Secret Love

Cadence loves a boy who plays soccer/football but her Dad doesn't want her dating him. Why? Find out for yourself. Louis Tomlinson is the guy Cadence loves. How will they date, what will happen? Louis Tomlinson also loves her, as much as she loves him.


1. The First Day....

  Cadence's POV: I dated a boy, with many tattoos, he was lovely and was hilarious to be around with. He made me laugh,smile, and make me feel 10 times better when I heard from him. He was the one. The one I always wanted and the one I waited for. The one that was perfect for me. His name, was Louis Tomlinson. 

  The way we met was actually quite interesting. Strange but interesting. I just moved across his house, his mom helped me with the luggage. He came up to her with a couple of lads. He looked like he was the type to have a lot of fun no matter what. He told his mom he would be at this kid, Zayn's house. She agreed and hugged and kissed him on the cheek. I always loved motherly love. It makes me happy to see it. But of course, my mom died when I was 8. My dad, always tried to be like my mom. He didn't know what to say sometimes. If I dated,my mom would check to see how the boy is like and on the other hand, there is my dad. He was different. He cared if I dated,he didn't care how he was like. I was not able to date. I learned this....the hard way.

  I walked to my house with Louis' mom to my house with boxes. She asked if we wanted to come over to her house for dinner. My dad said yes. Louis's mom said to wear anything you want. So later that night I wore some short shorts and a striped shirt. My dad just wore some jeans and good shirt. He didn't want to look weird or fancy. We walked to their house. I ringed the doorbell. My feelings at that point was happy but tired. After dinner, my dad and Louis' mom talked for a while, and I was in the living room, on my phone. Just on Twitter and Instagram. Same old things every time.

   It's 10:00 P.M. and I'm still on my phone. I wanted to go home, but that would be rude of me. At around 10:15, I hear the doorbell. Mrs.Tomlinson gets up and goes to the door. She opens the door, and outside the door is Louis. Louis comes in and greets my dad. He says he will wash up and come back. 

   Louis' POV: I walk towards the stairs. I pass the living room, and I see a girl in shorts. I just think it was the man's daughter. So, I ignore the fact that she's on the couch and go to the bathroom. I wash up and go back. I tell my mum I will be in my room. "Go to the living room, Lou. You should meet Cadence. You will be see her more often, so might as well meet her." My mum says. "Alright, mum." I say. Really? She's on her phone. What do I say?! I go to the other side of the couch and pull my phone out of my pocket. I think, you know, I'll just say hi. 

  As I get ready to say hi, my phone rings. It's Zayn. Really? Has to call now. I pick up though. "Hey,Lou!" Zayn says. "Hi, mate." I said. "You left your jacket here. Want me to come or are you gonna come?" he said. "I can come, I guess. I'll see you later,mate.I'll be there soon." I said. "Alright, Lou. Bye" He said. I said "Bye." I hung up. 

  I told my mum, I had to get my jacket. My mum said to bring Cadence. "Mum, what if she doesn't want to." I said. "It's fine then." She said. I went to the living room. I said "Hey, you must be Cadence, right?" I said. She looked up and said, "Yeah. And you're Louis?" "Yeah. Well I have to get my jacket at my friend's house and my mum wanted to know if you wanted to come. I'm not sure why though." I said. She smiled. "Sure, I guess." she said. "Alright..." I said. 

  We walked out the door into my car. I had no clue what to say. She wasn't on her phone...for once.I started the car and I heard her phone ring. I ignored her.

  Cadence's POV: I heard my phone ring. It was my best friend that I haven't seen in forever! I said, "I have to answer this one.Sorry." "It's alright." Louis said. I picked up. "OMIGOSH WHEN DID YOU MOVE TO L.A.?! DUDE YOU KNOW I LIVE THERE AND WE HAVEN'T SEEN EACH OTHER IN LIKE 3 MONTHS! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!" my friend said. Louis heard even if it wasn't on speaker. "Surprise! Haha, well I was trying to surprise you." I said. "OMG WE SHOULD MEET SOME DAY OMIGOD! WHERE DO YOU LIVE! HAHAHA I'M GOING TO STALK YOU!!!" She said. " me a favor and calm down. Like really. Calm down. I'll meet you some day! Umm not really sure what the address is. I reached L.A today.Well, I'll talk to you later, Lauren! Kay?"  I said. "Aww meanie! I'm going to parents. Well talk to you later.Bye!" Lauren said. "Bye." I said.

  I hung up and put my phone away. "So..." I said. "Well, that was umm interesting..." he said. I chuckled. "If you thought that was crazy, you haven't seen much. That's not even crazy to her" I said with a laugh. He laughed along. "Well, we're here." he said. He got out the car but first asked if I wanted to come in. I said if I won't be a bother. He came to the other side of the car to open the door for me. I smiled and said "Thank you." "Any time" He smiled. 

  His smile was something out of the ordinary. It was special and really cute. We walked to the front of his friend's house. We were walking really close. I felt his hand on mine for a second. Did he have feelings for me?  I thought it was sorta cute but it was a mistake. He just hit my hand. Well I guess he doesn't really like me....well isn't this awkward. "Sorry." he said. I looked at him and said "For what?"  "For hitting your hand..." he said. "It's okay. I didn't really mind..." I said. I looked down. "Really?" he said. "Really!" I said. 

