Secret Love

Cadence loves a boy who plays soccer/football but her Dad doesn't want her dating him. Why? Find out for yourself. Louis Tomlinson is the guy Cadence loves. How will they date, what will happen? Louis Tomlinson also loves her, as much as she loves him.


4. Alone¿?

*louis's pov*

I didn't want to like her.

I just didn't want to. But I do.

I mean I just don't wanna suffer being alone again.

Being left.

I don't wanna exactly be taken. But if I had to I would pick her.

She's just everything.




But maybe she was doing that because i was giving her a tour.

Who knows.

The next day:

I went over to her house at about 11:30 am

Her dad opened the door.

"Oh hello louis! Come inside!"he said.

"Hello sir. How's the house" I said walking in.

"Good so far I mean it's tiring but you know it's worth it. Cadence is in the kitchen making lunch you can go with her I have a lot to do." He said.

"Alright thank you sir." I said

"No problem but you don't have to call me sir." He said.

I nodded and went to the kitchen.

I was lost but it was easy after a while.

"Cadence?" I said.

She turned around.

"Oh hi!!" She said.

"Hey. Whatcha gonna make." I asked pointing to the plate of nothing.

"Just sandwiches. I might make pasta though." She said.

"Pasta seems more of a dinner thing." I said.

"Sandwiches it is then!" She said and got all the items.

"Thanks." She said.

I nodded.

"It'll be awkward if I don't make you one so what kind do you want." She said.

"Nah it's cool." I said.

"Please! my dad will give me a huge lecture about being nice to guests if I don't!" she said.

"Anything then." I said laughing at how she didn't want a lecture.

"Shut up!" She said laughing and throwing a slice of ham on me.

"Gee thanks!" I said laughing and throwing it back to her.

She shook her head and went to go wash her hands and got started.


"So you guys gonna hang out today?" Her dad said.

"Umm maybe. If cadence isn't busy than most likely" I said shrugging and started to eat my sandwich.

"Awh sorry Louis I'm gonna help with the boxes. Maybe if I finish early we can-"

"I can help! I don't mind. I'm not doing anything so it'll be pretty boring at my place." I said just wanting to make an excuse to hang out with her.

"Aha. Well only if you want to." Her dad said.

I nodded my head and we all finished lunch.

"Well you guys can start with any of the boxes except the one with blue writing. Those are what I have to sort through." He said

We nodded and went to cadences room.

"So which boxes do you wanna get started with.

"Anything." I said.

"Well I'll go put the empty boxes outside but you can get started on that box. It has my jewelry holders and pictures. Just hang the jewelry thing on my wardrobe and the pictures on my shelf thing." She said and left with like 5 boxes.

Her pictures were pretty interesting.

She looked cute in every single one of them. A note fell off. I wanted to read it but it was to just personal business stuff. It'd be rude.

As I put the pictures on the shelf her journal fell. Journal?

No idea she kept one. It had a lock. I wonder what she keeps in there that's so personal it has a lock.

I really wish if she wrote something about me. But why would she like me.

"Hey. I'm back." She said opening the door.

"Oh, hey." I said smiling.

"Sorry for taking long." She said.

"It's okay it wasn't long." I said.

She started to help me out. She seemed so happy but sad at the time. "Something wrong?" I asked.

"No I just remember all the good times with all these friends." She said sighing.

"You'll get to visit them soon. I'm sure of it. When you go back they'll all remember you. You will never be replaced. True friends will always remember you. It'll be fine. I promise." I said smiling.

She smiled and gave me a hug."thanks Lou. I needed that. I'm glad I have you here now."

I smiled and hugged her back.

After a while she dug into the box and gasped. "oh my god. I remember this. I used to love taking photos and videos with this." She said holding a camera.

"I wonder if it works." She said while going next to me and taking a photo without me knowing. "Cadence!" I said laughing. "One picture won't hurt you idiot." She said laughing and looking at the photo. "Perfect" she said showing me.

"Delete it!!" I said

She started to laugh harder. "What?!" I said.

"YOU SOUND LIKE A GIRL OH MY GOD" she said crying tears of laughter

I flipped her over, and laughing trying to get the camera from her.

"No!!" She said standing up and trying to run away. I blocked the door.

"C'mon Cadence!" I said.

"Louis!" She said.

"that's it." I said running after her and starting tickling her.

She started laughing so hard.

"Lo-Louis!" She said trying to stop me.

"Delete the photo!" I said.

"Only if you promise to stop tickling me and take a photo." She said.

"Fine!" I said getting up laughing

She deleted it and we retook the photo.

"Sorry but Where's the bathroom?" I said.

She stood up and pointed to it and I nodded.

I texted Niall.

Me: it's official

Niall: really?! That's great I'm real happy for you!!

Me: no no no not like that. It's official, I like her. A lot.

Niall: oh. wryd now didn't you say you were going to her place.

Me: yeah. I'm pretending to go to the bathroom.

Niall: go back. Don't take to long it'll seem like you pooped.

Me: okay okay! Bye

Niall: bye

I walked back to her room and she was on the phone. I didn't go in I stayed outside because it'll be awkward walking in.

I didn't wanna eavesdrop though...crap.

"Yeah I know..." She said.

"I don't know what to do now. I keep blushing and laughing with him. I don't want to keep liking him. I'll feel friend zoned." She said again.

Please tell me she's talking about me.

"Alright. I think he's gonna be back soon. I'll talk to you later Lauren. I'll try I visit again. Byee chirp." There goes that chirp thing again.

She hung up and I waited for two minutes and walked in.

"Hey sorry I took long. My umm my mom texted me." I said making an excuse

"It's okay." She said smiling.

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