Secret Love

Cadence loves a boy who plays soccer/football but her Dad doesn't want her dating him. Why? Find out for yourself. Louis Tomlinson is the guy Cadence loves. How will they date, what will happen? Louis Tomlinson also loves her, as much as she loves him.


2. Next Day

Cadence's POV:

I woke up and did my normal routine. I helped my dad clean up the house and set somethings here and there. It was hard not having a mom to help us. After I helped I went to my room to get my phone that was charging. I found that I had a text message.

*Text messages*

Louis: hey sorry if I woke u up, but when do you want me to come? I forgot if you told me or not.

Me: Um I'm not sure hold on.

I went to go ask my dad. "So when can louis come over and give me the tour thing." I said. "Anytime. But not now. You still have to help. Anytime after 8:55 or 9." My dad said. "Alright," I said. I went back to my phone.

Me: Anytime after 9.

Louis: great. I'll be there soon then.

Me: alright text me before you come tho.

Louis: alright, I will.

Me: I gtg help now, byee(:

Louis: bye(:

I went to go help my dad continue pack.

Louis's POV:

Smiley face...I wonder if she had feel-nope. I doubt it. I wished she did. Louis! Stop! I'm in love with a stranger what is my problem!


It was 9 and I wasn't ready! Shoot! I took a quick shower and got dressed into some jeans and a tank. Even though she lives right there I had to drive because I can't just say oh hey lets walk back!

I got my keys and went to her house. I pressed the doorbell and the door opened. It was her. She smiled and said hi. Then she shouted "it's louis!" And she turned around to look at me and just smiled and looked down.

Her dad came to the door and greeted me. "Hello, sir." I said not knowing what else to say. "You can take all the time you want for the tour but remember that she might get a little crazy when you let her free!" He said with a chuckle. "Dad!" She said. I smiled. "Well I guess we'll be going. Thank you sir!" I said. "Anytime! Good bye, louis. Alright well, good bye, cadence." He said giving her a hug. "Byee!!" She said.

He closed the door when we were out and we talked. "So where to first?" I asked. "I'm not sure, you're the tour person aren't you?! Haha well later on can we visit a friend?" She said. "Guessing the crazy friend?!" I said. She laughed and said yes. She's cute when she laughs. Louis! Stop!

So we went to a lot of places and it was really fun. We blasted music and all this stuff. We were eating a lot of chips! And I mean a lot! It was 12 and I drove to some place. "Whatcha wanna eat?" I said. "Anything really." She said. "Just pick! I hate picking." I said.

"Then Mexican food I guess! Or candy!" She said. "No! No candy! You were way to hyper without it!!" I said laughing. She laughed along. "Fine then nothing." She said. "Mexican food then??" I said. "Does Mexican candy count." She said trying to get candy. "Fine both." I said letting her have the candy. "Yay! Thanks louis!!" She said. I smiled and ordered Mexican food and we ate.

We got the candy and we went back to the car and I continued the fun tour. It was 1, and we were driving to her friend's house. She doesn't know we're coming but we apparently know her address because she told cadence that if she comes someday she goes the that address or something.

We walked to the door but before we reached there she stopped and I stopped after her. "What's wrong?" I asked. She looked at me and said, "I'm scared. What if it's not a good time. Or if she doesn't remember me or if one of her parents answer and they forgot about me so they don't re-" "Shh, cadence. It'll be alright cadence. I promise and I'm here to say anything if you blank out alright? Don't worry if your scared you can always tell me." I said interrupting her. She looked down and then looked at me and smiled. "Alright, thank you louis." She said. I smiled and said "anytime."

We walked together and I wrong the bell. She was right beside me. Both her hands were holding my arm, because she was sadly scared. I felt so bad for her.

The door didn't open. We heard yelling. "SOMETIMES YOU WANT ME TO LEAVE DON'T YOU MOM?! WELL MAYBE I WILL! UGH!!!"

Cadence started shaking. She looked at me and I looked back at her. She was so scared. I looked at her and said "Do you wan-" cadence let go of my arm and ran to the car.

She was crying so hard. She couldn't go in because it was locked. I put my arms near her shoulder and then lowered my arms to her hands. "Cadence?" I said. She started sniffling. "Y-yes.." She said. "What's wrong? I know you heard yelling but why's that bad. I mean all kids say that to their " "parents? Well I have one.long time ago we made a deal." She said. "I'm so sorry, cadence. I really am." I said. "Also, if she's mad then she won't obviously wanna talk to me." She said. "Shh, of course she does." I said putting my finger in front of hers, shushing her.

She put her hands around my waist and....she hugged me.

Wait what.

What is going on.

