Where The Apples Fall...

(the boys are not famous in this).....Elle was the new student, every teenagers nightmare, especially when her older brother louis worked at the School along with his girlfriend eleanor, checking up on her every minute of every day. school had never been enjoyable for elle, that was of course until she meets the curly haired english teacher that completely turns her world around when he asks her to meet him under the tree, where the apples fall...


8. A/N

Hi everyone, so sorry i havent been updating lately but ive been in hospital really ill and havent had much internet access and havent really felt up to doing anything....i promise to try and update asap and whenever i can but im constantly backwards and forwards to the hospital so please be patient and i will update when i can :)


Also id like to make a big shoutout to 1D2010 (laura) and to go and read her movellas, they're amazing and i havent managed to speak to her recently so please read her books and like them :D x

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