I wrote this for my best friend, Kenzie. :) But it's about a girl who's best friends with Louis Tominson until he introduces her to Harry Styles. Harry was a player, and she tried not to take a chance with him but it'll happen eventually.


1. Chapter one

Chills~chap 1- Kenzies P.O.V~ It was May 23, on my bed, writing when my mom knocks on the door. "Pizzas here." She says. "Not hungry." I say. "Well come down when you are." She closes the door and I groan. I blow my bangs out of my face and put my diary down. My brother runs in and screams. "What?" I yell. "Pee!" He screams. He's 2, and yet potty trained but he asks either me, my mum, or my father to help him on his baby toilet. "Ask mum." I say. He slams my door and I hear him scream "Pee!!" Running to my mum, fading away as he ran down further. My phone beeps. "Tmb. I have a boyfriend! Wow. xx, T." My good friend Tiarra texted me. "What's his name?" I text back. "Kenzie, come down and eat!!" My father yells. I groan again. "Fine!!" I walk downstairs and see my brother eating his pizza with a fork, my sister eating chicken bites with a spoon. I have a weird family. "Grab a plate." My mum says. "The more pizza you eat the more likely you'll receive cancer. I don't want cancer." I say. Even though I love papa johns, I'm really not in the mood for eating. "Eat something." My mum says. I go to the fridge and grab an orange. "I'm on a diet." I say, walking back up to my room with the orange. I threw the orange on my bed, and thought for a second. Then, my phone rang. I picked it up and it was my good friend, Louis. "Hello?" I answer. I don't know why I used that tone of voice, acting like I didn't know the caller. "Hey, it's me." He says. "I don't know a me. Sorry." I say. He laughs. "This is why we're friends." I smile,"What do you want?" "I want to take you to a party tonight. You up for it?" He asks. "I don't know." I say. "Please?" He asks. "Fine." I say. "Yes! Wear something cute!" He says. He hangs up. Wow. "Mom!!!" I yell. "What?!?" "Can I go out with Louis tonight?!?" "Yeah! Just be back by 11!!!" I smile and go over to my dresser to pull out some party clothes. This'll be fun. I'm guessing. *** Louis knocked on my door and my mom answered. "Hello Mrs.Davis. Is Kenzie here?" He asks. "Oh Louis, I've told you, call me Anne." She says. I get up from the couch and go to the door. "You look lovely." He Says. My mom smiles and walks away. "Thanks." I say. "You do too." He smiles and locks arms with mine. We go out to his car. "Turn on the radio." I say, getting in the car. "Okay." He starts the car and turns on the radio. It's a song called "Heart Attack" and it's actually by the band he's in called one direction. "Oh my gosh!" I say. "What?" "I love this song!" He turns it up and starts driving. "My best friend will be here. He's quite a charmer so watch out." He says. "I will. You'll protect me." I say. He laughs,"Sure." We get to the house and already, there's over 100 people there. It took us a couple minutes to find his friend. Apparently, he had a friend too. "Hey Louis!" He says. "This is Harry." Louis says. "And she is??" "Kenzie." There's a girl standing next to him, so I assumed that was his girlfriend. "Nice to meet you, Kenzie." She says, shaking my hand. "Oh, this is my friend Destiny." He says. "Hi." She says. "Oh yeah." Louis says. "I haven't seen you in a while." He says, kissing her hand. "I know, it's been ages. We really should catch up." "Care for a dance?" He asks. They take each others hands and walk away. "I've heard about you. Louis talks about you. But you're much more beautiful than he says." Harry says. Louis was right. Did he talk this way to every girl? I wasn't taking any chances. "Would you like to dance?" His accent cracks me. I couldn't say no. He smiles as I nod my head yes an he takes my hand, pulling me out to the dance floor. We're dancing right next to Louis and Destiny. They seem so close, I didn't want to take Louis away from her, to protect me from his flirty friend. Even though I've never heard of this girl until today. After the slow song, there was a faster song, titled "Weekends!!!" And Louis never told me he was in a band. The whole place went crazy when the song came on, Harry and I were being stupid and doing the swim. Louis and Destiny were dancing stupid too. "Do you have a boyfriend?" Harry asks me. "Umm, yeah!" I lied. "Oh." He says. "What's his name?" "Louis!" I wasn't thinking. He shot a shocked look at me. "Louis?!" He says. I see Destiny and Louis walk back over to us. "Yes?" Louis asks. "I need to pee!!" I say, pushing through the crowd. I was panicking. Why did I say that? Louis sure wasn't going to be my friend after this. I look back and see Louis confused, then Destiny slaps him. Was she into him? I probably ruined it for me and him and her and him. What is wrong with me? I ran back. "Where's Destiny?" I ask, nervously. "Umm, don't know. Think she left." Harry says. "She just walked away and Louis went after her." "I lied." I say. "What?" He asks. "I'm not with Louis. I just felt uncomfortable with you asking me that after such a short time." "You could've told me. It's not like I was going to ask you out." "Good." "But, you didn't have to lie. I think Louis is really upset because he's into Destiny. After I asked him, he looked shocked. 'He said when'd she say that?' And Destiny just slapped him, almost crying, and she walked away, and Louis chased after her. I don't know what happened. But Louis told me he was going to try to ask her out tonight." "I ruined everything." I say. I shoved through people to leave, and Harry was following me. I ran out the door just to see Louis and Destiny arguing. "Why didn't you tell me?!" She yells, crying. I made her cry. "I promise, I don't have a girlfriend!!" He yells. "Why would she lie?!" She yells. She rubs under her eyes, her mascara isn't running because its waterproof. "Trust me, Destiny, I don't know." He says. "Whatever." She says, walking three steps before Louis hugs her. "Please just trust me." He says. She looks at him, and he kisses her. I'm really glad that things got better, but, I feel terrible. After they kiss, they look at me, stunned. "Why'd you lie?" Louis asks. "I-I didn't mean to." I say. Destiny sighs,"Louis, really it's alright." "What's alright?! Nothing!" He says. "Calm down." She says. I'm so surprised she isn't mad at me. Louis looks at her and stops breathing so heavy. She turns to look at me. "Thanks." I mouth. She smiles and walks away with Louis. "How am I supposed to get home?" I ask. "I'll take you home." Harry says. I turn around, he's leaned against the door, smirking. "Umm." "It's not a problem." "Okay." I say, sighing. He bounces himself off the door and tries to put his arm around me. "Don't try anything." I say, pulling away. He chuckles,"Alright, fine." He gave me the chills down my back.

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