Forget the Bad Remember the Good

Five girls, five guys. Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. Maggie, Ruby, Maddie, Marley, and Brook. There lives are anything, but normal. Zayn rescues Maggie and they fall in love without saying two words to each other. They meet along with Maggie's close friends Marley, Ruby, and Maddie. They have to bring along a high school bully, Brook that ruined there lives. Will Brook come between Ruby and Louis? Will Zayn give up on Maggie? Will Maggie fall for another guy and ruin her friendship with a certain famous girl, Arianna Grande? Will Maddie get hurt by Harry? How will Niall react when he finds out the girl of his dreams is getting loads of hate? What happens when the boys find out how much Brook hurts Ruby? Will they give up? Or will they keep fighting? One things for sure, Bad beginnings have to have a happy ending. Right?


4. A New Old Friend

I was still running , its been about 15 minutes now i have like no idea how that's   possible because I don’t run. I was probably very far away from the... incident and I was still thinking. “I wonder if that guy was cute”, I thought to myself that made me smile. My brain was going all wack thinking about what just happened when suddenly it hit me! Not like a thought or anything, something really hit me. I looked up from the ground I was still in pain from when I fell before so this didn’t help. I realized I had hit a pole , I was feeling very dizzy and all of a sudden I blacked out. The next thing I remember is being dragged into a house. I was way too drowsy to freak out but I was still  scared. I closed my eyes once more and once again I blacked out. I woke up in a very comfy bed covered with blankets and pillows. I didn’t want  to move it was too soft  I loved it. I slowly got up I was so tired. I looked around the big pink bedroom. Something about it reminded me of my friends, how Marley hated the color pink. I sighed with a little smile on my face thinking about my friends. Then all of the memories  flooded back to me and it me in the face  like a pile of bricks. I remembered everything that happened to me how I missed the field trip and snuck out in the middle of the night to get there. How I got lost and someone tried to kidnap me. And that one man, the man who saved me, those eyes. Then I remembered where I was, well actually I don't know where I am but I do remember someone taking me in here. My heart started beating faster, and faster. I started thinking of all the possibilities of who it could be. There was only two people I could think of, the awful man who tried to kidnap me, or that amazing man who saved me. I don’t know why I keep obsessing over him I don’t even know what he looks like. I mean he could be super ugly and just be a really nice guy- No this guy was different he was... mysterious, and something about him was familiar but I just can’t put my finger on it. I finally got enough guts to go see who it was. Before I went I made an escape plan just in case. I went down the stairs and saw no one. “Hello”, I yelled. “Wow you're up early”, The lady’s voice startled me and I jumped. I turned around to an unfamiliar face. “W-who are you?”, I stuttered. “Oh I’m sorry, I’m Maddie”,She said extending her arm. “Do I know you? And why did you take me here?”, I asked curious. “You don’t remember me do you?”, she asked with a smirk on her face. “No, I don’t I’m sorry", I said in an apologetic tone. “It’s fine it was a long time ago", she smiled,”I brought you here because I saw  you laying on the ground, I got closer and instantly remembered you so I brought you here, we went to elementary school together and you and I would always annoy the class pet while Ruby would tell  us not to and Marley would eat our lunch”, She said and we both started laughing. “Oh my god Maddie, I remember you!”, I said hugging her. “How have you been?”, I asked still smiling from all of the good memories we had together. “I have been great! I have been way better since i moved out of that town I found you in”, She said with a thank god smile. “Wait you don’t live there?’, I asked.”She shook her head “No, I go there sometimes to shop or visit some people I know”, said Maddie.”Hey did you happen to see anything else before you found me?”, I asked changing the subject. “No why?”, she asked. “Well it’s a long story”, I said with a sigh. “I got time she said while pouring both of us a bowl of cereal. I explained the entire story to her and she understood “Do you happen to know a guy that would fit the description?”, I asked hopeful. “sadly no”, she said with a sad face. “So you're a directioner?”, she asked. “Yes! I freaking love them!”, I said with with happiness. “OMG I am too!!!”,she said pulling out her phone to show me pictures and videos. It reminded me of when me and my friends fangirled, oh I miss them so much! After about two hours of extreme fangirling I finally asked the question “have you seen my phone I really need to call Marley and Ruby”, I asked really missing them. “I’m sorry but no you didn’t have one when I found you” I immediately started searching my pockets but I didn’t findanything but a piece of trash. “Great now i lost my car and my phone, the two most valuable and expensive things I own”, I said with a sigh. “Don’t worry, we will sort this whole thing out”, Maddie said reassuringly. “Until then you can use my phone “, she said with a warm smile. I quickly took the phone out of her hands and dialed Ruby’s number. I decided to facetime them since I missed them so much.


