Secret Love

Cadence loves a boy who plays soccer/football but her Dad doesn't want her dating him. Why? Find out for yourself. Louis Tomlinson is the guy Cadence loves. How will they date, what will happen? Louis Tomlinson also loves her, as much as she loves him.


6. Art Class

Cadences POV

New schools terrify me. ugh. They all have the same drama.

Same girls.

Same teachers

Same food

Same boys.

Well this one has one boy that's different....

Anyways it's always the same. Oh look I see a couple making out. Gosh this must be make art with bodies then turn into babies class instead. Dear lord.

"Hi mr.williams. This is cadence...." Louis said to the man with a art thing on.

"Oh hello cadence. I'm mr.williams and as you can see this is art class. Pleased to meet you." He said. I said whatever tf I had to say and we went to our seats.

"Okay..class! Everyone say hi to our new student cadence! She seems to be nice but she's with Louis so...." He said jokingly.

Everyone started to laugh and I just stay there awkwardly. What else was I supposed to do. What was that supposed to mean anyways...

Louis laughed a little bit but kinda seemed afraid? but then he rolled his eyes.

We walked over to a group of people. Well just three people. One girl two boys. "Hey Louis. So your new girlfriend?" The girl said smirking.

"No! She lives near me and i gave her a tour. Jesus." He said rolling his eyes.

I just smiled and looked down at my feet.

"Your making this awkward, Liz." The guy said.

"Anyways...this is Elizabeth a.k.a Liz. This is loser #1..." Louis said while "loser #1" rolled his eyes.

"The name's Matt." Matt said. "And I'm Colton." The other guy said. I'm smiled and said my name.

I sat near Louis not knowing what else to do.

"Okay! Class! Were gonna continue our project of our birdhouse. If you passed the blueprint well good job for you. You have free time." The teacher said.

"And Louis, Liz, and Mason one has to leave to go with Cadence." He said.

Who's mason... "I'll leave." Liz said while Louis went to mason. Aw. Well I'll get to know Liz then.

But who's mason.

I saw who louis went to and it was some brunette guy who looked kinda mean. And he had those football varsity jacket things. Bet he's a jerk.

Anyways Liz came up to me and we worked on our blueprint.

"So you and the Lou-ster?" She said.

"I'm guessing you mean Lou so no way. He doesn't like me nor do I like him." I said lying.

"Alrighty. But hey if he does start to like you don't hurt him. Please." She said. I looked over to him. He looked like he was looking at us and then turned quickly. "Why. I mean I won't but why." I asked. "You know his bad side and all. I know he has a bad re-" "what? What bad rep. What bad side." I said.

"Aw crap. You don't know?....." She said

"No..." I said awkwardly.

"Louis has a bad rep and it's all because-"

authors note!

haha sorry guys I had to.

Sorry I haven't updated in forever. I don't know I used to LOVE writing but I got insecure about writing so yeah. sorry ily.

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