Forget the Bad Remember the Good

Five girls, five guys. Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. Maggie, Ruby, Maddie, Marley, and Brook. There lives are anything, but normal. Zayn rescues Maggie and they fall in love without saying two words to each other. They meet along with Maggie's close friends Marley, Ruby, and Maddie. They have to bring along a high school bully, Brook that ruined there lives. Will Brook come between Ruby and Louis? Will Zayn give up on Maggie? Will Maggie fall for another guy and ruin her friendship with a certain famous girl, Arianna Grande? Will Maddie get hurt by Harry? How will Niall react when he finds out the girl of his dreams is getting loads of hate? What happens when the boys find out how much Brook hurts Ruby? Will they give up? Or will they keep fighting? One things for sure, Bad beginnings have to have a happy ending. Right?


2. Trouble

Maggie planned to sneak out at midnight tonight. Maggie woke up to the sound of up all night, she turned off her alarm clock and got dressed. It was still dark outside so she turned on her phone. She got dressed and picked up her bags that she had packed  for the trip. Maggie was sure not to wake anyone up as she was getting ready. Maggie had all of her stuff and started heading downstairs when she saw her dad in the kitchen. She quickly grabbed all of her stuff still making sure to be as quiet as possible. Maggie didn’t know what to do, she didn’t know how to get out of the house without getting caught. She then remember the rope swing her, Ruby, and Marley made outside her window. “Man we were stupid”, she thought looking at the rope. Maggie dropped her stuff and it landed on the trampoline, Maggie hesitated to grab the rope but remembered that  the field trip would be worth it. She grabbed the rope and without a second thought she jumped. Maggie knew she couldn’t scream but she was about to. She landed on the trampoline with the rest of her stuff. She was surprised that she was being so quiet  usually all her family woke up I guess she got lucky. Maggie was getting herself together when she remembered “Oh crap”, she whispered. Maggie forgot the keys to the car.  She looked up hoping to find another entrance to the house, but sadly no the front door was the only way into the house. She grabbed her stuff and put it next to the car. As quiet as she could Maggie opened the door. No one was down stairs and she heard snoring from her parents room. “Wow ,just wow” she said annoyed. She walked in and grabbed the keys. Maggie did know how to drive but she didn’t have her own car. Her parents said that she had buy her own car. Maggie started walking back to her car when her bags were gone. She started looking frantically around the car when she saw a guy putting her bag into his car. “Hey what are you doing?!” , she yelled at him. He ran into the car and sped off, Maggie knew she couldn’t catch up to him so she just got into the car and started screaming. There was nothing super expensive and valuable in it luckily, but it had her favorite outfit. After about 15 minutes she was done screaming and started to drive. Her phone rang


“Hey”, Maggie said acting like nothing happened

“Are you almost heeeeere?!”, Marley and Ruby said in unison

“Um...Actually I lost the directions you gave me”, said Maggie

“Uhhhh fine!”, said Ruby

“You suck at directions”, said Marley we all laugh

“ well there is only one direction that I'm good at, see what I did there , Maggie said

“That was so stupid”, said Ruby and we all laughed

“Okay then, what’s the directions”


Maggie’s P.O.V.


Ruby told me the directions and I was off. I took the road that Ruby told me to take but it seemed different, scary almost. There was dark alleyways and every once in awhile I would hear a faint scream. I don’t think I took the right rode marley was right I do suck at directions. I laughed at how funny I am and continued driving. I came across a long, dark, and scary alleyway and I was so scared. I made it to about the middle of the alley when all of a sudden the worst thing that could ever happen. ever. I suddenly stopped.


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