Hogwarts Returns

Bethany, when she first leaves her parents to go to Hogwarts is undecided, Slytherin or Gryffindor or Ravenclaw? As she goes through the first year she questions herself and on various occasions this question popped up. She knew she had the power to decide but if she was undecided then everything would go wrong...


1. WAIT!


my name is Bethany Nymphadora Potter my father is Albus Sevarus Potter, my Mother is Rose Potter. My Grandfather Is Harry Potter and my Grandmother is Ginny Potter (on my Fathers side) on my mothers side my Bampi is Ron Weasley and my Nanna is Hermione Weasley!!! I have the blood of the Golden trio in my veins!!! My family was previously a pure blood family and now we are half bloods!!! Im leaving for Hogwarts soon i hope, I'm waiting for my letter! It's going to be my first year!!!  Im worried though, I DONT want to be in Hufflepuff so i have to decide between Slytherin, Gryffindor or Ravenlaw!!! My Dad went in to Slytherin but he's not a bad person like when people were thought to be when my Grandfather was in Hogwarts, he was in Gryffindor. My mam was in Ravenclaw, my Grandmother was in Gryffindor but her friend Luna Lovegood was in Ravenclaw aswell!!! Im worried about my decision though because they are THREE GREAT houses to choose from. I always got to my Dad for advice about it though, he was scared when he got judged but it turned out perfect!!! He went into Slytherin, met mum through his potions class, and along came me later on! My Grandfather says its up to me. I can hardly ask my mum though now, shes working at the ministry and my Dads an Auror like my Grandfather. I want to be an Auror when im older. I AM going to be one though, I promised myself last year im going to try until its possible. 


I hope Bethany will be ok at Hogwarts, ive not told her something. Something about Voldemort..............he's back, but not in his form, not in the twisted body of Tom Riddle. Edward James is an outsider in the Ministry of Magics eyes but he is dangerous. If Bethany gets harmed at Hogwarts i will make them pay though. She is everything, shes the reason i live. 

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