Writeups and Breakups!

Emma Hyland and Allyssa McKay are just two normal High school students. Emma is 15 years of age and is dating Niall Horan. Ally is also 15 and finally gets to date Liam Payne. Though Emma's X-boyfriend Zayn Malik keep[s abusing emma at school and her friends find her crying on the floor in tears. What will happen with ally and Liam's relationship?
will Zayn ever try to get better and take emma back with him or will she stay with Niall?? read the story to find out!!


7. Zayn's back!

Emma P.O.V:

aaww shit! we had just got back to school and the first person I see is non other than my X boyfriend Zayn. the one who beat me up in the halls and got a detention for it. serioulsy? did they really have to allow him back here? I don't want Zayn near me when I am with Niall. what if he abuses me again?! i am scared!! 

All of the students were hanging out near the cafeteria and the office. Emma and Niall were making out at the lockers because it was quiet there and the teachers were busy and Niall has noticed that Emma was kind of sad this morning so they made out at the lockers. Well Zayn was very mad about this so he walked up to Niall and shoved him away and yelled, "What are you doing making out with this girl??!!" Then Zayn grabbed my right arm and dragged me away from Niall. Then Niall started yelling at Zayn and said, "ZAYN! Emma is my girlfriend I lover her! you have no right to be dragging her!". Niall grabbed my other arm and tried pulling me away but Zayn just slapped Niall's arm and shoved him into a wall and then Zayn grabbed my hand and started dragging me down the hall to the cafeteria away from Niall. All I could hear was Niall yelling for me and it sounded like he was crying. "Don't you fuckin' hurt my baby Zayn!!" I heard Niall yell. And Niall was in tears as he watched zayn drag me down the hall. Ally and Liam were just standing their in front of the office chatting. I swear there were red marks on my wrist and arm about now from zayn dragging me. I was in tears, crying in pain and trying to get zayns hands off of mine. he had a tight grip. Liam and allyssa heard my crying and ally looked at Liam and said, "Li, can you 'please' go knock some sense into zayn and get him far away from my bestie Emma?" then Laim answered, "for you ally, i will do anything babe!" then Liam walked angrily over to zayn and punched him knocking him to the floor. Then he ripped zayn's grip from Emmas and she also fell to the floor and she just sat there sobbing in tears. Niall quickly ran up to Emma and she was sobbing in Niall's arms. Niall held Emma tight, away from zayn. Zayn got so abbusive towards Emma that they suspended him from school that same day he abused her again. Ally asked Emma if she wanted a hug but she was way to shaken up and scared of zayn that all she could do was sob into Niall. "Niall, go take Emma into the guidance office, she needs it." said Liam. "I... I don't.... wanna Liam." cried Emma as she looked up at Liam. "Liam. I'm just gonna take Em away from everyone for a bit, probably to the bathroom just to calm her down some, okay?" said Niall. "okay Ni." answered Ally and Liam in unison. Then Niall kissed Emma's forehead while rubbing her back comforting her. "Please take care of Emma, Ni. she means a lot to me." comforted Ally to Niall. "I'll take care of her best I can. don't worry Ally. you know me, Emma's my everything!" answered Niall. "Yeah, Thank you Niall. i hope she's alright." answered ally. Then it got silent. Ally and Liam just stood there in silence watching Niall carry Emma to the bathroom to calm her down some. Zayn had abused Emma once again and got suspended for it. 

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