Forget the Bad Remember the Good

Five girls, five guys. Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. Maggie, Ruby, Maddie, Marley, and Brook. There lives are anything, but normal. Zayn rescues Maggie and they fall in love without saying two words to each other. They meet along with Maggie's close friends Marley, Ruby, and Maddie. They have to bring along a high school bully, Brook that ruined there lives. Will Brook come between Ruby and Louis? Will Zayn give up on Maggie? Will Maggie fall for another guy and ruin her friendship with a certain famous girl, Arianna Grande? Will Maddie get hurt by Harry? How will Niall react when he finds out the girl of his dreams is getting loads of hate? What happens when the boys find out how much Brook hurts Ruby? Will they give up? Or will they keep fighting? One things for sure, Bad beginnings have to have a happy ending. Right?


8. Truly, Madly, Deeply Falling in Love



Zayn’s P.O.V.


We searched all night, but still there was no luck in finding her. I don’t know what I’m doing falling in love with a girl I have never met, but I just can’t help it. She looked she looked under the moonlight. She was so beautiful. The way I feel when I think about her. I love her.  “”Mate, I think she’s gone”, Harry said sincerely. The boys and I were still looking, it was about 2 o’clock in the morning. “Yea, Harry’s right I’m tired!!! Lets go home!!”, Niall complained  “But I need to see her!!!”, I  yelled. “I love her”, I mumbled so only I could hear, but somehow Louis heard me say this because he shouted “How can you be in love with her?! You haven’t said two words to her!!!” “I know!!! but... Its just, just .. hard to explain”, I said trying to think. “I can tell by the way I feel around her”, I sighed  “Whenever I think of her I smile”, I said smiling because I was thinking about her. Liam sighed and put his hand  on my shoulder. “‘What if we don’t find her?”, Liam asked and I looked down. “I-I  don’t know... I’m in love with her. I won’t stop until I find her”, I said. “We’ll find her, don’t worry”, Niall said smiling. “I hope so”, I said sighing. “Well lets go home now and get some sleep. We have practice for our concert tomorrow and a meet and greet the next day”, Niall said. I sighed once more and nodded. With that we started off to the hotel. Leaving me worrying, wondering, and thinking about her. Every second I spend thinking of her I find myself falling more, and more in love with her.


Maggie’s P.O.V.


