Writeups and Breakups!

Emma Hyland and Allyssa McKay are just two normal High school students. Emma is 15 years of age and is dating Niall Horan. Ally is also 15 and finally gets to date Liam Payne. Though Emma's X-boyfriend Zayn Malik keep[s abusing emma at school and her friends find her crying on the floor in tears. What will happen with ally and Liam's relationship?
will Zayn ever try to get better and take emma back with him or will she stay with Niall?? read the story to find out!!


11. The crew finds out!!

It was probably about 8:13 when Emma's mom walked into our high school. Liam and Ally were standing near the cafeteria door when they saw her walk into the office. "Whats Emma's mom doing here?" Whispered ally to Liam. "I don't know ally" answered Liam. There was a big front desk in the office in front of the door so both ally and liam Sneaked into the office and sat down in front of the counter so the secretary and Emma's mum wouldn't see them let alone notice them. While they were chatting, (with no other teachers or a student in the office of course). But while they were chatting, Emma's mum had mentioned how Emma wasn't doing so well in school because she would get abused everyday and her mum ended up telling them that it might be her ex-boyfriend Zayn. now Liam and ally here, knew that she was right about that. As they were still listening in, she heard something about Emma getting 'badly hurt' in the hallway and now has loss of memory and might not be in school for a few days or so. After ally and Liam heard the news about Emma and what happened, they quietly stepped out of the office and walked off to the school library to go talk about it silently to each other, (because yeah know its a library your supposed to be quiet.) So Liam and Ally went to chat. "So have you heard from emma lately?" liam asked ally. "No she hasn't answered any of my calls or text messages!" answered ally. "Wait!" shot up Liam. "What?!" answered ally. "Emma's mum did say she had memory loss right?!" asked Liam, "Yeah what about it Li?" questioned ally. "What if emma doesn't remember us? what if she doesn't even remember Niall?" As you could tell, Liam was really quite worried about the situation. "Oh my gosh! your right Liam! what if emma doesn't remember us? what are we gonna do if she doesn't even remember Niall??" Now Ally was quite worried about the whole situation as well. The next thing you know, they heard the school bell ring for English class so both ally and liam got up, hand in hand, and they both walked off to English class. it was sad when Emma wasn't there because she really liked english class. So ally sat next to Liam in class and they sat near the back of the room so they could 'act' like they were taking notes but really they were chatting on paper about what they were going to do about emma's memory loss. Yes thats what Ally and Liam did all class was chat on paper. School had quickly ended for the day, so the minute school got out they ran outside so they could chat more about what they had to do about it. "Wait ally I got a text from Niall!!" Exclaimed Liam. "Oh my gosh what does it say Batman?" Asked Ally. Liam just looked up from his phone at ally and laughed about that. "Anyways, Niall said it wasn't really a family crisis and that we could come over if we wanted!" Explained Liam. Then in Unison, both Ally and Liam jumped up and shouted, "To Niall's house!!" "Liam boy, you are driving me to Niall's right now!" Demanded ally. "Allyssa! I'm going there to ya know! well both of us are." Exclaimed Liam. Then hand in hand, Liam and Ally walked down to the schools parking lot and out to Liam's car and got in it. Liam started up the car and "Stand up" was playing over the radio. The quickly drove off to Niall's house and as soon as they got there they were practically hitting the door. "I'M COMING!!" screamed Niall from the inside. then Niall walked up to his door and opened it. "Oh hey bro, hey Allyssa." answered Niall. Then Ally ran inside and quickly sat on Niall's couch while Liam grabbed Niall's arm and made him sit on his own couch. "Whats wrong? what happened" asked Niall with a worried yet concerned look on his face. Then as Niall sat there all sad on his couch, Ally and Liam shared a few looks when Liam said, "Allyssa, I think you should tell Niall sense you are her closest friend." "Tell me what?!" asked Niall. "Just Listen to her Bro!" Liam demand. Then Niall looked at Ally waiting for her to explain all this to him. Then Ally took a deep breath before starting knowing this might be stressful on Niall, Finally she started to explain. "Niall, Its Emma. she's injured, but she is not in the hospital she is at her mom's house resting in bed. Apparently we had know idea that her Ex-boyfriend Zayn was going to find a way back into school, but when he did he found Emma in the hallway and beat her up again and she fell against the wall hitting her head. We over-heard her mum talking to the principle about this and now emma has short-term memory loss." a minute later Allyssa's phone went off. Ally got her phone out of her jacket pocket and saw there was a new text message from..... None other than Emma's mum. "Oh no... this is bad, this is real bad." Niall and Liam heard Ally say as she was reading the text. Niall and Liam suddenly got really close to ally and leaned over her shoulders to try to read the message from her mum. It read: "Ally I am very sorry, I know you are Emma's closest friend but Emma has short-term memory loss and might not remember any of you but I over heard her with zayn and she said she didn't remember zayn, but now Zayn has Emma convinced that he is her Boyfriend! I just walked in to check on her a minute ago and Zayn is acting all sweet to emma like they love each other. If you can be of any help please come tomorrow! ~Emma's Mum" Then Liam backed away and saw that Niall just laid there on the couch sobbing in tears. Niall looked really mad and depressed. "I'm so sorry bro, I had no idea it was going to end up like this, were sorry Niall." said Liam trying to help Niall out. "Should we both just stay here tonight Niall?" asked Ally. "I don't F***'n care if you stay! I just want my Emmy back where she belongs!!" cried Niall into his pillow. Then Liam went and got Niall a blanket and a stuffed animal so he could sleep on the couch tonight. (Lets face it, after all niall has been through tonight I don't think he is going anywhere.) After all that Liam and Ally went and talked in the kitchen away from niall. "aaww I feel so bad for niall now, why'd you make me tell him that?" asked ally to liam. "Ally, your emma's closest friend. I wanted niall to know what happened to emma, didn't you?" explained liam. "Well yeah but now niall is all mad and depressed and crying over there on the couch!" worried ally. "Yeah we'll give him some of his space tonight, then we will go talk to him in the morning okay ally?!" explained Liam to ally. "Yeah okay Li..." said ally sadly. Then both ally and liam set up two beds right near the couch in the living room, then turned all the lights off but left a nightlight on for niall. a minute later all of them were fast asleep, all except Niall who kept tossing an turning in his sleep and crying about emma, probably still real worried about her... Then again Niall couldn't sleep either...

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