I hugged her back and she put her head on my shoulder. "I'm sorry for bothering you though." She said. "You never bothered me." I said.

We went in the car and she still didn't let go of my arm. I was driving with one hand but it'll be fine. "Wanna go back home or.." I said. "Can we go to your place actually." She said. "Alright. I don't think is home but she's not home much so it'll be fine. Why though." I asked. "Just wanted to go, because I don't wanna go home." She said.

I started driving home and when we reached there she was so tired. When we were at my home I opened the door and we went to the couch. I hurried and made popcorn and all and I told her I would be right back.

I ran to my room and "cleaned" it. I just hid a lot of things. It didn't take long but it wasn't 100% clean but boys room are never clean.

I ran back and told her if she wants to go to my room. She said alright. She went and I brought the Mexican candy, chips, and cupcakes because she might want some.

"Aw thank you louis." She said. "Anytime. So what movie?" I said. "Any." She said. "Alright lets just go on netflix and pick something." I said.

We picked a disney movie because they're short and there was nothing else. After the movie ended I noticed she was asleep. Aw. I took a picture because she looked adorable. I ended up falling asleep too.

I woke up near 4 and she was near me. Like next to me. Like really close. I slowly got up a bit and checked my phone. 7 text messages. Shoot.

1.) Mom: hey i won't be home for a while.

2.) Mom: do you want anything though?

3.) Mom: louis?

4.) Zayn: hey ya wanna come over?

5.) Niall: hey I'm going to zayn's house and he doesn't know if your comin.

6.) mom: lou?

7.) zayn: mate?

I texted my mom first.

Me: alright. Sorry I fell asleep.

Mom: oh okay. Are you still with cadence?

Me: yeah.

Mom: is she asleep?

Me: yup.

Mom: alright I'll see you tonight.

Me: okay, bye mum.

Now zayn.

Me: oh when though. Ive been with Cadence since 9 so yeah. I gave her a tour and then she ended up falling asleep.

Zayn: oh okay. It's okay and anytime really.

Me: alright I'll see.

Finally, niall.

Me: hey niall, I might come. Not sure, I'm with cadence.


Cadence's POV:

I woke up near louis. I got up and just looked around. Wait what's going on.

Oh right. I fell asleep after the disney movie.

"Hey, cadence. Finally awake, huh?" Louis said. I smiled and nodded my head. "So what are you doing." I asked. "Just on twitter." He said. "Since when did you socialize! I mean last night, you barley did anything but go on your phone!" I said.

He smiled and said "oh so it's me? Like I'm the one who doesn't socialize. Youre the one who was on your phone when we were in the car, couch, maybe when I was at friend's house." He said. "I'm new here what else would I do you idiot!" I said. "Oh shut up." He said getting a pillow and hitting me. I smiled and hit him back.

Pillow fight! C:

I landed on top of him. Not in that way. I just won....

He turned around and he ended up going on too of me. Awkward. He ended up hitting me with his pillow. Thanks louis.

"Louis!" I said! "Cadence!!!" He said mocking me. His phone started to ring. "Who is it?" I asked. "Zayn. The dude who's house we went to." He said. "Oh okay." I said.

Louis's POV:

I picked up the phone. "Hey Lou, you wanna come over?" Zayn said. "Uh I'm not sure. Cadence is with me." I said. "Ooo I see where this is going." He said. I can easily see him smiling. "When will you ever get more mature." I said rolling my eyes. "Mate you're the one who needs to know what mature even means." Zayn said. "Oh shut up." I said.

"Anyways, Ask her if she wants to come over then?" Zayn said. "I can't just ask if she wants to. It's our tour thing day." I said. I looked over at cadence and she was on her phone. "Mate just do it." Zayn said.

"Alright I'll put you on hold." I said.

I placed the phone down and asked Cadence. "Umm sure I guess." Cadence said. "You don't have to." I said. "No it's alright." she said. "You won't really know what's gonna go on so it's okay." I said. She smiled.

I picked up my phone. "Back." I said. "So what did she say." Zayn said. "She said...well we both agreed that it'll be okay to miss today. She won't have a clue on what's going on, zayn so I'll see you later. Alright?" I said. "Alright, louis. Bye, see you later." He said. "Bye." I said. I hung up and looked at cadence and smiled. She looked cute on her phone.

"So where to?" I said. She looked up and shrugged."aren't you the person who's supposed it tell where's where. I mean you are giving me a tour." She said. I laughed and she laughed along. "Alright, well I know exactly what to do." I said with an evil laugh. Muahahaha

She looked and me weirdly and said, "what is it this time!" She said throwing a pillow at me. "Not telling. Lets get in the car though." I said.