We drove out of Ruby’s driveway Brook following us. I felt mad that Brook was coming with us all the anger just bottled up inside me and I blurted out “RUBY WHY DID YOU LET THAT GIRL COME WITH US?! HOW COULD  YOU STAND BEING SO NICE TO HER?! SHE IS NOTHING BUT MEAN TO YOU AND YOU CONTINUE ACTING LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED!!! LIKE SHE NEVER HURT YOU SO MUCH THAT YOU WOULD SKIP SCHOOL JUST SO YOU WOULDN’T GET HURT!!! UHHHH SOMETIMES YOU ARE SO STUPID!!!!!!”, right as I said that I immediately regretted it. “Ruby I-I'm so sorry”, I said. “No, you’re right. I am being stupid its just... she makes me feel so small”, Ruby said her voice cracking, she was beginning to cry. She was holding back the tears she hated crying in front of  people, she didn’t like people feeling sorry for her. “Ruby pull over I’ll drive”, Maddie said. Ruby did as she was told and pulled over. She got out and took Maddie’s seat. Maddie took the drivers seat. I got out of the car and got a blanket out of the trunk so no one could see her  cry. I gave her a quick hug and ran back into the car. Brook didn’t even bother getting out of her car to see what was going on. God I hate her. Maddie drove off and once again Brook was right behind us. After about an hour Ruby stopped crying and Maddie turned on the music. One direction came on the radio and we all sang as loud as we could blurting out the lyrics to ‘Heart attack’ I noticed a bruise on Ruby’s cheek that hadn’t been there before. I knew it was Brook but I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to see her cry again. We finally got there and we wouldn’t stop screaming, especially Marley. “Guys calm down...phew.. we  need to act cool so they're not scared of us”, I said then added “And don’t say that you want to have their babies thats just creepy.”, everyone started laughing. Maddie handed Ruby her pocket mirror so she could fix her self  up. I noticed the bruise again and so did she. She rubbed her cheek and I looked away pretending not to notice.  “Don’t say anything about Ruby’s bruise. It will just ruin her day”, I whispered to Maddie and Marley. They looked then nodded and we went in Brook following us. “Wait guys”, Ruby said and we stopped. She managed to clean her running makeup but her bruise was very visible. Ruby started again. “Lets get out all our excitement out here”,  and Ruby began to run around screaming, “I’M GOING TO MEET ONE DIRECTION!!!!”  We all laughed and joined  a few people walked by just staring at us but it just made us laugh even harder. “Now lets go in”, Ruby said trying to act cool. She strolled away in her ‘cool girl’ walk which made us laugh until Marley was on the ground, rolling. Brook and I helped her up and we ran inside. I was too excited to care about Brook right now. We walked inside and got our wristbands that allowed us in. We walked in and got in line. Harry walked out first waving to fans. Then came out Liam, Niall, Louis, and Zayn. I saw something different about  Zayn like when I saw his picture in the mall but I still can’t figure it out. “Hey does something seem different about Zayn?”, I asked curious. She broke away her stare from Louis “Besides the fact that he looks even hotter in person no.”, Ruby said continuing to stare at Louis. Louis looked over at her and smiled with a wave. She practically fainted, but built up enough sanity to wave back and give him a warm smile. Her face was turning a whole new shade of red. I kept looking at Zayn trying to figure out what was different. We moved up, we were in line for at least an hour and a half, Marley and Ruby were sitting on the floor scooting up every time we needed to. They were still sitting and chatting when I realized we were next. Niall looked over at Marley and blushed smiling at her. She noticed and squealed “He see’s his princess”, Marley said to all of us and we laughed. The group of  girls before us finally finished, they were flirting non stop. It was funny because they didn’t care to flirt back, once Ruby saw this she could not stop laughing. Ruby always laughs at stupid girls trying to get attention from guys, its just entertaining to  her. Louis looked over  to her  rolling on the floor and grinned, Ruby was laughing too much to notice. Ruby stopped laughing when the girls were gone and stood up. The line moved fast so they had to keep the people moving. It was the type of signing that we got at least 5 minutes with the boys so you could have a full conversation  with them. I was first I walked up to liam and gave him the cd I brought to sign, I couldn’t stop staring at him he was so, so... beautiful. I went to all the other boys and probably looked like a creep, then it was Zayn’s turn to sign my cd. I tried to focus on him something seemed so familiar yet I couldn’t figure out what. He wasn’t looking up when he grabbed the cd from Louis. He signed it and finally looked up to smile at me, but his smile dropped when he saw me. He started eyeing me up and down and couldn’t help but look at the ground. I finally looked up and my eyes hit his. We had like a staring battle until I realized something. I focused more into his eyes and it hit me! ‘Its him! He was the one who saved me! Zayn Malik saved me! Wait no thats ridiculous it couldn’t have been him.’, I thought. My mind was racing and I finally spoke “Um... hi i'm Maggie”, I had a small smile on my face. “Hi, i'm Zayn”, he said with a large grin.  “I’m sorry but I can’t help but notice, have we met?”, I asked. “It’s you!”, he said getting up from his seat. “Wait were you the guy who saved me?”, I asked hopeful. I was still a little shy since I’m talking to one of the most famous boys in the world. “Yes, and I’m sorry if this is a bit forward, but I couldn’t get you off my mind”, he said blushing I blushed too. I looked over to Ruby. She was right next to me, I nudged her in the stomach maybe a bit too hard because she groaned. Louis laughed and so did she. “Its him. The guy from the alley. Zayn Malik saved my life”, I whispered and she was shocked. Her mouth dropped open as she looked from me to Zayn repeatedly. Then she had a huge grin ear to ear. “Well aren’t you a lucky duckling”, Ruby said with smile and turned her head back to Louis.  “Well... I just really want to say thank you for saved me...thank you”, I said with a warm smile. “You are very know you seem like a really cool girl we should hang out sometime”, he said blushing a little. “Yeah that would be great”, I said trying to keep my cool because inside I was screaming ‘OMG YES I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!’. He grabbed the cd again and scribbled something into it. I gladly took it and smiled. Suddenly security  pushed me along because I was spending too much time with Zayn. The rest of the boys signed the rest of the cds and we were out of the room. I was sad that I couldn’t talk to him anymore ‘but he said we should hang out again. So thats a good sign right?  I don’t know’, I thought. I really hope so. Ruby, Marley, maddie, Brook, and I walked out of the room and to the parking lot. “OH MY GOD!!!”, Maddie said breaking the silence and I let out a scream I was keeping bottled up inside me. Everyone else did too, “LOU GAVE ME HIS NUMBER!!!!”, Ruby screamed showing us her hand. “GUYS ZAYN WAS THE BOY FROM THE ALLEY!!!!!”, I screamed. They all froze except for Ruby who was looking at the selfies she took with Louis.  “Wait! What?!”, Marley asked “ZAYN MALIK SAVED YOU AND YOU DIDN’T KNOW?!”, Maddie asked. “Ha that makes sense HIS EYES ARE GORGEOUS!!!”, Ruby said putting away her phone and walking to the car. “Wait Zayn saved you?”, Brook asked. “Yeah long story” I said not paying attention to her. I ran over to Ruby and joined her in the car Maddie and Marley came too. Brook ran over to her car and we drove off back to Ruby’s house.


