Hogwarts Returns

Bethany, when she first leaves her parents to go to Hogwarts is undecided, Slytherin or Gryffindor or Ravenclaw? As she goes through the first year she questions herself and on various occasions this question popped up. She knew she had the power to decide but if she was undecided then everything would go wrong...


5. Forced smile?


Once i got out of the Train i saw Hagrid. I waved to him and walked over. "Hello Hagrid!" I greeted the old half Giant. He smiled at me,"Hello Bethany! Hows the family?" He asked me.

"They're good Hagrid! Grandad seemed quite occupied though.." I told him, hoping to get information. 

"Well he would wouldn' 'e? I mean wiv' You-Know-Who back and everyfin'" he muttered and i litteraly burst. 

"WHAT?!?!" I screamed at Hagrid and he gave me a panicked look making me shut up. 

"I'll tell you later Bethany we're here.." He muttered as i realised we wer at the castle doors....Hagrid knocked three times and a Professor i know to be Professor Longbottom, les us into a small room and explained the Sorting. He looked at me and stared for a bit. Then he went on to say we would be going in very soon. I saw Fred and Georgia. "HEY!" I called them oer and asked them a simple question that turned complicated,"I wanted to ask, what are your surnames?" They looked puzzled then understood and the two ginger twins told me the answer,"Weasley." They told me in unision.

Wait doesnt that mean..they're like my 3rd cousins? "So your my 3rd cousins?" They nodded straight away, just as Professor walked in. Time for the Sorting! We got led into the Great Hall and i saw Stranger at the back of our line with his friends. 

I wasn't really focusing on the sorting...Fred and Georgia were sorted into Gryffindor, Cray and Jay were sorted into Slytherig, along with Stranger. Then it was my turn......iwalked up to the stool and sat down, the last thing i saw before the hat blocked my eyes was Professor McGonagall, smiling at me...with a forced smile.

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