We walked to that car and she kept asking what we'll do. I wouldn't tell one bit.

I drove to the nearest lake. I'm glad she wasn't wearing something fancy. Just shorts and a plain shirt.

I made her close her eyes so she wouldn't know where we were. We were right next to the lake and I pushed her in. "Louis!" She screamed.

I laughed so hard but she grabbed my arm and pulled me in. We were both soaking wet. We both continued to laugh. I went behind her secretly and carried her and dropped her in the water.

We played for about thirty minutes until she said, "you realize I have nothing to wear now right?" "No you do. I brought extra clothes. You can wear one of my shirts." I said. She smiled and nodded her head. We went back to my car and I pulled out a shirt and two tank top from some bag. "Which one?" I said holding a marvel shirt and a white tank that had a black square in the middle and just a blue tank that has the nike logo.

"Any." She said. "Well, finally a girl who doesn't care. Either it's not girly enough, or ew tanks!!!" I said mocking some girls. "Girls say that to you?" She asked. "No, I don't go on dates or anything like that much. My friends tell me." I said. "Oh okay." She smiled. I think she likes the idea of me not dating much.

"Well, I'll just take the white one with the black square." She said picking a random one. "Someone has good taste." I said smiling because that one is my favorite. She smiled and took the shirt. "Where do I change?" She asked. "Um if you want you try to change in the car. I can cover up the windows to make sure no one looks." I said having no other choice. "Alright thanks." She said. She went in the car and changed.

"Louis?" She said after 2 minutes. "Yea?" I said. "Where do I put my wet clothes and what do I wear for my pants or jeans." She said. "I have some sweats and shorts if you want any of them." I said. "Alright thanks and where do I put my clothes?" She said. "You can put it in the bag that had the dry clothes." I said.

"Alright thank you." She said. I smiled. I bet she would pick the sweats. She seems to not care about what she wears. I would so want her to be happy and go to her friends house but that wouldn't be a good idea right now.

She got out the car and she looked really pretty. "Wow even if with sweats and a tank you look pretty." I mumbled. She starting blushing and looked down. "Thanks." She said. I smiled and said I'll go change now.

I changed real quick and got out. "So where to?" She asked. "Anywhere you want." I said. "I don't know this place much." She said. "True. Can I ask you a question it's a bit personal but-" "go ahead." She said. I smiled and nodded. "What was the deal you made with your friend?" I asked.



"Don't tell anyone please?" She said.

"Promise." I said.

"Thank you." she said.

"Since I have one parent. Lauren said she would try her best to not lose her mom like me. Or her dad. Either way. I told her that if she fights with her mom or dad it'll be fine but just not to far like leaving the house. Remember what she said when we went there? Well that's the limit. She told me that when we are both older which is now, she would promise to not cause the dumb fights and that we would always visit each other when we can. I try to visit her today but she broke the deal. I mean I'm not mad at her I just don't want her life to be like mine. I mean I know it's not the best reason slash excuse but it still hurts to see them fighting.i just get worried a lot." She said.

"I'm so sorry, Cadence. I- I didn't know." I said.

"It's okay and of course. I'm glad to let it out though. Thanks for listening." She said. I gave her a hug and she hugged me back.

"Do you wanna go back?" I asked.

"Now it would be nice. So yes please. Thank you louis." She said.

I smiled and nodded.

I drove the her friend's house. We walked to the door together and I told her everything will be fine before I rung the doorbell.

The door opened and Lauren's mom was there. "Cadence?!" She said. "Yup! I missed you guys." Cadence said. She went in for a hug. "And who's this?" She said. " friend. He lives near us." Cadence said. I smiled and she introduced me. "Nice to meet you." I said giving her a handshake.

"Come in, come in!" She said. We both smiled and went inside. "So do you want anything?" Lauren's mom said. "No it's okay." We both said. "Where's Lauren?" Cadence asked...


I don't wanna see how this goes.

"Oh..right. Umm she's not here right now.." She said.

After a couple of minutes we heard something. It was like someone fell. "Who was that?" I said because I knew it was Lauren.

"Umm nothing." She said. "Lauren's here isn't she?" Cadence said. Lauren's mom sighed and nodded she pointed upstairs and telling us to go up and talk to her. we nodded and walked up.

We were on the stairs alone. "You okay?" I asked. "No not at all. This didn't go the way I wanted. I'm so sorry for making you do this louis." She said. "Shh, it's alright. I'm here for you, okay?" I said giving her a hug. "Thank you." She said. I wiped that one tear off her cheek.

She pointed to the door Lauren was supposedly in. I knocked on it. "What!!!" Lauren shouted.

Cadence just opened the door after that.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT MO-" she said turning around and then realized who it was.