Ruby’s P.O.V.


We were in line waiting for our turn to see the boys. Once we got in the room the beautiful boys came into view my first thought was ‘there real!’ I couldn’t help but stare at Louis HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I thought I seemed creepy until I looked around and saw all the other girls and instantly felt better. Maggie interrupted my stare by asking “Hey does something look different about Zayn?” I looked over to him and almost died  ‘WHY ARE THEY SO HOT?!’, I thought. “Besides the fact that he looks even hotter in person no.” I said and looked over to Louis again. He smiled at me and waved I literally almost fell over, but I gathered myself up and returned the gesture. I could feel myself blush and I hid my face.We were in line for too long so Marley and I sat down . We  got up to the front, FINALLY!!! A group of  girls in front of us were trying  to be hot and flirty. It made me crack up until I was rolling on the floor. I stopped laughing after they left and got up. The boys signed my cd and I was smiling so big. I got to Louis and froze when he looked  up at me. “What’s your name love?”, he asked with a smile, I felt like I was melting. “Ruby”, I said with a smile.  “Beautiful name for a beautiful girl”, he said and I was blushing so much my face was on fire. “I’m Louis”, he said grinning. “I know- crap I now realize how creepy that sounds”, I said laughing and he laughed  too.  “Umm...Ruby, I hope you don’t mind  asking but what is that?”, he asked. I was confused for a second then I realized I was crying in the car so my makeup rubbed off. I really didn’t feel like getting emotional in front of him. I looked over to Brook and she mouthed “don’t” I just tried to cover it up with my hand and I think he got the message. “Hey can I have a picture?”, I asked changing the subject. he nodded and I took out my phone. We ended up taking a bunch of selfies and laughing at how weird we looked. He was so funny I could talk to him forever. Of course Maggie had to ruin it and elbow me in the stomach I held it and groaned. Louis laughed at the face I made which made me laugh too.  “Its him. The guy from the alley. Zayn Malik saved my life”, Maggie whispered so only I could here. I was shocked I kept looking from her to Zayn, her to Zayn. I smiled really big, but I wanted to get back to Louis so I said, “Well aren’t you a lucky duckling” I talked to Louis a little more than security came and told me to move along. I started to move when Louis said “Wait Ruby!”, I turned around and smiled. “You think I could get those pictures?”, he asked. I walked over to him. “But you don’t have my number”, I said with a  ‘oh well’ face, but slightly flirty. “I think we might have to change that”, he smirked and grabbed my hand. He wrote his number on my hand and I    walked on.


