Hogwarts Returns

Bethany, when she first leaves her parents to go to Hogwarts is undecided, Slytherin or Gryffindor or Ravenclaw? As she goes through the first year she questions herself and on various occasions this question popped up. She knew she had the power to decide but if she was undecided then everything would go wrong...


3. Ollivanders and Strangers..



I went into Ollivanders and told him my name once he asked. "Ahhh! I sold wands to your Parents there!" He said as he pointed to the sop window where my Parents stood. 

"Try this one, I am guessing you are first year yes?" He asked curiously, I nodded, "ah so try this one then!" I took the wand out of his hands and gave it a small flick and a vase shattered.

"no no no! " he whispered slightly, "this one." I pointed this one to the vase and flicked it, meaning to fix it, and I broke the table.

"this one!" He shouted from the back and ran to give me it. I waved the wand and the table and the vase fixed themselves as a baby blue must came out of the wand. "Yes!" Ollivander exclaimed, " 11 inches, Supple, Hazel, DragonHeartstring!" I looked at my Mam (yes im welsh), Dad and Grandad. Grandad looked amazingly happy and i gave him a curious glance but as I did this Ollivander spoke.

"Same as your Grandmothers..." He whispered. I felt bad Grandma wasnt here now! I smiled at Grandad still and he grinned. "Right me and your Parents are going to look for supplies! You can explore freely seeming as you've got everything you need! 

Yes! I thought. There's a thought thats been nagging me for a while now. Im a Pure Blood and now ive been thinking that ive been wanting to go into Slytherin...or Ravenclaw. Im not very brave...and im not fair....but I think im cunning and smart.

well im just going to have to wait until i go! TOMORROW!!!!!

"Hi!" A boy and girl came in to Ollivanders behind me....oh I didn't even realise i was still here! 

I mutve said this out load because they chuckled. "Nice to meet you, Im Fred!" He holds out his hand and i take it, "Bethany Potter." I say as i shake his hand. His mouth forms an 'o'.

"Georgia!" The girl says nodding, "we're twins, but obviously not identical.." She says looking at her brother in disgust. "It's nice to meet you!" I say to her.

"Wait!!!!!!" Fred shouted......"Is your Grandad Harry Potter?!?" I must've looked bored because Georgia laughed. "I don't think she's in the mood to talk about that right now Freddie!" He looked at his feet. "It's ok!" I say putting my hand on his shoulder "im gonna get some ice cream see you guys later!" 

I hugged them and ran to the ice cream parlour. "Hello." Someone sneered behind me. 

"Hello?" I kind of asked turning around to see a boy my age with bleach blond hair. He smiled slightly. "Your in my seat." He said cunningly. "Your name isn't on it." I said smirking. He smiled...I liked him.

"we'll im going now!" He announced, "goodbye!" He said turning away. Wait a minute!!!!!!!!! I reached with my mind and told him to stop....I didnt mean to! "Don't I get to know your name?" I asked. He looked amused.

"no your going to have to call me Stranger...and I you.." He smiled. 

"O-o-ok..." I said star struck at his smile. He smirked and walked away. I knew then i didn't care what house I was in...I just wanted to be in the same on as...well as Stranger.

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