Where The Apples Fall...

(the boys are not famous in this).....Elle was the new student, every teenagers nightmare, especially when her older brother louis worked at the School along with his girlfriend eleanor, checking up on her every minute of every day. school had never been enjoyable for elle, that was of course until she meets the curly haired english teacher that completely turns her world around when he asks her to meet him under the tree, where the apples fall...


2. First day

"Elle its time to get up" louis whispered into my ear "dont want to be late for your first day now do you?"

"Mmmm ok im up" i moaned, waking myself up, sliding out of bed and walking to the mirror.

Jeez i look like the walking dead!

Todays my first day at a new school since i moved here to live with my brother louis and his girlfriend eleanor after our mum died in an accident and i had nowhere else to go. I miss my old home, my friends, my school and more but i guess this is going to be my home from now on.

Louis is 22 and im 15 so me being his younger sisteer he's VERY over-protective and is constantly making sure im ok. Gets kinda annoying at times but i still love him. The good thing is louis and eleanor both work at my school so its good im gonna have someone to look out for me.

"you ready chick?" louis chirped from outside my bedroom door. "yep coming lou"

"you all ready for your first day? im sure you'll be fine, besides you have me and el there right."

"yeah, just going to be wierd y'know, starting a new school, new people and all" i replied looking up to louis to see him smiling down at me.

"you'll settle in fine, everyones so nice and i'll introduce you to some of your new teachers when we get there, your gonna love it here elle, i promise you that"

I went downstairs with louis to find eleanor already waiting by the door with my bag in hand. I grabbed my coat and bag from el and hopped into the back seat of louis' car parked on the drive outside. As per louis had the music on full blast singing along like a loonatic, i just sat there with my head down hoping no one from my new school sees me incase they think im as mad as him.

We finally reached the school and i slid out the car along with el and louis and headded towards what im guessing was the main office. My new unifrom made me feel abit wierd and self concious but ill get used to it. It consisted of a plain black blazer with the school badge, plain balck trousers and jumper, plain white blouse, black shoes and tie made up with two shades of blue.

I really did feel very nervous but i guess its just something im gonna have to overcome.

"sit here hun whilst i go and get your timetable and speak to the head" el smothly said to me.

So i took a seat and watched louis as he made his way over to a bunch of male teachers stood drinking what im persuming is tea, and watched on as he engulfed them all in a manly hug and started chatting, When all of a sudden something or should i say someone cought the corner of my eye. I span my head to look at a young man walking down the hall stairs dressed in tight black trousers, a white button up shirt undone at the top and a black blazer swing over his shoulder, his chocolate brown curls bobbing up and down with every step he took, wow!

"morning lads" he said with a deep manly voice walking up to louis and the people he was standing with.

"heyyy, hazza, long time so see mate" louis squealed as he ran and jumped on 'mystery man' almost making him fall back.

"nice to see you too lou" he replied laughing at louis' sudden child like antics.

He was mesramising, breath taking, just perfect, i just sighed and continued to stare in a little world of my own when louis brought me out of my daze as he started walking up to me and i suddenly realised that i was day dreaming about a teacher, eurghhh...

"hey elle, come meet the lads" louis said waving his hand signalling me to follow him.

So i stood up and slowly followed behind him till i reached everyone he was standing with.

"hey guys, this is my little sister elle, shes new here" louis giggled rubbing his hand on my head like i was a 5year old.

"hi" the all spoke in unison, i said a quick hi back as louis introduced me to everyone.

"this is liam or mr payne as you will have to call him in lessons" louis pointed out pointing to a man with short light brown hair and hazel eyes. "zayn-mr malik" he said pointing towards the one with blackish hair styled in a quiff with again hazel eyes. "niall-mr horan" he said poinging to the one with blonde hair and deep blue eyes, abit like louis' and lastly he pointed to curly who stood next to me and said "and this is harry-mr styles" he has perfectly placed brown curls that fell so softly around his face and deep green eyes i could get lost in if i stared into them for too long.....hang on, am i really thinking this about my teacher, get a grip of yourself elle!

Just in the nick of time eleanor waltzed out of the office holding a piece of A4 paper which im guessing is my timetable, grabbing me from this awkward situation staring at my teacher.

"right heres your timetable just follow the directions on the map if you get lost but im sure someone will help if you asked, and if you need to see me or just wanna come for a chat ill just be in this room right next door" eleanor sweetly said and handed me the piece of paper "thanks el" i replied back

"so sis, what you got first" louis yelled whilst walking over to me. so i looked down to my time table and read out "erm, doubble english with hss?" also questioning who 'HSS' was.

"oh youve got harry, sorry, mr styles, hes lovely really, im sure you'll grow to like him"

I smiled at louis and watched as he patted me on the back and walked off just as the bell went. "good luck" eleanor whispered in my ear whilst hugging me.

"so youve got me for a doubble then eh?" harry, oops, mr styles said to me 'gonna take some getting used to, calling them all by their second namesnespecially my brother' "yeah, first actually" i replied shyly. "great, ive been reading through some of your files form your old school and it seems your quite the bright spark arent you elle, anyways u best be off, see you inabit" he spoke then winked at me, wait what, did he really just wink at me!, no maybe im just imagining it.

I cant be having feelings for my english teacher mr styles, could i?






Hi guys, hope you enjoy the first chapter and let me know what you think, im hopefully gonna be getting some help and ideas to write the next few chapters by a very talented writer on here, hopefull get the next chapter up here by tomorrow.

Thanks again for reading :Dx


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