Maddie’s P.O.V


We got into the room and my eyes immediately shot up to the boys entering the room. They're so perfect. The whole time I was staring at Harry and being a creep. I can barely remember what happened with all the people screaming and Harry. Oh god!! Harry is so hot!! We got up to the front and I realized what was happening. We got in line and I was face to face with Harry. I seriously think I stumbled  a little. I  was just staring at him being a complete dork he started to smile showing those amazing dimples. “Hi I’m Harry”, he said grinning. I think he’s trying to kill me with those dimples. I must have been staring for too long because he laughed and said “What’s your name love?” I felt my cheeks burn up. Why do I have to be such a creep!!! “Oh sorry”, I said laughing he smiled. “I’m Maddie”, I said with a smile. He smiled too,”Well Maddie can I sign  your cd?”, he said gesturing to the cd i was holding. “Oh yeah sure”, I said handing him the cd. Great I’m acting like a complete idiot in front of Harry Styles. Harry signed my cd and laughed at how embarrassed I was. “You're cute”, he said laughing, I got even more red and I didn’t even think that could be possible.  “Thanks so are you”, I said without thinking. I looked up with a face full of embarrassment and he started to crack up. “Hey I can’t help but notice you look a lot like my next girlfriend”, Harry said smirking. I was actually getting more comfortable around him so I didn’t blush that much. “That was the cheesiest line I have ever heard”, I said laughing. “Well those annoying security guards are about to push me away... so I guess I’ll be going now”, I said walking away slowly, teasing him. “Hey”, Harry whined. “I think I need something to remember you by”, he smirked. I decided to tease him a little more so I leant up really close to his lips I could feel his hot breath on my face. My face was lightly touching his when I whispered, “In dreams lover boy” he smirked again and I thought I died, that smirk could end the world. I grabbed his hand and the marker he had in it. I wrote my number on his hand and the security pushed me along the line.


Marley’s P.O.V.


We got into the room and I had to cover my ears because of all the screaming girls. I looked around the room and my eyes glued on Niall. He was so perfect, his smile and laugh... I died. We were standing in line for too long so Ruby and I sat on the floor. I was still staring at Niall and he noticed me. I was about to look away so I wouldn’t scare him, but he blushed and smiled at me. I don’t think I was imagining it. No I wasn’t he definitely smiled at me. I squealed and said, ”he sees his princess”  We were waiting really long then finally we were at the front. I started to get nervous, I would probably say something really stupid and embarrassing. I got up from the floor and we neared the table. I handed Liam my cd and he signed it passing it to Harry then Niall. I froze looking at him, I was staring for at least 3    minutes until a guy came selling snacks and took my attention away from him. I stopped looking at the food and looked back to Niall, he was blushing. “Hi I’m Marley!”, I said cheerfully. “I’m Niall”, he said equally as happy. “Your a really good singer”, I said. “Thank you”, Niall said with a hint of pink in his cheeks.  “Well Marley you seem like a really nice girl and you are very pretty what do you say about hanging out sometime?”, Niall asked hopeful. “Is Niall Horan asking me out?’, I asked in a flirty tone. He blushed and said, “Maybe I am”, I smiled and gave him my phone to put his number in. “Uhhh... there making me leave”, I said while security was moving me along the line. “No you can’t take her!! I won’t let you!!”, Niall screamed jumping in front of me making me laugh. “Niall get out of the way”, the security guy said pushing him out of the way. “Fine. But I will see you later Marley! BYE!!!!”, Niall said getting back in his seat. “BYE!!!!!”, I shouted walking away.


Brook’s P.O.V.


