Heirs of Destruction

Two millennia ago, five special children were born with the ability to control matter. Then called magic, these five children were blessed with immortality. Now, as five of the most successful people on the planet, a new threat emerges. They are forced to reveal their powers, or watch as humanity is destroyed.



2. The Raid

Chapter Two

The Raid


June 17th, 2023



We stood on the deck of the Knoxville, waiting to depart on the raid. The sun was now just a sliver on the horizon as we prepared to mobilize. We were still clothed in the same business attire as usual, because we didn't require much physical movement to retrieve the computer. As we stood on the deck, a light breeze came over us, ruffling my blonde, styled hair.

Soon, the pod finished prepping, and we entered, on our way down to Babylon Tower again, but this time, we descended into the garage. Inside were hundreds of cars, ranging from motorcycles to sports cars to armored vans. The latter was what was required tonight. We brought with us a small team of five bodyguards, not that we would need them. They would just be watching over the transport with Icarus.

We stepped out of the pod, and it turned around, and flew through the vertical entrance designed for it. Icarus left to board the transport helicopter. The plan was to eliminate the threats, then Icarus swoops in, lifts the tech, and, viola, we have one of the greatest hacking computers known to man. 

I led the other three to the van, and we were greeted by our five guards. The Lieutenant saluted me, saying something about what an honor it was to be assigned to protect me. I waved him off, and said, "We don't wanna waste any time, kid. Get in the van, and lets move." 

We drove for about twenty minutes to the docks, where the warehouse was. The plan was to go in, kill all life, and take the computer. This was an easy one. The five we were with were adjusting their guns, checking their clips, and all around just fidgety. 

I knew they were experts though, all five. They were all young, but extremely gifted warriors. While they knew they weren't getting any frontline experience on this, they thought of it as very high stakes. But I guess once you've been training for two thousand years, you don't really get anxious any more.

The lieutenant, who was the lead soldier here, called to us from the driver's seat, saying, "T minus one minute, boys and girls. Get ready." I nodded to him, and prepared to hop out of the van. Soon, the car skidded to a halt in a back alley, and I swung the doors open. I and the other three hopped out, dusted ourselves off, and strolled to the entrance to the warehouse.

As far as we could see, the only entrance was a large garage door. Not even an obstacle. I super heated the molecules in my palms. At this point, I could very well melt any substance I came into contact with. I placed my hands on the garage door, and the metal melted away immediately. I circled them around, making the outline of a doorway big enough to fit me, and kicked the metal. The cut out fell on the ground making a loud clang.

I walked through my makeshift doorway, the edges still steaming in the cold, misty night. When we entered, we heard yelling, and a couple of gun clicks. I looked right, and saw an electrical box with insulated wire running atop the ceiling into the lights. 

"This really is just too easy," I muttered under my breath. "Toby, do your thing." He nodded to me, put his hand on the box, and sent a surge large enough to kill a buffalo through the wires. The light fixtures all throughout the warehouse exploded. I turned to Cari. She nodded, and held out her hands. I felt the air get much colder around us. 

Cari was using the water vapor in the air to find heat signatures. She looked to Addison and pointed down the third row of crates. She nodded, and sprinted down the row. I heard a loud snap, a scream, and then silence. Cari looked at me. 

"Only two more guys, Dante. This seems too easy," she said, sounding concerned. I had had the same thought. There were not enough guards here. Something was... off.

Addison came back from the third row, a corpse's neck in her grip. We all looked condescendingly at her for bringing him over here. She just smiled deviously and looked to Cari for another signature. Cari pointed two rows over, and Addison sprinted down there. Another snap, a scream, and Addison came back yet again, but this time, without the corpse.

Cari led her down the last row, and another kill was made. We had cleared the warehouse, but it wasn't over yet. I lit a flame in my palm, illuminating the building. We walked down the central corridor through the racks and racks of equipment. I wished we could have it all, but I knew that it would cause more harm than good. Unless, of course, we scheduled a later clean out of the facility. A grin appeared on my face. This was a plan for another day. 

I led us through the aisle of equipment until we reached the end of the warehouse. The aisles all ended, and opened up into a large, cavernous room. And right in the center of it was the computer. It was massive, ten feet long and almost two feet thick. It was at least six inches taller than me, and Cari, Addison, and I stood in awe. Tobias, however, wasted no time. He dashed over to the monitor and started entering code, probably testing the computing power.

He whistled slowly. "Well, we got what we paid for," he joked. I nodded, and reached to my earpiece, activating my link to Icarus in the transport chopper. 

"Icarus, bring her in," I said over the com. In seconds I heard the whirring of helicopter blades above the warehouse ceiling. I raised my fist to the roof and shot a stream of flame at it in a large ring. As the stream of flame reached where it had begun, the large slab of metal started to fall towards the ground. Toby raised his palm and caught the slab with a magnetic field. He moved it over to the side and dropped it, emitting a very loud clang.

I now saw Icarus's helicopter eclipsing the moon above our heads. From the chopper dropped four steel magnetic wires. I walked over to them, and attached them to the top of the large computer one by one. As I finished, I pulled them to make sure they were secure, and climbed onto the top to protect it. The other three nodded to me, and left the way we came in to leave in the van. I felt the chopper lift the computer and I up into the night sky.

As Icarus accelerated, I felt the computer sway, making my stance unsteady as I held onto one of the wires. We headed back towards the tower rapidly, the air whipping at my suit jacket. As we flew, I realized that we were almost home free, just a mile or two to go. And right in that moment, things went downhill.

I heard a rocket rapidly approaching us. I turned to where it came from, and saw an RPG sailing straight for the chopper. Icarus barely dodged it, straight as another came flying in. I pinpointed where they came from, a truck on the street. From the back was multiple men with RPG's in their hands reloading after the volley they sent at us. I knew we were on our own, because our van drove ahead of us to prep for the delivery.

I ignited my hand, and grew the flame until it was the size of a basketball, and launched it straight for the truck. It barely missed, and left a newly formed crater in the ground. I ignited my hand again, just as a volley of rockets flew at us again. I heated my hand until a wall of flame appeared in front of me, and I launched it at the rockets. They exploded mid flight, and shrapnel rained down on the rooftops and street.

I then launched a final fireball at the truck, and this time, it struck home, making the truck explode in a plume of flame. I smiled grimly, knowing that the computer was safe. PR might have some explaining to do in the morning.


When we arrived at the tower, Icarus flew us up to the helipad to deposit the computer. Once it contacted the ground, I released the magnetic wires from it. I dismounted from the top of it, dusted off my suit, and activated my com. "Lieutenant Ramses," I said. "Begin cargo retrieval." I heard a confirmation from the com, and walked away from the cargo. With that, I entered the elevator to Babylon Tower. 

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