Hogwarts Returns

Bethany, when she first leaves her parents to go to Hogwarts is undecided, Slytherin or Gryffindor or Ravenclaw? As she goes through the first year she questions herself and on various occasions this question popped up. She knew she had the power to decide but if she was undecided then everything would go wrong...


4. Hufflepuff boy..


Its the day, the day im leaving for Hogwarts. Im already at Kings Cross Station. The trains leaving in Half an Hour and i wanted to get a compartment as quick as i can. I got to a compartment at last and no one was tere so i just sat inside inside and i checked the time. My Dad, Mum, Grandad, Gramps (My mums dad) and my Nan (mums mum) Grandma was away visiting her Brother. Great Uncle George and Great Aunt Angelina. Anyways besically everyone was here. I checked the time again and there was five minutes left.

Just as the Train was leaving and i was waving to my Parents as the train left, a boy burst into my compartment and i looked at him in shock. "Can i come in please?" He asked and nodded to two fat stupid boys running down the Corridor...behind them was....Stranger. I smirked at my thought, then realised he was still at the door and i nodded quickly as the two fat boys got to the door. 'Sorry!' I mouthed to the boy. 'It's OK!' He mouthed back.

"Hello two Fat Boys!" I greeted,"Hello Stranger!" I smirked at the blonde haired boy i met in Diagon Alley. 

"Hello Stranger.." He smirked," This is Cray and Jay." He nodded to the boys who were giving me death glares. I smile at them. "Why are you chasing my friend?" I asked the boys. 

"He's..He—" Cray started. 

"I actually Don—" Jay tried to speak. 

"You don't know?!? Oh my god! Leave him alone!" I shouted at the Fat Boys and Stranger just stood there looking quite impressed. 

"Oh puh - lease DO. Stop annoying him! I do think that he has better things to do," i started,"Just like i have better things to do than argue with you! NOW GET OUT!" The boys looked startled but gave the boy death glares then left and the Stranger patted me on the back as if to say 'well done' but i thought to myself.....I only did that to get his attention....Isn't that classed as bein Cunning?

"Thank you!" The boy said..breaking my thoughts,"Alex, Alex Clearwater!" 

"Bethany Potter.." I trailed off,"what house do you think you'll be in?" 

"Wait as in Harry Potters Grandaughter?! And uh...HufflePuff probably." He answered.

I nodded to both statments,"Yes and oh ok!" He looked puzzled for a second then carried on asking things until a girl came to the door. 

"Hey! Rosh is the name!" She greeted me,"There you are Alex come on!"

"Bethany Potter!" I told her,"bye Alex!" 

They both nodded to me then left me to my thoughts. I got changed into my robes then started to drift off....then the train stopped...and we were finally here.

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