  Louis's POV: Did...did she like me?! I certainly liked her. I rang the doorbell. Zayn wasn't the one who opened. It was Liam. "Oh hi Liam! This is Cadence! She lives like across my house!" I said. "Hello Cadence! Pleasure to meet you oh and  that's awesome,mate! Come in, though." he said with a big smile. I went in with Cadence. I closed the door behind us. "Lou, zayn is inside talking to Harry but for now Cadence can meet Niall." Liam said. "Of course. Hey Cadence you wanna meet the rest of the boys in our band." I asked. "Sure!" she said. I smiled.

  We all went upstairs. Liam knocked on one of the doors and said "Niall?!" "Yes?!" he said. "We have someone here you should meet!" Liam said. Niall opened the door and saw Liam, me, and Cadence.

   Cadence's POV: "Oh, hello! I'm Niall." he said to me. "Hi! I'm Cadence." I said. "So, long have you been here." Niall said. "Just came this afternoon. Louis and his mom offered us to come for dinner." I said. "That's awesome. Well you'll sure love it here in L.A" he said. I smiled, "I'm sure I will!" I said. I looked at Louis and he smiled back. 

  I hear a door open and i turn around I see two guys. One of them was probably Zayn. I see one with a white shirt and some curls. "Oh hi Zayn! I came here to pick up my jacket." Louis said. "Oh right. Hold on mate." Zayn said. The other one with the curls looked at me and came to the rest of the boys and me. "Hello guys. Are this is???" The dude said. "This is Cadence. She moved across the street from my house and came over for dinner." Louis said. I smiled and said "Nice to meet you....." "Harry. Nice to meet you too." he said with a smile. I saw his dimples. He was pretty cute. 

  Zayn came back with Louis' jacket. "So, who's this?" he said, looking at me. "Cadence. She moved across the street from Louis' house." Harry said with a smile. "Oh nice to meet you Cadence! I am Zayn." he said. "Nice to meet you!" I said with a huge smile."Umm...Louis I have to unpack tomorrow morning so is it okay if we can go....if you can't I can just wait...It's alright..." I whispered ."Sure! I'll let the guys know." he whispered. He told the boys we had to go and all of them gave me a hug and said bye. 

  He drove me to his house but before he opened the door he asked me, "Hey I was wondering if I can drive you around places to get to know the basic stuff and all that...." I smiled at him and nodded my head. My hand slowly went to his but I pulled away. I didn't want him to know about my tinsy little feelings about Louis. I don't even know him and I sorta had feelings for him? Woah, I'll try to get over him.

  Louis' POV:  I opened the door for her again. Did it seem like I liked her? I mean I don't. All she does is sit there awkwardly or go on her phone. We walked to my door and I opened that door for her as well. I didn't want it to seem like I liked her but then I would have to stop opening the door which is massively rude. 

  We went inside and saw my mum and her dad still talking. They were standing so I think her dad was about to go. I looked at Cadence and she was smiling at them. I heard her phone ring. Not again. It was a text. From her best friend. She told me it said that she would text me tomorrow. Cadence texted back that she might not reply and be busy. She put her phone away and looked at me. We went to the living room and she asked me "Remember when you said if we can drive around?" "Yeah,what about it?" I said. I hope she didn't cancel...not because I liked her or anything it's just...uhh...."I was wondering what time it'll be and end!" she said with a smile. "Any time you want it to start and end. I'm free tomorrow!" I said. "Really? Awesome! I'll see you tomorrow." she said. I smiled at her. Our hands almost touched, but we both pulled away. I got up and told her I would see her outside her door once she told me when to come. She gave me her number and we started talking.

We started talking a lot and then her dad came in the living room with my mom. "Louis?" My mom said. "Yes, mom?" I said. "They're leaving soon." She said. "Oh okay." I said standing up at the same time as cadence. "Well, I guess I'll see you both tomorrow." I said. She smiled and nodded her head.

"Wait what?" Her dad said. "Oh I'm showing your daughter around. If that's okay with you." I said. "Oh, okay. Well of course it's okay. Glad to see my daughter socialize for once." Her dad said. We all laughed. "Dad!" Cadence said. She rolled her eyes and looked at me.

Cadence's dad and my mom walked towards the door. "Well I guess we'll be going." Cadence said to me. "Yeah. Well, it was nice meeting you. Sorry about taking you to the boys. They tend to be a bit crazy aha." I said. "Oh that was actually really fun!" She said. I smiled. "Well that's awesome!" I said.

"Well, you should get going. Bye,cadence" I said to her. "Bye, Louis." She said. "Night." I said right after. Wow how long is this gonna take. I sorta wish she would stay. She smiled, "Good night,louis." She came to me and gave me a quick hug.

That was cute.

When she left I closed the door and was about to go to my room. "So how is she?" My mom suddenly asked. "Oh. Cadence? She's awesome." I said, not telling her she was more than awesome. "That's good. I really want you to be there if she needs you. I don't want her alone." She said. "Her best friend lives in L.A actually." I said. "Oh really? That's good. But it's always good to have someone else you can trust, huh?" She said. "True." I said. "Well I'm gonna go to bed. Night, mum." I said. "Good night, lou." She said. I walked to my room and just flopped on my bed. And went to sleep instantly.

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