams is getting loads of hate? What happens when the boys find out how much Brook hurts Ruby? Will they give up? Or will they keep fighting? One things for sure, Bad beginnings have to have a happy ending. Right?


5. Would I say I'm in L-O-V-E

Zayn’s P.O.V.


I was walking around town trying to get my mind off of things. Me and my mates are on a world tour and stopped in Los Angeles. There are rumors, hate, and the fans are driving me crazy! I mean I love them but they force me to run from them! Its so annoying! I was walking for about an hour I'm surprised that no fans have found me yet. All of a sudden I heard a girl scream behind me “OH MY GOD YOUR ZAYN MALIK!!!!!!!”, she screamed. “wow alert the whole world why don’t you”, I thought. It was like a pack of hungry wolves all the girls were attacking me. “Why didn’t i have any security!”, I thought. I managed to escape somehow and run.There I go running again! I ran as fast as I could as the fans were right behind me. I was running for about 10 minutes until I turned a quick corner and lost them. I sighed in relief, I found myself in a new town. I read the sign next to me Twilight Glen thats a creepy name.I decided to walk around some more. I have no idea why I was walking at 3 o'clock in the morning and why there were so many fans up this early it weird. It was very quiet the wind was still and the moon was still out. Every shop was closed and no one was around there were tons of teenage girls out just a block away again strange. I started walking again and passed a long, scary alleyway. I heard a girl scream it wasn’t like a scream that I was used to. It was a scream of fright coming down the alley. I ran in being the hero that I am. I saw a very pretty girl screaming at the top of her lungs a guy was carrying her to his car. I knew I had to do something “Let her go!!!” I shouted “What are you going to do about it pretty boy?”, the man asked. That set me off “Do you really want to know?”, I questioned. He dropped the poor helpless girl on the ground, he hurt her even more I couldn’t take it anymore I lost control and attacked him. I was throwing punches every chance I got and he couldn’t even fight back “Wimp”, I said to myself. After awhile of me beating the crap out of him I shouted at the girl. She ran like there was no tomorrow I chuckled quietly. I turned back to the man he was a bloody mess. “DON’T TOUCH HER OR ANYONE ELSE AGAIN!!!!! IF YOU DO I WILL COME AFTER YOU AGAIN AND THIS TIME IT WILL BE 10 TIMES WORSE YOU GOT IT!!!”, I shouted furiously. He slowly shook his head  I punched him one last time and ran off trying to find the girl. I kept thinking of her as I ran. I thought of how pretty she looked in the moonlight and the beautiful blonde hair she has. I got more and more excited for meeting her until I realized she was nowhere to be found. I ran a little bit more but i still couldn’t find her. i heard a familiar voice behind me “ZAYN!!!”, Harry screamed while jumping on me. The rest of the boys joined in tackling me to the ground. “We were looking everywhere for you!”, Louis said. “Where were you?!”, Liam asked. “Why are you all messed up?”, Niall asked.I told them everything that happened from running away from the crazy fans to saving a gorgeous girl from that horrible man. They just stood there shocked until Harry high fived me. “What is that for”, I asked. “For saving a pretty girl, now where is she”, he asked looking around “I don’t know”, I asked looking myself. “You don’t know? Well What is her name?”, Louis asked. “I don’t know”, I said. “Wait did you even talk to her?”, Niall asked. “No, I didn’t get the chance to she ran too fast”, I said. “Wow, sorry man”, Liam said. “Do you remember what she looked like?”, Harry asked.  I smiled thinking of her. “She had beautiful blonde hair”, I said “More beautiful than Niall’s?”, Louis asked. I ignored the question because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. “She had gorgeous green eyes and she was just, just so beautiful!”, I said smiling. “Awww Zayn’s in love!”, Louis shouted. “Well what are we waiting for lets go find her!”, said Liam. “We can’t I already tried she is nowhere to be found”, I said disappointed “Well its worth a shot right?”, Niall said “I  guess we can try”, I said with a smirk. We all ran to the tour bus and piled in. Louis started to drive when he asked “So you really like her don’t you?” “Yea, I really do. Even if I haven’t spoken to her I just feel like we're meant to be you know what I mean?”, I asked. “Yea man I really hope we find her”, Harry said. “Maybe she has hot friends!”, Louis said smiling and we all cracked up. We drove around for hours and she wasn’t there I feel like i gave up hope, but I can’t I have to meet her I’m in love with her. Wait no, I can’t be in love with her I haven’t even talked to her, but there is such thing as love at first sight right? Yea I’m in love with her! Now I just need to find out her name.

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