Where The Apples Fall...

(the boys are not famous in this).....Elle was the new student, every teenagers nightmare, especially when her older brother louis worked at the School along with his girlfriend eleanor, checking up on her every minute of every day. school had never been enjoyable for elle, that was of course until she meets the curly haired english teacher that completely turns her world around when he asks her to meet him under the tree, where the apples fall...


3. Distractions

The school day went by quite quickly, i made some new friends and met most of the teachers i was going to be taught by. I must admit, i think im going to like it here.

A sigh of releif ran through my body when the school bell went to go home, i just wanted to sleep, who knew school could be so tiring. I met louis at the school enterance along with eleanor and we all drove home in louis' car.


As i lay in bed all i could think about was harry, he was mysterious, flirtatious, gorgeous but most of all, different from all the others, i really do need to stop thinking like this, hes my teacher for christ sake! I did my normal routine of watching corrie and eastenders whilst munching on whatever louis had in the snack cupboard (i really need to get a social life).

"hi elleee" louis child like voice came from behind my bedroom door as he slowly opened it and popped his head in. "how did your first day at school go?"

"Not too bad actually, i made some new friends" lou could problies tell by my voice how tired i was. "y'know lou, i actually think im gonna like it here."

"i told you y'would, and as you know, me and el are always here for you."

"yeah thanks lou"

Louis gave me a quick kiss on the head then walked out closing the door. I turned my tv off and snuggled into the warm, soft covers of my bed and thought of what tomorrow might bring.


The next morning i woke to my alarm blasting olly murs, such a great way to start the day.

I slid out of bed, walked into the bathroom and did my usual morning thing before strolling over to my wardrobe picking out a pair of dark purple leggings, a black shirt with a golden cross imprinted on the front along with my black toms, today the school was having a non-school uniform day for red nose day. As per i could hear louis singing away to the radio downstairs singing his little heart out, bless.

After breckfast me, el and lou piled into the car and headded to school.

Once we arrived, i must say, the timing was impecibale! harry was just stepping out of his sparkling black porsche wearing a pair of black skinnies and a black raymones t-shirt. so dreamyyy...No stop it elle, you cant be thinking this!

As we walked into school harry walked up to us and dare i say it, looked me up and down before putting his arm around me and laughing about a joke louis had said, did he really have to do that? Talk about driving my feelings wild.

"so, elle, enjoying this place so far" harry said to me looking up to the school.

"yeah its not too bad" i replied smiling.

"oh, sorry im gonna have to go, catch you later elle, cya lou" he answered whilst waving over to louis.


The same as yesterday my lessons went by quite quick, i was really getting on with a girl called laura, she was so funny and kind and we had so much in common. Shes asked me to come shopping with her after school and i agreed, i really hope she turns out to be someone i can become close with, it will be nice to have a friend like that seeming as i had to leave all my old friends back where i used to live.

I quickly checked my timetable and saw that i had english with harry.

ever had one of those moments when you silently scream on the inside because your so happy?  well i just had one of them moments!

I walked into harrys class admiring his beauty as i took my seat, god hes so damn irrisistable but i just cant help it. As harry, mr styles wrote what we had to do on the board for us to copy i just sat there staring at him, hes so distracting its unbelievable.

"problem elle" harry spoke, pulling me out of my day dream

"no sir"


Throughout the whole lesson i hardlies did any work, i kept getting distracted by a certain teacher, every time i looked at him he was already looking at me smiling, ahhh his smile, so dreamy... i really have to stop this!
The final bell of the day went, i gathered my belongings and headed for the door when mr styles grabbed my arm holding me back.

"sorry, didnt mean to do that." harry said whilst blushing, BLUSHING, is he rellally blushing!

"its fine" i replied, smiling to the ground also blushing.

"listen elle, i couldnt help but notice that you seem to be getting a little distracted in class."
"well, erm, thats not my fault"

"really, well whos's is it?" he smirked towards me, i swear he knows what hes doing to me.

"erm, its, erm, its doesnt matter"

"well im worried your falling behind a little, your my top student and i cant be letting that happen can i?"

I couldnt help but stare into his mesramising green orbs of eyes, "sorry sir, it wont happen again" i pretty much mumbled, stuck in a daze.

"well hows about we organise tutoring? i can help you bring your grade back up, back to where it should be."

wait did he really just offer to tutor me? *mentally screaming*!

"erm, yeah id like that thanks"

" great, well heres my number, if you give me yours we can organise a time and place if thatss ok?"

"yeah sure, here."

i wrote down my number on a slip of paper and headed towards the door.

"oh and elle, see you tommorrow" harry said in a deep dare i say it, sexy tone with a wink, a wink? again? Talk about going weak at the knees.

As i walked out the classroom i put harrys number into my phone and bit down on my lip thinking about him, he realy is amazing., when not even two minutes later i recieved a text saying

Hi elle, please dont bite your lip like that, it drives me crazy

Harry x

What! how the, what the.. i turned around and saw harry staring out of his classroom window watching me with a big smirk plastered across his face. Did he really just say what i think he said?...





Hi everyone, i know this chapter isnt as good as what it could be and i promise it will get better, i was just a bit stuck for ideas right now and have a massive headache. But thank you to everyone who comments and reads this it means alot and i hope you all like it.

Also i would like to make a big shoutout to 1D2010 , Such a lovely person, so glad ive had the chance to talk to her. Her books are amazing so be sure to check them out and like like like :D

ps, ill hopefully get the next chapter up by tomorrow.


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