Where The Apples Fall...

(the boys are not famous in this).....Elle was the new student, every teenagers nightmare, especially when her older brother louis worked at the School along with his girlfriend eleanor, checking up on her every minute of every day. school had never been enjoyable for elle, that was of course until she meets the curly haired english teacher that completely turns her world around when he asks her to meet him under the tree, where the apples fall...


9. Questions

The next day i did my usual routine of getting up, getting changed and setting off to school. As i was walking a car slowed down beside me only to realise who it was.

"need a lift?" harry asked "erm, yeah, ok, thanks" i replied.

The ride to school was quiet, but a nice type of quiet, i could think and sit a point out in my head all of harry's perfections. "you really are perfect" i said aloud, only meaning to say it in my head. "why thank you, your not too bad yourself" harry said back to we with a cheeky wink making me blush like crazy. "so...you got any good lessons today elle?" harry asked. "no not really, mainly just core subjects and Graphics." "im sure you'll be fine babe".

As we arrived at school harry leant over and gave me a quick kiss and we both hopped out of the car, harry locking it behind him, his perfect brown curls now blowing slightly in the wind. "See you later gorgeous" he whispered before running off to the office leaving me stood there alone.

I made my way over to my locker in the hallway getting my books out for maths when some boy apparently called josh walked up to me and smacked me across my bum "oii do you mind" i asked quite angrily "of course not sexy, see you later" he replied with a wink, eurghh, really, teenagers these days...

Harry's P.O.V

My first period had gone very slow, time seemed to be acting like a theif taking as long as it was. Second period went exactly the same, slow as ever. Third period came and everyone walked in and took their seets. "Come on now, everybody quiet and settle down and turn your books to page 230 c.1 were doing Of Mice And Men this lesson" everybody sighed and got out their books as i took a seat at my desk. After i set the class on with a task i got out a few papers and used my spare time to do abit of marking. As i was marking i heard a few of the older lads at the back of the class laughing about something the 'ring leader' josh said so i listened in. "God shes so sexy isnt she, shes deffinately got her good looks from her sister" they whispered and giggled, who could they be on about? I began to zone out, that was of course until i hear my elle's name being mensioned. "Eleanor and elle are like twins only ones older, good theyre both so good looking, right lads" Then they all agreed.... i couldnt have someone else talking about my elle! "Right, come on lads, stop the chatter and get on with your work. "I surely wouldnt mind a piece of elle" My blood was slowly but surely starting to boil. "oi, if you have something to say about another student, how would you like the tell the head?" i said angrily... Josh seemed to shut up until i heard him whisper "Elle's problies still a virgin haha, well not for long if i get my hands on her." He said as all his mates erupted in laughter.....i couldnt stand it any more! "Right, Josh, get out of my classroom now!" He stood up and walked out as i followed him and shut the door behind me. "Do you have any respect for girls at all?" i asked angrily "well yeah, but that elle lass is fit, i smash her to bits" he replied laughing to himself.....I was fuming by now, "Shut the hell up, how dare you talk about another student like that you aragant idiot!" i yelled getting closer to his face. I really needed my elle right now.

Elle's P.O.V

As i was getting on with my work i heard some commotion outside of the classroom, quite abit of shouting but it soon died down. Not long after that there was a knock at the classroom door and harry walked in. "Hi, is it ok if i borrow elle for a moment, i need a word about her english coursework, it shouldnt take too long" he asked "yes, thats fine mr styles" my teacher replied and motionedto me to go out the door. I gathered my things and followed harry out the door and shut it behind me. All of a sudden harry grabbed my hand and pulled me along to a stock cupboard at the end of the corridor, turned on the light and shut the door behind me before almost breaking down right infront of me, tears threatening to fall. "Harry?... Whats wrong?" i asked grabbing his hands and interwinging them with mine. "Josh and his stupid crew, going on about you asif you were a play toy to them!" Harry said almost shouting and crying at the same time. "I couldnt stand him talking about you like that, i got som angry, i didnt know what to do, i had to see you elle, the things they were saying, i just...i...i couldnt stand it" Harry whimpered. "Come here" i said as i brought him into a hug and held him tight in my arms almost crying too. "I love you soo much elle, i cant hear them saying things like that about you." "its ok harry, i understand and i love you too. Harry leant down and gave me a passionate kiss which seemed to last forever before he pulled away from me with a questioning look on his face. "Harry, whats wrong?" i asked "Elle can i ask you a serious question, i understand if you dont wanna tell me." "Yeah of course you can, shoot." "Are, erm... well, are you a virgin elle?" Wow, i wonder what brought that on. "Well, yeah i am, i just, ive never really loved anyone enough before to give them something so precious as that." i said looking down towards my feet. "Elle, thats nothing to be shy or ashamed about, i actually respect you for that and one day, well, erm, i hope that maybe you can trust me and love me enough to give your virginty to me. " Harry said to me shyly and sincerely, i could see how much he meant it in his eyes. "Id love nothing more that to loose it to you, i really do love you so much!" i replied as harry engulfed me in another hug and said "i love you too elle" and bent down as we shared yet another passionate kiss.

"Elle? Harry? whats going on here!" Eleanor asked confused as she stood in the doorway of the cupboard. Oh no, the questions really are gonna start now...

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