Writeups and Breakups!

Emma Hyland and Allyssa McKay are just two normal High school students. Emma is 15 years of age and is dating Niall Horan. Ally is also 15 and finally gets to date Liam Payne. Though Emma's X-boyfriend Zayn Malik keep[s abusing emma at school and her friends find her crying on the floor in tears. What will happen with ally and Liam's relationship?
will Zayn ever try to get better and take emma back with him or will she stay with Niall?? read the story to find out!!


10. The day Niall wasn't there.

I had just walked into my school cafeteria when I saw Alyssa sitting with Liam and some of there friends. "Hey Ally." I said looking tired. "Hey you alright emma?" asked Liam. "Yeah Liam, I'll be alright. I'm just kind of tired." I answered Liam. "You know we have an early release of school today Emmy!" Ally shot up. "Nice.." I said to ally. A few minutes later, we heard the bell ring for classes. We were having all four of our classes but skipping lunch until we got home. Liam had told me that Niall wasn't going to be at school today or tomorrow because of a Family crisis or whatever. That sounded understandable, but Niall won't be here to protect me in case Zayn finds his way back into school and abuses me. Well I have Liam and Ally here with me so thats good. Then we all headed off to Writing/English class. All we did was talk about what books we liked to read and if we've written a book before. some of us just write small stories. Next we all went to music class. a few minutes into music class I asked if I could go to the bathroom. I secretly didn't have to go, I just needed the excuse. So I just walked out of the room got a drink from the water fountain, then was walking down the hall when I heard a deep voice call my name. "Emma!" It kind of sounded like it might be a teacher but then I stopped walking and I again I heard the creepy deep voice calling my name. All of a sudden Zayn came out of nowhere and Pushed me into a wall and my head hit the wall hard and I blacked out and fell. Zayn must of hit me hard because I couldn't see because I blacked out and I couldn't hear well out of my right ear. I could still kind of hear out of my left ear because I heard a teacher call a "lock down!" over the intercom. **the very next morning..** I woke up laying on someones couch bed. I started to scream and Zayn walked into the room and said, "Please remember me, I am your boyfriend." Then I heard myself say as I was looking around wonder where I was and what happened, "Zayn, I'm sorry I don't know you." I answered him. "What? then maybe you'll remember this.." then Zayn leaned over to me and kissed my face. I put my hands in front of me and pushed him to get away. "ZAYN! get away from me!" I shouted. "Emma please..." Then zayn tried to kiss me again. Once again i shouted and shoved. "Zayn get away! stop I don't remember you!." Then I fell back against my bed and passed out again. My head still kind of hurt from the whole knockout and it hurt my head when I was shouting at Zayn, He really scares me. After what happened I couldn't even remember a whole lot. I guess I was just tired and exhausted and needed sleep. The last thing I remember is me walking down the hall on the way to the bathroom but thats all I remember. 

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