Secret Love

Cadence loves a boy who plays soccer/football but her Dad doesn't want her dating him. Why? Find out for yourself. Louis Tomlinson is the guy Cadence loves. How will they date, what will happen? Louis Tomlinson also loves her, as much as she loves him.


7. Liz, what's going on?

Cadences POV

I didn't know what to say.

What's going on.

What bad side.

No no no

I don't want to like a bad boy.

"Hello?" Liz said. "Huh? Sorry I was so confused with the bad boy stuff." I said honestly.

"It's fine." She said.

"Anyways, Lou liked this one girl named Beatrice. She still goes here and she's been bullied before. When he asked her out, she said no I'm with someone. He really loved her and sadly when she told him she loved him after she broke up with the dude, he told her he wasn't ready, it was really because he was nervous and had things going on. She got depressed over the hate and she harmed herself. She almost killed herself and yeah. People think he almost killed her but that's not true. Another reason why he has a bad rep is because he made out with a girl in the bathroom stall. We don't know why but it happened. He supposedly cheated on his "girlfriend" and-"

"Wait wait wait. He supposedly cheated by making out with someone? Or. And what do you mean 'girlfriend' ?" I said putting air quotation marks.

"Yeah and this girl told everyone she dated him. And another reason is the dumbest one. These are all dumb reasons on why he has a bad rep. He played soccer and liked the cheerleader captain and liked another two girls. People thought it was him being a player when really it's just having more than one crush. Stupid reasons" she said sighing.

I nodded and we got back to work.

Why would she be worried I would hurt him though. I wanted to ask.

"Liz...?" I asked. She looked up and said yeah. "Can I ask you something about Louis." I said. She nodded and said "shoot." "Why are you nervous I'll hurt him then." I asked. "Oh. Right. He lost his longest girlfriend. They dated for a year and a half until she had to move. He didn't eat, didn't do anything for a long time. She broke up with him in the beginning of summer break. She didn't know she was moving but if she did she would break up sooner so he can get over it. He didn't eat or do anything for most of the summer. He really loved her but everyone thought he broke up with her because he "hates" long distance relationships. Blah blah blah. Pathetic.oh and he got called to the office a lot the next year because he wouldn't go to class because he wasn't over her and yeah. " She said. I nodded and told her, "I might as well be honest with you but I do like him."

"I knew it!" She said.

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