Secret Love

Cadence loves a boy who plays soccer/football but her Dad doesn't want her dating him. Why? Find out for yourself. Louis Tomlinson is the guy Cadence loves. How will they date, what will happen? Louis Tomlinson also loves her, as much as she loves him.


8. I love her

Louis' pov

I stared at her during art for a while. She seems so nice and beautiful. I wanna see her real side too. If this is her real side then I love her a lot. If it isn't. It's okay she's not comfy with showing her real side yet. Either way. I still love or like her.

The bell rang and I walked with Matt and Cadence. We had the same science class. "I'm nervous." She said. "Don't be it'll be fine." I said looking at her and smiling. "I really hope so." She mumbled.

So the whole basic regular stuff happened when a new student comes. And yeah.

Next she had pe and I had English. I walked her to pe and I told her " the girls are over dramatic with their nails so you'll be fine since your not like that. Good luck. I-" I told her. I almost said i love you umm what. "I- I have to go. Bye cadence." I said sighing. She said bye & I walked to English. I kept thinking of her.

Cadences pov

Pe was interesting. A girl was from my science class. "Hey cadence right?" She said. "Yeah. You?" I asked. "Megan." she said. And we started to talk.

"So you and Louis huh?" She asked. I nodded and said "no way!" I said wishing it was yes way. "Haha, a lot of girls like his looks. He only has eyes for none. Unless he likes you." She said. I wish.

"Nah. He's just a friend." I said. :(

Another girl walked to me. "Heard your friends with Louis." She said. I nodded and said "yeah. why?" I asked nicely. She shook her head and said "nothing. So what's your name." She asked.

"Cadence you?" I asked. "Beatrice." She said.


Well then. So we all played volleyball and then I changed into my clothes and waited outside. I didn't know where Louis was so I might wait for Megan or Beatrice.

"Oh hey cadence didn't see you there. Wanna hang out for lunch?" Megan said coming out. "Umm maybe. If I have no one to be with." I said smiling. She nodded and left.

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