Reality Ruined My Life

(Niall Horan Fan Fic)
We all love to party right? what if you took it to another level. What if you had a 'one night stand' with an International popstar and you had to suffer the consequences of that action.
That's what it's like for Dahlia Fox. A good girl gone bad. What will she do? What decision will she make? read and find out.
(Hey guys this is my first Movella so i hope you like it let me know what you think)


1. Clubbing

Dahlia's POV

"Dahlia!" i heard Skyler call. Skylers my best friend and also my room mate we moved out when we were 16, were now both 17. "Yea"!, i yelled from upstairs. "Hurry up, were gunna be late". Skyler convinced me to go to this stupid party at a club. You see i'm not the most popular girl in school. I don't have many friends, or friends at all actually, apart from Sky of course. Sky wants me to go and have fun. how can i when no one likes me. I'm just the average girl who gets good grades and hardly ever parties but i'm willing to try. I put on a Black strapless dress that goes above the knees with a slit in the side that shows a little leg. I curled my naturally straight hair and put make up on. I look at myself in the mirror turn around a few times. For once in my life i feel confident with myself. I walk downstairs in my stilletto heals. "Lets get going shall we".

Once we got to the club all eyes were on me. Did i look that bad. I was getting glares when i notices a really hot guy staring at me. I take a second to studie him. Omg it's Niall Horan. Okay Dahlia keep your fan girling to your self. I walk over to the bar where the only thing between him and me was some slut, with an even shorter dress than mine. I need something to get me through tonight so i ordered 10 shots and sculled them by this time i was drunk. When i noticed a guy came up to me. It was niall. He was looking me up and down. "I'm Niall" he said wispering in my ear.


Nialls Pov

This girl is amazing, shes got a good personality, good looking, i mean H-O-T. Ive been talking to her for 10 minutes when she said something ive been longingt o hear. "LEts go back to your place" She yelled over the music.


10 mins later

once we got in the door she pushed me against the wall and started kissing me.

I played along, carrying her t0 my bedroom. I wasnt as drunk as her so i was stable.

I threw her on the bed and ripped off her dress. Leaving her in her bra and underwear. I took off my clothes so i was naked. She took off her lingerie. I didnt want to take advantage of her but it looked like she wanted to do it so yea...

I think it's pretty obvious what happend next.


The MOrning

Dahlia's Pov

I woke up with an extreamly bad headake. Fucking hangover i said. i looked over to my right and screamed. i saw some one lying there i must of woke him up ."HEy Beautiful" He said. Then i realised it was niall horan. On the inside i was freaking out but i kept my kool".What are you doing in my house". " You mean my house" he said. "oh".

"wait did we.... You know do it." " yea kinda ". " you used protection right". Um..... I can't really remember.....SHIT".

"OMG i cant have a baby Im only 17". You dont know if your accually pregnant tho".

Time for a test.

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