Heirs of Destruction

Two millennia ago, five special children were born with the ability to control matter. Then called magic, these five children were blessed with immortality. Now, as five of the most successful people on the planet, a new threat emerges. They are forced to reveal their powers, or watch as humanity is destroyed.



3. Trojan Horse

Chapter 3

Trojan Horse


June 18


I stepped into my office sweet rather tired the next morning. The retrieval was a bit more difficult than we had planned for, but it was nothing we couldn't handle. I sat down at my desk, spun my chair around, and viewed the early morning sky. This time of year was always amazing. Very sunny, and very hot. The heat was exactly what I needed. Even after two millennia of being away from the could northern regions of the world, I still remember how terribly I hated the cold. 

After about a half an hour of thinking, designing, and planning, a knock was at my door. I told them to come in, but didn't bother to look up immediately. I was currently finishing up the final plans for the finale at the Fayre-Lee Press Conference. The conference was an annual event at which my sister, the others, and I revealed the latest technology scheduled for release from our company. 

I heard the woman in front of me clear her throat, and I begrudgingly looked up, not wanting to stop. Before me stood Lieutenant Roberts, our head of security, and the leader of the retrieval last night. I then recalled that I scheduled her to report to me this morning. 

"Ah, Lieutenant, I forgot of the report this morning. So, what became of the computer? Did Tobias and his assistants get it running?" I asked sternly, making sure I sounded professional. I liked to keep an air of mystery about me to intimidate people. I did not wish a mortal to get close to me. It would be, simply put, very risky. 

"Good, Mr. Fayre. Mr. Lee and his assistants have the device running beautifully. We can now control many of our rivals resources," she reported, slightly cautious around me. I nodded. 

"Excellent. That will be all, Lieutenant. Return to your duties." She nodded, turned, and walked to the door. At the doorway, she hesitated. 

"Um, Mr. Fayre? May I, uh, ask you something?" She requested nervously. I cocked an eyebrow at her, nodding slowly. She composed herself, and said, "The other night. When you were attacked, I... I saw something peculiar."

"And what might that be, Lieutenant?" I asked her, knowing what she saw. 

"You-you're not... Normal, are you? None of you are, are you? Your sister, Mr. Lee, the others?"

I chuckled darkly. "There are some things, Lieutenant," I said, holding up finger to my lips, and lighting the tip on fire. "That are better left unsaid," I said mysteriously, blowing the light of my fingertip out. 

She nodded nervously. "Yes sir. Sorry to bother you, Mr. Fayre." And with that, she left rapidly. 

I pondered if anyone else had suspicions. If they did, everything would go to dust. There would be mass mayhem if they knew what we were capable of. This was at the back of my mind as I worked for the rest of the day. 


Three hours before the conference, at about five, I received a call. Again, it was Tobias. "Dante," he said. "The computer seems to be working smoothly. A little too smoothly. It's almost as if they wanted us to get into it."

I thought for a moment. "Thanks Toby. Keep an eye on it though. The Conference is tonight, and it needs to run smoothly. This doesn't sit well with me." 

"Alright, will do. Finish the designs for the Conference. We'll meet there in two hours," he replied, and hung up. 

I planned my presentation of our newest creations. First, we would present minor devices, such as the newest computer, an enhanced earpiece, able to transmit over extreme distances, etcetera. Next, we kicked in the big ones, such as the EMPR (Electro Magnetic Propulsion Rod). As a running joke, the others and I refer to it as the Emperor's Scepter, or just the Scepter.

Second, we would present the AMBS Titan, a mechanical suit with hydraulic and magnetic pistons to increase lifting power tenfold. We would deal it to organizations like fire departments, construction companies, and EMT's to help move heavy objects easily. 

Lastly, we would unleash the biggest technological creation of our lives. We had yet to name it, but it was extremely important. We had two models. First, the Drake, a mech-frame that molds flexible metal plates over the user. This alloy that makes up the suit is conduction resistant, making delving into extreme heat easy. 

The second model was the Thunderbird, a mech frame with special wires running through it, that when activated, released an extreme voltage. It was powered by whatever energy was accessible, and was able to tap into foreign sources of energy to power itself. On the feet, it contains the same propulsion force as the Scepter, allowing the user to hover over objects at a maximum of fifteen feet. This allowed easy access rooftops for electrical work, and could be used effectively in combat.

All of these combined, I believed, would lead to our best Conference so far. I finished my planning, sat back, and relaxed. I knew that I wouldn't be able to relax after the conference starts.


The evening came and went, and now it was time to start the Press Conference. I stood alone at the entrance to center stage. There were five entrances set around the semicircular stage, all of which would be used by one of us five. To the left, Cari and Addison would enter, and to the right, Tobias and Icarus would enter. 

For the Conference, which was like a vegas show, I wore a black suit, with a red dress shirt underneath. Tobias wore the same with a green shirt, and Icarus with a white one. Cari and Addison were dressed in long blue and black ball gowns, respectively. 

Soon, over my earpiece, and heard a voice say, "T minus 10 seconds," and in the venue I heard the announcer say, "And now, your host for tonight, Dante Fayre himself." I smiled to myself and whispered, "Go time," and walked out onto stage. There was an ocean of applauding business men and technological geniuses who had come to review our releases.

I smiled, and repeated 'thank you' until the crowd quieted down. I paused for a moment, and then started my presentation. 

"Well, look at this turnout!" I stated, trying to start off on a light note. "Well everybody, we all know why you're here tonight; to see our greatest advancements in weaponry and technology. First off, we will start with our newest line of household technology. Here to reveal all of that for us, ladies and gentlemen, Tobias Lee," I announced, and Tobias stepped out from my right side, repeating 'thank you' as I did. This wasn't our first rodeo, and we had our ways to woo the crowd.

I walked to return to my curtain, but as I did, an unnatural hush fell over the crowd. I turned, and saw they were all staring at the jumbotron above the center stage. On the screen was the silhouette of a man. Soon, a voice came over the loudspeaker, announcing, "Hello, Dante, Tobias. It's odd seeing you here. I believe you have something of mine in your possession. Tobias made it painstakingly easy to control your systems by hooking it up to your company's mainframe. And I sat here thinking he was a technical genius," he taunted.

Tobias was extremely angry at this phantom of a man. I could see his hand sparking, and yelled his name. His hand turned down, but his anger remained.

The man continued. "You five. You're like a ticking time bomb. Overconfident. Greedy. We all know that you will cause each other to fall. All I aim to do is make that time bomb tick a little faster." Cari, Addison, and Icarus emerged from the back during his speech, and they were as furious as Toby and I. We knew that computer was troubling, but did nothing of it. And now we paid the price.

"Here are my demands. Return to me my computer. Personally. Every one of you. Or there will be... Unfortunate consequences." Then, the jumbotron shut off leaving black. My earpiece then activated, and I heard his voice again. "If you do not meet my demands in the next three days, I will reveal all of you. What you can do. You are titans. And the bigger they are, the harder they fall." At this, the mystery man turned off my earpiece.

I looked to my partners. Tobias and Icarus were furious. Addison was thinking hard, and Cari and I both were planning on murder, I could tell. "Tobias, Cari, Icarus, Addison, we have a Trojan Horse. I repeat, we have a Trojan Horse."

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