Where The Apples Fall...

(the boys are not famous in this).....Elle was the new student, every teenagers nightmare, especially when her older brother louis worked at the School along with his girlfriend eleanor, checking up on her every minute of every day. school had never been enjoyable for elle, that was of course until she meets the curly haired english teacher that completely turns her world around when he asks her to meet him under the tree, where the apples fall...


4. The phonecall

When i finally got home i ran upstairs to get changed into something more comftorable to go shopping with laura. I eventually decided on a pair of denim shorts and tights with a baby pink hollister thirt along with a pair of black low converse shoes. As i sat infront of the mirror brushing my hair i saw a light shining from behind me on the bed. I realised it was my phone so i stood up and skipped over to the bed to see what it was, i had a text, from harry.

Hi elle, are you still ok for tutoring this week?        Harry x

Hi harry, yeah of course im still ok for tutoring, afterall i really need to try get my grade back up to where it used to be.      Elle x

Great, hows about my place after school tomorrow then? if thats ok with you.      harry x

Yep, sounds good, ill look forward to it.    Elle x

Glad you will ;) and im giving the whole class a test on friday to see what they've learned this weed and i want you to come out top.     Harry x

Well the tutoring will help and of course ill try my best but sir im afraid all these distractions are not helping in class.    Elle x

Well we might just have to do something about that wont we...     Harry x

After abit of flirtatious texting with harry i continued brushing through my hair until it was smooth and sat thinking about how angry louis would be if he found out where i was going tomorrow after school never mind texting harry. He'd kill harry and then he'd kill me. The joys of having an over-protective brother ey. I know that having a slight crush on my teacher is wrong, well ok,  a MAJOR crush on my teacher but theres just something about him that drives my mind wild and out of control, I know how wrong it is and how much trouble i could get him into but feelings like this dont come around every day, is it so wrong for me to want him so bad?

After sitting on my bed and thinking for what must of been an hour at least my phones buzzed from beside me and it was laura saying she was outside. I hopped off the bed and ran my hands down my clothes straightening them out, grabbed my purse and phone, and ran down the stairs to say goodbye to louis and eleanor before leaving the house shutting the door behind me.

"hi elle, looking foward to a bit of shopping?" Laura greeted me "yeah, deffinately, its nice to finally make a new friend around here."

We both grabbed a taxi and headded of to the shopping centre talking about different things on the way there, i would never of guessed we'd have so much in common not to forget the part where she mentioned how hot she though mr styles was making me blush discretely, i just thought best to not mention the huge liking i had taken to him. We spent 3 hours going in and out of shops buying heaps of clothes, shoes, accessories, you name it and we had it in our bags. It was fun trying on lots of clothes, making each other laugh at some of the ridiculous outfits we put together. Laura is such a nice person and tonight has been really fun with her. As we made our way out of the shopping centre and into subway for a bite to eat my phone buzzed from my pocket so i took it out to see who was texting me, it was louis.

heyya elle, hope your having a nice time with laura and not spending too much money ;) would you like me to pick you and laura up from the shopping centre and drop laura off at home? save you paying for a taxi, its no problem really.       Louis x

I really do have the best brother ever!

Yes please lou, aslong as your sure, were just in subway, we'll be ready in about 20mins?     Elle x

okiee dokiee babe see you then.      Louis x

I told laura what my brother had said and she was very grateful. We finished eating our subway (which was very nice by the way) and made our way outside to see louis waiting in his car, top brother! We slid into the car and thanked louis for picking us both up. Once we had dropped off laura, me and louis made our way home whilst singing to ed sheeran lego house on the radio.                                              Once i was home i said a quick hello to eleanor, said goodnight to lou and thanked him again for picking me and laura up then went upstairs to my room and changed into my pj's, a pair of pjamer shorts and a pink eeyore vest top (cute right?) Just as i was getting into the soft silk sheets of my bed my phone started to ring. I leaned over to see who it was, it was harry! I quickly answerd and mumbled a shy hello to the other end. "Hi elle, sorry to bother you so late" harry also shyly said back. "no its fine, is there something wrong?" i questioned "no theres nothing wrong, i just wanted to talk to you, hear your voice." Harrys manly voice sweetly but shyly said to me, did he really just say he wanted to hear my voice, aww! No elle, he's problies just trying to be nice, dont think too much into it! "Are you sure your ok? you seem abit upset?"i again questioned "no everythings fine, i just erm, just.. nevermind it doesnt matter."     "come on, you can tell me"      "no its fine, i cant, it doesn't matter, ive got to go, see you tomorrow yeah?"    "well aslong as your sure but ok see you tomorrow, goodnight harry"   "goodnight elle" Just as we both hung up i whispered a small 'i love you' into the phone, even though i knew he couldnt hear me.

Well, that was strange, im sure something was up, he seemed awfully upset. Oh well, maybe i can get it out of him tomorrow.

Harry's P.O.V

I couldn't stop thinking about her, i needed to see her, hear her sweet little voice. Who knew an ordinary schoolgirl could cause me this much pain. I decided to ring her just so i could hear her voice.

As soon as she answered i heard a little 'hello' being mumbled from the other end. "Hi elle, sorry to bother you so late" i said shyly into the phone. "no, its fine, is there something wrong?" She questioned, she really is so caring. "No theres nothing wrong, i just wanted to talk to you, hear your voice." i replied back, saying the last part a little quietly than the rest. "Are you sure your ok? you seem abit upset?" she again questioned, so i replied "no everythings fine, i just erm, just... nevermind it doesnt matter."     "come on, you can tell me."    "no its fine, i cant, it doesnt matter, ive got to gom see you tomorrow yeah?" i asked    "well aslong as your sure but ok see you tomorrow, goodnight harry" Her sweet voice really does make me go weak at the knees. "goodnight elle" i whispered back before hearing her hang up then mumbling a short 'i love you' into the phone knowing she cant hear me. I was actually looking forward to spending some time with her tomorrow after school, i just needed to see her soo bad. And just before i went to sleep i gave her a quick text to tell her where to meet me tomorrow so i can pick her up and take her to my house.

Elle's P.O.V

Just as i was getting settled into bed my phone vibrated again on my nightstand where it was on charge, i quickly took it to see a text from harry.

Hi elle, sorry to bother you again but forgot to tell you where ill pick you up after school tomorrow as you dont know where i live. When the bell goes walk to the old park down the road and wait for me, under the tree, where the apples fall....  Harry x




Hi everyone, thankyou soo much to everyone who reads and comments, it means so much to me. Sorry for it being such a long chapter but i had so much to cram into it, Hope every one is enjoying reading it isnt too boring for you's. Please leave a comment to tell me what you think so far and ill try get the next chapter up by tomorrow night. Thanks again eveyone :) x



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