"Cadence..OMG IM SO SORRY! I thought it was my mom and I just..I missed you so much!" She said running towards cadence and giving her a huge hug.

"Who's this?" She said pointing to me. "I'm her neighbor and friend. Louis." I said. "Oh! Nice to meet you, Louis!!" She said giving me a hug. I hugged her back. "She likes hugs...and meeting people." Cadence whispered.

"So what happened here? We heard you fall." She said.

"Nothing. I was cleaning up." She lied.

Cadence sat on her bed while I sat on the chair next to her.

"Okay that's it. Louis and me went here earlier and rung the bell. But from outside we heard yelling. I cried and all that. You know the deal!! Why'd you do it! I told you I don't want things that happened to me happen to you! You know how much I love you as a best friend. And as a sister! You know how much I cry! You know how easy it is to hurt me! Why Lauren! Why this time! You know I'm here so why now!" She said bursting into tears. I got up and calmed her down.

"Cadence shh it's okay. I promise it'll be okay." I said and wiping her tears. She gave me a hug.

"Cadence....I'm sorry alright?! I couldn't handle it! It was so hard! I mean I just. dad lost his job a while ago. And now he's working at his new job. It's not his official job yet the people are seeing how good he is and right now I'm struggling to know how good he's doing and he called me that I need to cook dinner because moms to busy and After that I asked with what and he just said with business. But I knew she wasn't busy and I care about them so much so I just went to spy on what she did and she ended up looking for another job so now i know she lost her job. And what you heard is me asking why she didn't tell me and she said just go to your room it's none of my business and I wanted to leave so it'll be easier for them but for some reason I shouted "you just want me to leave don't you." And all that. Now she thinks ill actually be leaving." She said.

"If you did where would you go?" Cadence asked

"I dunno. Maybe look for a friend. Probably go to one of my friend's house for a while. But now your here..." She said giving a clue.

"Of course you can come to my house.i mean it takes a while to move everything in so it's dirty but...yeah." She said. "Well thank you." Lauren said.

After about 30 minutes of Lauren and cadence talking about the fight Lauren finally said "I won't leave. I'll try not to." "Yes good! Thank you!" Cadence said giving Lauren a hug.

"I think it's a good time to go. Sorry. I have to take cadence somewhere." Louis said. "Again? Better not be something dealing with water." She said. I smirked and said no it isn't.

"Well I guess this is it. I'll talk to you tomorrow alright?" She said. "Alright. I'll go down with you." Lauren said.

All three of us walked downstairs. "Going already?" Lauren's mom said. "Yeah, I have a lot to do." Cadence said. "Alright. Visit anytime." She said. "Alright. Good bye! Thank you." Cadence said. They exchanged hugs and us there left to the door.

"Bye, Lauren! I'll see when we can hang out." Cadence said.

"Alright, bye...ribbit....." She said.

She smiled and gave her the tightest hug. "Bye chirp..." Cadence said.

What the...

"Bye Louis!!!!" Lauren said.

Okay then.

"Bye, Lauren!" I said.

We walked to the car and I drove her to a restaurant.

"What. No louis you did enough for me. You bought me lunch and all this stuff it's okay." She said.

"No! I'll buy the dinner it's okay!" I said.

"Fine. Last time." She said.

"Maybe." I said.

"Do you like Chinese food?" I said.

"Yes!" She said.


"Hello! How many for today?" The waiter person...said.

"2." I said.

"Okay follow me." She said.

We followed her and we sat at a table that was near the corner.

"Thank you." Cadence said.

The waiter nodded and gave our menus.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"I'll just take shrimp and rice together."

"Alright. I'll take salmon and rice."

"You ready?" A waiter said.

"Yes." I said.

"We'll take shrimp salmon and rice."

After a while we ate and blahhh

When it was 7 I took her back home.

"I had a really fun time today." She said.

"Great! I'm really glad you did. I had a fun time too. You ready to go home?" I asked.

"Not really.." She said.

"We can always go back to my place if you want." I said.

"Yes please." She said.

"Alright." I said.

We were like practically at her house since we live like so close to each other.

"I feel like we're just going to my house." She said. "Haha yeah." I said.

When we were there I asked her if she wanted to do anything.

"What do you like to do?" She said.

"It doesn't matter to me." I said.

"Umm what do you have that's fun?" She said.

"I have a skateboard, football, paint, video games. I mean football as in soccer. I'm not used to saying soccer." I said.

Authors note.

Sorry apparently movellas hates me so they won't let me write on this story. But now I can. Oh my god I hate my life.

I have to stop going on other things and write on movellas more. I love you all remember that <3 part 2 will be up asap

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