Forget the Bad Remember the Good

Five girls, five guys. Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. Maggie, Ruby, Maddie, Marley, and Brook. There lives are anything, but normal. Zayn rescues Maggie and they fall in love without saying two words to each other. They meet along with Maggie's close friends Marley, Ruby, and Maddie. They have to bring along a high school bully, Brook that ruined there lives. Will Brook come between Ruby and Louis? Will Zayn give up on Maggie? Will Maggie fall for another guy and ruin her friendship with a certain famous girl, Arianna Grande? Will Maddie get hurt by Harry? How will Niall react when he finds out the girl of his dreams is getting loads of hate? What happens when the boys find out how much Brook hurts Ruby? Will they give up? Or will they keep fighting? One things for sure, Bad beginnings have to have a happy ending. Right?


3. My Hero, Pretty Brown Eyes

I started to panic. “No, No, No, No why do bad things alway have to happen to me!”, I screamed inside my car. I looked around trying to figure out my problem. My eyes suddenly found a little flashing light signaling that my gas was empty.”Uhhh why am I so oblivious, I’m so stupid!” I screamed. Now normally I would have attracted a lot of attention, but like I said it is a long, dark, scary alleyway with no one around, hopefully. I got out of my car “What am I going to do”, I yelled at the top of my lungs. “I can’t just leave my parents car here, can I? I mean I am in trouble. No I can’t they would kill me I already have too much things going on with them, wait what am I doing, okay focus Maggie, focus  What am I going to do”, I thought. “Uhhhh” I yelled “Wait I could just call a tow truck!”, I thought my brain finally working. I pulled out my phone really quickly and dialed the number.


“Hello?”, I asked

“Hello what can i do for you today?”, the helpful man asked

“Um, My car ran out of gas and there are no gas stations around” I said with a sigh

“Okay well where are you we will send you a truck as soon as we can”, he said

“Twilight Glen Los Angeles, California”, I said with smile

“Wait what?”, he asked

“Twilight glen” I repeated my smile quickly dropped when I looked up.

The phone wires were cut. “Great, just great” I suddenly heard a very loud, very clear, very close scream. I ran back to my car wiggled the handle, I couldn't get in. I couldn’t get in! I looked inside. I freaking left my keys in my car!!!!! I started to panic as the screaming got closer, closer, closer, suddenly it stopped. I got so scared I started to keep opening the car hoping, praying that a miracle would happen. Sadly it didn’t, so being the stupid idiot I am I went to go see what happened. I swear to god if I was in a horror movie I would die first. I didn’t know what to do it was dark, lonely, scary, no cell service, I was cold, hungry, and scared out of my mind the list could go on forever. I suddenly felt two strong arms around me I jumped. “Its okay darlin’ nothin’ to be afraid of”, the scary man said with horrible grin. The man was very tall, he was so scary!, and he looked like a creepy sloth!!! I struggled to get free but it wasn’t worth it. “Let me go!”, I said starting to scream. “Why, the fun has just begun”, he said picking me up. “Let me go!!!!!, Get off of me!!!!!”,I screamed at the top of my lungs kicking, punching, screaming, anything that I could do to get free. It wasn’t worth it. “My night just keeps getting better and better”, I thought. I don’t know what’s wrong with me how can I be thinking at a time like this! I get too lost in my thoughts to the point where I can’t even realize that i’m being kidnapped!!! My thoughts got interrupted by the sound of a low, husky, and may I add sexy voice. “Let her go!!!”, The man said. “What are you going to do about it pretty boy?”, The awful man said. “Do you really want to know?”, The man said as he began to pry the man’s arms off of my body. The man let go forcing me to hit the ground. Hard. I lay there my body aching, just another problem to worry about. I heard punches being thrown so I rolled over. I saw the two men fighting. It was a very dark alley so I couldn’t see the two men. All  I could see was the man who saved me, mostly because he was beating the crap out of the other one. I could see his outline, he was in very good shape. The man was wearing a leather jacket and black pants. He looked about 20 years old. I really wish I could see him but that wouldn’t happen because I could barely catch a glimpse of him with all the action going on. It was really weird because it was dark but all I could see was his dark brown eyes. Oh my god!!! There I go again thinking why do I always think at the worst times possible! The low raspy voice of the mysterious man spoke again “Run!” ,he shouted I didn’t  even question it I was so scared. I ran as fast as i could not knowing where i’m going. I ran out of the alley and down the street. As I ran all I could think about was what just happened, and I couldn’t get the image of his gorgeous brown eyes out of my head. The way they shined bright in the moonlight. As I was thinking all of this I was still running running as fast as I could, not knowing what to do or where to go. I was lost.

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