“Hey Guys!”, I said happy to see them

“Maggie!”, they both screamed in unison ,“Where are you?!”

“Actually, funny story”, I said remembering  what happened.

“Why aren’t you here yet?!”,screamed Marley, “And What happened to you Where are you?!”

“Well I was coming but then I took the wrong road and I was in a really scary place. And lucky me my car died. Some guy tried to kidnap me but a really nice guy with super hot eyes swooped in and saved me! I ran really far until I hit a pole and passed out. Maddie from elementary took me to her house and she likes one direction!”, I said half happy and half freaked out about what happened today. There faces dropped then marley started cracking up.

“Why are you laughing”, I said starting to laugh.

“You got saved by a hot guy then you hit a pole” She said laughing.

“What did he look like?”, Ruby asked interested

“Wow I had the worst day of my life, got knocked out after almost getting kidnapped”, Marley started to laugh when I said I got knocked out, “AND ALL YOU CAN THINK ABOUT IS WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE?!”, I shouted getting frustrated at Ruby’s interest in cute boys.

“Well duhhh, this is important stuff”, She said laughing.

“Well it was dark so I couldn’t really see his face so he could've been ugly, but he was very fit and he was wearing a leather jacket and black pants. He had the most gorgeous eyes I ever saw!”, I smiled thinking of my hero.

“Ohhhhh were they blue?!”, Ruby said really happy.

“No, they were brown”, I said still smiling.

“Brown! How do you see brown eyes in the dark?”, Marley asked

“I have no idea they were just, just so pretty!”, I said fangirling over a stranger.

“You know you missed the trip”, Ruby said trying to be as nice as she could which was not working.

“WHAT?!”, I said starting to get mad.

“Well ya, it was only a two day trip”, Ruby said

“Uhhhh just great! This is just great! I went through all of this to end up not going”, said getting really angry.

“But don’t worry we have something that will make you really happy”, Ruby said smirking

“What?”, I asked hopeful that it will cheer me up.

“We can’t tell you! its your birthday present”, she said smiling. I totally forgot my birthday was in two days! I got all caught up in what was going on i didn’t realize it. I wonder what they got me?

“Who’s maddie?”, asked Marley.

“You don’t remember her from kindergarten? She was like our best friend”, Ruby said

“Wait how do you remember her?”, asked Marley.

“Because I’m awesome, how do you think I remember everything about one direction”, Ruby said  and we all started laughing.

“Well let us talk to her!”, Marley said

“Okay, okay I’ll go get her”, I said walking over to get Maddie

“Hey guys!”, Maddie said really happy to see them.

“Maddie!!”, they both say at the same time


They started talking for a long time so I just walked around. I walked down the long hallway looking through pictures hanging up on the wall. I noticed a familiar on. It was the picture from kindergarten that we all took together I smiled remembering the day. I walked back into the living room where Maddie was I stayed in the hallway and listened to their conversation , I felt a bit stalkerish today. I could hear the end of their conversation “You have to come with Maggie pleeeeease”, Ruby begged. “Uhhh! Fine!”, Maddie said annoyed. “YES!!!”,Marley shouted. I walked into the room right when Maddie hung up. “Hey”, I said  “Hey”,she said. “I guess apparently I’m coming with you to see Marley and Ruby”, she said getting excited. “Really?!”, I asked. “Yea, we can leave tomorrow its going to take a couple hours but you should get in your pyjamas”, Maddie said. “Wait, Shoot I don’t have any extra clothes uhhhh”, I said getting upset. “Oh well you can borrow clothes for now and we will go shopping  tomorrow”, Maddie said. “Thank you! thank you, thank you, thank you!” , I shouted as she was getting clothes for me to change into. Maybe  today wasn’t so bad despite the fact that I’m basically traumatised.

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