Heirs of Destruction

Two millennia ago, five special children were born with the ability to control matter. Then called magic, these five children were blessed with immortality. Now, as five of the most successful people on the planet, a new threat emerges. They are forced to reveal their powers, or watch as humanity is destroyed.



1. The Monarchs

Chapter One

The Monarchs


June 17th, 2023



I looked out the window, overlooking the vast skyline of New York. The afternoon sun presided over the horizon like a sentinel, keeping watch over every corner of every street. I was pondering the decisions put in front of me. There was a plan to perform a raid tonight, to obtain an object of great value to the research. The research of us. Obviously.

Us meant I, alongside four others. While our physical bodies remained at approximately twenty-five years old, we were far beyond that. My sister Cari and I hailed from the land of vikings, as most would stereotype it. We were from one of the southern ends of a Scandinavian country, but the details were... Fuzzy. I was named Dagr then, I remember.

All else I remember are slight details of my father. He was a large man, like most Norse men were, but he was scrawny by their standards. He was ingenious. A ship builder, the best in the business. He is long dead now, though, along with most of my memories. As this is the third millennium of my life, it seems right that my memories of the first millennium are very slim.

I activated my ear piece, and called Tobias. Tobias, too, was as thousands of years old, and like me, looked to be in his mid twenties. He was born in Korea under the name of Taewon Lee, but with the shift of western civilization to Europe and America not too long ago, he has been using this name. 

I heard ringing, followed by the voice of Tobias, or Toby, as we called him. "Dante," he said, "Have you made the decision?"

"Mission is ago, Toby. I'll leave Babylon Tower in five minutes. Wait for me at the Knoxville," I ordered. While Toby and I were equals, this was my call today. We planned to raid an illegal tech developer's warehouse, and steal his supercomputer that he has been using to hack into data networks across the globe. 

"Alright. Over and out."

I straightened my suit, looked out the window one last time, and turned to my desk. On it sat various papers, organized in accordance to priority, a few pens, and a single candle. The candle was simply for my entertainment. I smiled, concentrated, and the wick spontaneously caught fire. 


As I stood on the roof of Babylon Tower, the tallest building in America, and the home of our multi-trillion dollar empire, I waited for the Knoxville to land. The Knoxville, officially know as the KX45 Air Tower, was an invention of Tobias and Icarus from a few years ago. It was in development for about two years before it was put into use, but it was a pivotal point for our business. It allowed us to travel the world while living in, essentially, a luxury house.

Soon, I heard the quiet jets of the Knoxville approach the building. The Knoxville was about a thousand feet long, with six large pivoting jets adorning each side. In short, it was a flying aircraft carrier with a two story mansion on top. It hovered to a halt over the roof, casting a shadow over the city below. I saw a pod detach from the bottom of the aircraft. The pod looked like an armored bus, with jets keeping it aloft in the air. 

It sped down from the Knoxville, about a hundred feet above, to the landing pad in front of me. As soon as it landed, I strolled in, greeted by Icarus. He was dressed in a black suit, as I was, but wore a white shirt, instead of my red one. His brown, short-cropped hair blew in the wind from the turbines. His face was clean shaven, and he had a strong jaw. Women all fawned over Icarus like he was a king, a strong warrior sent from the heavens to save them.

He gripped my forearm and lifted me up into the cargo bay of the small aircraft. As we took off, Icarus sat there, staring into space, his steel-gray eyes stone cold. 

"Dante, I've been thinking," he said. "Why do we keep hidden? I mean, we are world renowned, but won't they start to notice when we don't age?"

While his concerns were valid, I shrugged them off. "We can play it off. Pretend to die in our mid thirties in a plane crash. Change our faces, and start up again."He nodded, but I could tell he was still troubled.

Soon, we reached the Knoxville. As we exited the pod onto the top deck, we were greeted by Tobias, Cari, and Addison, all of which I towered over. Icarus was truly the only one who could compete with me, height wise, at six feet. I still stood about three or four inches above him, though.

Addison, previously Adrea, was of Roman descent. She, like us, was born during the peak of the Roman Empire, and she lived in the heart of it. Her father was a politician, and she was raised very well educated.

She really hated the light. Her eyes had far more color receptors than a regular human's, so bright lights took a toll on her brain's optic nerves. She tried to stay in darkness, always sporting a pair of sunglasses, as she was today. She was dressed in a black dress reaching right above her knees. Her glossy black hair braided and swept over her shoulder.

Cari was dressed similarly, but in a deep blue instead of black. She let her blonde waves cascade down her back. Her blue-gray eyes glinted in excitement. Cari was much shorter than me, and had a slight build for speed but she also had surprising power. Swift like a river, strong like the tides. That was her motto. Tobias was dressed almost identically to Ike and I, but with a green shirt. His black hair was long, and brushed back, giving it a slightly coifed look. He had a small goatee on his chin, and a well groomed mustache above his lip. 

"Well, Dante," Toby said, smiling. "Welcome back to the Knoxville."

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