I never liked one direction. I mean sure they're cute ,but I don’t listen to there music. The only reason I came was because I called Ruby and she told me about the surprise. I told her I was coming and she just agreed. Ruby is so weak its fun to be mean to her. I  steal everything from her because if  she can have it, I can have it too. Her boyfriends or  friends that I take from her never want to be with me, but I do a couple  things to make them and make Ruby’s life awful. When I got to the house I was surprised to hear Ruby actually fighting back, but I always win no matter what. I made sure she got the message to not tell anyone. When we got to the room where the meet and greet thing was there were tons of girls screaming and hurting my ears. Ruby’s bruise was showing, but if she knows what's good for her she won’t say anything. We got to the table and I saw Liam I decided to talk to him because he seems cute. “Hi I’m Brook”, I said trying to make a conversation. “Hello I’m Liam” I could easily make him fall for me then break his heart. “Oh my god I love your shirt”, I said grabbing his shirt so I was closer to him. “Thank you”, Liam smiled. “Don’t tell the other boys, but I think you're the cutest”, I said smiling. “Thanks again you're pretty cute too”, he said and I knew I could get him easy. “We should hang out sometime”, I said. “Yeah we should”, he said and I grabbed my phone for him to put his number in it. I saw Ruby turn to me and I knew Louis asked her about the scar because she was trying to draw attention away from it. I mouthed “Don’t”, she turned back and covered it. I turned my head back to Liam and he finished putting his number in it. We talked a little more than I had to go. “See ya later Liam”, I said smiling. “Bye Brook”, he said and I walked out.


Zayn’s P.O.V.


We finally finished the meet and greet and went back to the bus. I couldn’t stop smiling since I saw her. Maggie. I finally know her name! It was probably  the  luckiest day of my life!  She came to the event and I got her number!!! She’s a fan too!!! God she is so perfect! We went  in the bus and I was still smiling. Harry noticed said, “Why are you so happy?”  “Did you see that girl that I was taking to?”, I asked. “ were talking to thousands of girls”, Liam said. “No the one right before I started being really happy”, I said. “Oh yeah the cute blond?”, Harry said. “Yeah blue skirt”, I said and I smiled again thinking about her. “Oh that one she was pretty”, Niall  said. “Yeah she was”, I said. “What about her mate?”, Louis asked. “Its her. Its the girl from the alley”, I said smiling. They looked dumbfounded , “Wait the girl your like in love with”, Niall asked. “Yeah”, I took a deep breath. They smiled, “Tell us about her”, Louis said. “Well... she’s tall and really pretty. She’s shy yet confident. She’s funny and cute. She has blonde hair and greenish-blueish eyes. She is just so perfect”, I sighed. “Wow she does seem perfect”, Liam said sweetly. “I met a girl too! Her name is Ruby!”, Louis said with a smile. “I think she was Maggie’s friend”, Louis said. I smiled, “She was gorgeous , but one thing seemed off”, Louis said thinking. “What?”, Harry asked. “She had  a bruise on the side of her cheek”, Louis said. “But that wasn’t even the weird part”, “Well what was the weird part?”, Liam urged Louis to go on. “Liam remember the girl you were talking to in that group that she was in?”, Louis asked. “Yeah brown hair bright dress?”, Liam asked. “Yeah I asked Ruby what it was and she looked over to the girl”, Louis began, but Liam interrupted him. “Brook”, Liam said. “Fine she looked over to Brook and I don’t think I was supposed to notice. Brook mouthed ‘Don’t’ and Ruby tried to cover the bruise. “Well that doesn’t mean anything”, Liam defended. “I know, but it was just weird”, Louis said. “Are you accusing her of something?!”, Liam defended.  “Why do you care so much man?”, I asked. “Because I like her okay!”, Liam said and walked  to his bunk clearly annoyed. I was confused what did Louis say? Why is he defending her? I didn’t realize I was still smiling. I am so happy!! I got tired so I went to bed thinking of her. I am so happy I found her.


I woke up at my stupid alarm clock I felt like throwing it out the window. I was so tired I checked my surroundings and bolted up remembering why I set the alarm in the first place. I AM GOING TO MEET ONE DIRECTION!!!!! One freaking direction!!! I got up and went downstairs it was still pretty early I had like three hours. Ruby was already up on her phone probably bragging that she is going to meet the biggest boyband in the world! I mean it is something that she would do, thats just Ruby. Marley is still sleeping which is normal  for her and Maddie is getting ready. I decided to go get ready too.  I  ended  up wearing an outfit I bought at the mall. I wore a pink zip front bralet top with blue mini skirt. I put a white shawl   over top. I tied my hi-shoe starred vans and braided my hair. I finished my make-up and went down-stairs. Ruby was watching T.V. when I got there so I joined her. Ruby was wearing  a white shark tank top with gray ripped jeans. She had blue vans on and braided the top of her hair. She was also wearing a rolling stones bracelet. Maddie came down not long after she was wearing the outfit she got at the mall too.  She had a striped shirt and a blue mini skirt.  She was also wearing black toms and sunglasses. Maddie just put her hair in a side ponytail.  Marley came down 20 minutes later. She was wearing a grey sweater that said hipsta please on it with red jeans. She had black vans and a necklace that was an infinity sign  it said directioner on it. “Shall we go?”, asked Maddie really excited. Right as she said that there was a knock on the door.  “I’ll get it”, I said smiling.

