Where The Apples Fall...

(the boys are not famous in this).....Elle was the new student, every teenagers nightmare, especially when her older brother louis worked at the School along with his girlfriend eleanor, checking up on her every minute of every day. school had never been enjoyable for elle, that was of course until she meets the curly haired english teacher that completely turns her world around when he asks her to meet him under the tree, where the apples fall...


6. Tutoring, or thats what it was suppost to be.

Harry's P.O.V

Whist we were driving to my house i couldnt help but think of how magical kissing elle felt, i knew it was wrong but i just couldn't help myself any longer, she's irrisistable and thats what makes her beautiful. I really need to work out what im gonna do, i could loose my job if ever anyone found out about it, louos would kill me, i need to do some thinking.

Elle's P.O.V

I kept replaying the moment of me and harry kissing through my mind, thinking of how wrong it was but how right it felt, His lips were so soft, so warm, so tender, it just made me want more.

As harry pulled up into his drive way i looked ahead at the huge house standing infront of me, it was magnificent! "nice place you got here" i stated "thanks" harry replied.

Harry got out of his side and walked around to where i was and opened the car door for me. "madd'am" harry said opening his arm wide, gesturing me to get out of the car. "why thank you sir, such a gentleman" i replied whist giggling at his gentleman ways. I followed behind harry as he put his keys into the door and opened it for me to walk in. It really was huge, beautifully decorated, everything looked new. "take a seat in there and get your english revision books out and ill just go get us some drinks" harry said to me pointing towards the living room. I walked in and sat myself down on the soft white rug and took out all the books i needed, looking around, dazzled by his home whilst doing so.

Harry walked back in with two mugs in his hands. "i hope you like tea" harry asked. "yeah, love it" i replied. "so.. harry, what exactly is my grade in english?"

"your GCSE target is A* and i have no doubts that you wont acheive it with the right kind of support and revision." "And your help of course" i giggled.

"well lets get started then shall we....Have you gone over your creative writing assessment?" harry asked whilst searching through revision book looking for what i think will be the creative writing chapter. "No not yet, havent really had the time" "Ok then we'll go over that today then, and is everything ok in lessons elle? you seem to be a bit distracted lately, kind of in your own little world" Harry asked looking straight at me. "well, erm, its, erm.....*sigh* its not"hing really, everythings fine."

"come on elle, i know theres something up, louis told me about that thing you do with your nose when you lie." "he told you that! No one is suppost to know about that" "well i think its cute, but c'mon elle, you can tell me" I started getting all nervous and my cheeks turnning a light shade of pink. "Fine, its you ok" i said to him practically whispering it hoping he didnt hear me. But obviousilly he did "How do i distract you elle, im only there to teach you, im nothing special" from hos reply i just wanted to tell him everything, how i felt about him the lot. "Nothing special!, you distract me every lesson with your good looks, cheeky smile, cute dimples, the way you look away and blush when i look up to you, the way tense your hands when you get nervous, dont think i dont see all of that, and the way you kissed me tonight the way you looked into my eyes, dont tell me you dont feel something for me because i know you do" I needed to get that out soo bad, i know im here for english tutoring but at this moment in time, this is more important. i could see harry starting to blush. "You think im good looking?" harry said quite flirtatiousily. "yes, and a damn sight more than that too" "elle, i thought you didnt feel the same, i think your amazing, gorgeous, bright, funny, kind, caring and more, i know its wrong to feel this way because im the teacher and your the student but you have no idea how you make me feel, you drive me crazy elle." "I know its wrong but when it feels so right what more can you do and do you actually feel the same?" "of course i do elle, i, i, i think i may be falling for you."

I sat and looked into harrys eyes as he did to me before we both started leaning in and the sparks and butterfly's in my belly started going crazy again, i cant believe how right this feels. I pulled back and rested my forehead against his and said "i think i may be falling for you too harry."

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