Ruby’s P.O.V.

I was sitting on the couch watching T.V. waiting for everyone else. Last night when everyone found out about Brook I realized how mean she was to me and that I shouldn’t take it. I was so caught up in thinking that I forgot to cancel her visit. That means she will come later. I started to worry I didn’t know what to do. Maggie came in the room and sat down next to me. I didn’t know what to say so I just pretended nothing was happening. Maddie came down and we were talking waiting for Marley. “Shall we go?’, asked Maddie, she had the biggest smile I have ever seen on her face. At that exact moment there was a knock on the door. “I’ll get it”, Maggie said smiling. I suddenly got worried because I knew who would beat the door I didn’t realize my face was getting red. “Are you okay?”, Marley asked “Um... yea”, I said biting my lip. I heard Maggie open the door and started shouting “WHY ARE YOU HERE?!!” “Um.. because I was invited”, Brook said with a ‘are you stupid’ look. “NO YOUR NOT INVITED!!! RUBY DOESN’T WANT YOU HERE!!!”, Maggie screamed. I walked into the room, slowly, facing them. “Is this true Ruby? You don’t want me here?”, Brook asked. I shook my head not looking at her. “But, were friends”, she said with a smile. I opened my mouth to say something but she stopped me with a glare. “Ruby is not your friend! Now excuse me I am going to find my prince.”, Marley said walking out to the car. She ran back, “Just to be clear I’m talking about Niall”, She said walking out again. “Ruby?”, Brook said giving me a sympathetic look, but I could tell she was faking. “Don’t talk to Ruby she doesn’t want to see y-”, Maddie begun but I cut her off. “No guys... this is between me and her go wait outside.”, I said finally building up enough courage to speak to her. Maggie and Maddie slowly went outside joining Marley. “Brook listen... I think it would be best if you don’t come.”, I said a little frightened. She could tell I was scared because she had a devilish smirk on her face. “No, you listen here Ruby, I am coming whether you like it or not.”, she said. “No!... y-you can’t come”, I said whispering the last part. “Excuse me”, Brook said taking a step towards me. I got scared and took a step back. I felt small near her and I hated it. I again built up enough courage to fight back. “You heard me. I said you can’t come”, I said standing tall.  I can’t believe it I was actually standing up to Brook. “I don’t think you want to do that”, she threatened. “And whys that?”, I asked. Right as she said that I felt an instant pain to my face. It knocked me to the ground and I scoot back to the wall cupping my cheek. She just laughed at me. I knew it  would start to bruise. “Okay, I think that settles it I’m coming and this little talk stays between us. You got it?”, she said. All I could do was nod. I “We will have fun like old times”, she added smiling wickedly and walked outside. I ran upstairs and cleared up all the tears threatening to fall. It reminded me of the horrible days at school. The days I would skip so no one would hurt me. I refused to cry, I sucked myself up and covered my already bruising face with makeup. I checked the clock It was 11:00 we needed to be there at 2:30 and it took 2 hours to get there. I went downstairs and walked  out the door. I found Maggie, Marley, and Maddie waiting for me in my car and Brook waiting alone in her own car. I walked over to my car and they smiled at me. “Can we go now?”, Maddie asked.  “Yea Niall is waiting for me. We need to go now!!!”, Marley whined. “Okay, lets go”, I said smiling. I looked over at Brook, she gave me a death glare and mouthed “Don’t say anything or else”, I gulped and went into my car. I was now really scared. One thing's for sure this will be exactly like old times.

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